Indians got it right…in 1852…LOVE for the land and ALL men!

I found this today and thought it important enough to share with you. This uneducated and tribal man spoke beautiful words on a topic on great concern…our environment. We ARE allowing the abuse of the land. Educate yourselves and speak out! Chief Seattle’s speech (see video and text excerpts below) has become known worldwide as… Continue reading Indians got it right…in 1852…LOVE for the land and ALL men!

Vaccines promote financial health (not yours!)

Working in the hospital laboratory for over 35 years (OMG, am I that old?), I’ve had a chance to observe the health care industry for quite a while and it’s ain’t pretty folks. Laboratory testing used to be performed to save someones life, nowadays it is primarily used to “rule out” what may be going… Continue reading Vaccines promote financial health (not yours!)

Window of Opportunity…for ALL!

From my last blog, you know I AM a believer in ET’s! I also believe that we are on the brink of a evolutionary leap for mankind! This leap will raise the consciousness of all humans that will have the effect of eliminating war, stop the struggle for survival and cause abundance for everyone. Of… Continue reading Window of Opportunity…for ALL!

My FIRST channeling! (About LOVE, of course!)

Ok…this is a BIG step for me. I’ve read the “channelings” of others, but never thought this would happen to me! So send for the men with the big white coats! I keep hearing voices in my head and thought I’d stop and listen to the message in question and answer form. My questions and… Continue reading My FIRST channeling! (About LOVE, of course!)

Isn’t Co-Dependancy the Same Thing as Unconditional Love?

Isn’t acting in a way that pleases someone the same thing as unconditional love? Aren’t making concessions part of “turning the other cheek”? These are some common questions people have about unconditional love because, more than likely, they have never experienced unconditional love. Co-dependancy has no place in unconditional love since having a person become… Continue reading Isn’t Co-Dependancy the Same Thing as Unconditional Love?

Every Part of Your Body is Linked to an Emotion…

Well, most of you know that I work in the medical field…the hospital laboratory to be exact and I have a pretty good knowledge of disease (dis-ease) states. You also know that my favorite topic in the world is LOVE. So…let’s put these two interests of mine together for this blog. I’m all about helping… Continue reading Every Part of Your Body is Linked to an Emotion…

Why YOU should Love Yourself!

LOVE is such an important and vital state of being. Not only is LOVE the driving power in our Universe, LOVE is the constant force behind ALL of the decisions made on our Earth. Bad decisions, good decisions…it doesn’t matter, they were made due for someone’s LOVE of something or someone. LOVE is all that… Continue reading Why YOU should Love Yourself!

Love…my thoughts

Happy Valentine’s Day! How in the world did a day devoted to LOVE ever come about? Here’s what I have been able to find out about the history of Valentine’s Day…or, St. Valentine day. In Rome, when the Emperor, Claudius II, was involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns. “Claudius the Cruel” as he was… Continue reading Love…my thoughts


Wow, I just finished looking at the alternative media on the Internet and it’s crazy out there folks! Let’s see, erupting volcano in Indonesia, continued bankruptcy in Greece, debt ceiling now set at 17.2 trillion dollars, weird weather across US, CEO tells the 99% to”quit whining” about the financial success of 1% because “poverty in… Continue reading Peace…

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