🌪 Thoughts on Spirals & Spirality – May 26, 2023


Editor’s Note: From a Quantum aspect, how interesting for the Phi experience of Life on Earth, as seen in the ever-expanding Flower-of-Life, to be compressed and explored into a crystalline- structure!

Please note various crystalline forms, and how “powers”, and other shades of “meaning” are ascribed to the “character” of certain crystals designed to better help us achieve…

Quantum Joy!


By: Sol Luckman

This same fractal, spiraling torsion energy also directly creates our DNA and imprints its inherent Phi ratio on practically all of nature’s systems, from the way our hair swirls atop our heads, to the growth patterns of leaves on plants, to the unmistakable shape of many seashells. As Geoff Ward observes in SPIRALS: THE PATTERN OF EXISTENCE,

The spiral is the sign of the eternal, creative, unifying and organizing force or principle at work in the universe, and especially of the ongoing creation of consciousness. It is a divine mark on nature, what may be termed God’s personal signature on the cosmos, the Great Architect’s own autograph—from the cradles of stars and planets in the awesome spiral arms of galaxies to the beautiful double helix structure of the DNA molecule […] As the spiral seems to be integral to physical growth, so it is also the symbolic pattern of human spiritual growth … [T]he spiral is as much part of our “cultural” DNA as it is part of our biological DNA […] Indeed, I have come to realize that “spirality”—the condition of being spiral—and “reality” are almost interchangeable terms.

Recalling the aether theories of Kozyrev, fellow Russian scientist Sergey Smelyakov’s research demonstrates that the harmonic vibrations of Phi, also referred to as the Golden Mean and Fibonacci sequence, inform the very fabric of space-time.


2 thoughts on “🌪 Thoughts on Spirals & Spirality – May 26, 2023

  1. Spirals: is the spiral the same as a vortex? I experienced,fully conscious, an
    inner vortex and light simultaneously. Would someone please explain the
    meaning of this inner experience to me ????


    1. From my POV, a vortex is a portal, a spiral is a progressive energetic expansion. Involving sacred geometry. Therefore, “whatever” can spiral into, and through a vortex. Time is a vortex…🌹💕


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