The Bottom Line Is…LOVE!

Lot’s of “stuff” going on out there right now. Let’s see, I just read about (1) the earth’s population being evacuated to another planet while the earth “cleans house”, (2) the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone is about to blow – BIG time,(3) the RV will take place May 22, (3) Archangel Michael says “the time is… Continue reading The Bottom Line Is…LOVE!

Salusa…LOVE His Messages!

Hi folks…Mike Quincey has channelled another message from Salusa, a commander for the galactic federation of Light. This is a favorite channeller of mine whose messages just …FEEL right! Many good ideas here, so read, and …Enjoy! SaLuSa, May 2, 2014 We come with good news at a time when most countries are experiencing change… Continue reading Salusa…LOVE His Messages!

Freedom…LOVE my Freedom!

Yesterday…I lost my job. Complete surprise as a “reduction in force” action was taken that included me! Was I bummed out? Was I depressed? Did I get angry? Nah…I’m way over that, and am actually glad to be away from the game of working for someone else, by someone else’s rules, and for someone else’s… Continue reading Freedom…LOVE my Freedom!

Stand UP!!

Many of you know of Cobra…the information tool (person) used by the Resistance Movement who seemingly serves a dual purpose: (1) he serves as a worldwide communication point for the tactical operations of a group seeking to liberate the Earth from a quarantine imposed by the cabal for @ 25,000 years, and, (2) operate and… Continue reading Stand UP!!

Jesus through John…About LOVE!

Hello friends. Today’s blogging theme seems to be “awaken”, or more accurately…’awaken with LOVE”! I, myseslf, have been urged to communicate with you about the need for humanity to awaken and BE LOVE. Today, I have read articles from others urging the same thing…humanity, wake up and smell the roses…of LOVE! Here is another article… Continue reading Jesus through John…About LOVE!

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – The Already Enlightened World – 27 April 2014

MY DEAR FRIENDS! The daily news we are waiting for: they are indeed not news which apply for everyone in the same way. Signs in the sky come and go. Higher frequencies are pouring down to here. Mother Earth is moving Her surface. The Sun is showering us with the Gifts of Awakening. But does… Continue reading Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – The Already Enlightened World – 27 April 2014

The Key to Awakening…YOU!

Many posts are out there urging people to “wake up”. We are pummelled daily by new information about the erosion of our basic human rights, by new military tactics designed to start WWIII, and by news of planned regression of our financial freedom. What the heck? Why do I have to “wake up” to anything?… Continue reading The Key to Awakening…YOU!