Dolphins 🐬 – Oct. 1, 2022

I spent a day ridin’ & rollin’ with dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. I made eye-contact with one swimming next to our boat as we were going as fast as their pod — his eyeball looked up right at me from underwater! It was a very surreal energetic connection.

Dolphins are higher consciousness, multidimensional, spiritual beings. Their language is as complex as any human language. They are truly magical beings. 💦🐬💦

“Dolphins use echolocation to ‘see’ in the dark waters. It is like a sixth sense that guides their direction, helps them to find food, and alerts them to danger. This reminds us to trust our intuition and inner guidance to help us on our path of life. It reminds us to always honour that deeper knowing from within ourselves, for to ignore it brings us out of balance and alignment with the authentic flow of our lives.”

Spirit of the dolphin to heal us back to wholeness


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