The Starseed’s Role – August 5, 2022

Starseeds derive their souls from other planets, star systems, and galaxies. They have come here to assist in the Ascension Process on planet Earth.

For some, they might have been a guide to teach you a lesson, assist in your healing, or perhaps guide you through a difficult time. For others they came here to help humanity change the course of their evolution with a message that serves as a reminder of what is possible if you do things a certain way.

Another possibility is that they might’ve been given an assignment as an ambassador to raise consciousness or as a representative of the Source energy.

Being a Starseed attracts a lot of people who have a curiosity about their own origins.

The term “Starseed” has been applied to almost anyone whose unusual experiences lead him or her to believe that he or she was born of extraterrestrial parentage. These experiences include:

Seeing a shooting star

Seeing a UFO

Being abducted by aliens

Seeing a “star child.”

Seeing yourself as a lightworker

Having memories from past lives

Being telepathic

Having a connection with extraterrestrials or star beings

Having psychic experiences or abilities

Having visions of the future

Felting a strong connection to nature

Having spiritual awakenings

Feeling that you are “different.”

Feeling a connection to ancient knowledge

Experience déjà vu

Being told you are from another planet or dimension

Having dreams about other planes of existence

Feeling a deep inner knowingness or knowing that you are “part of the puzzle.”

Having memories of a past life

Being visited by spirit guides, angels, or deceased ancestors

Being awakened from sleep by a bright light

Having the feeling of suddenly knowing something

Experiencing intense feelings of peace and love

Having a feeling of euphoria or bliss

Feeling a strong connection to animals

Having prophetic dreams or visions

Having dreams about other life forms or beings

Being able to communicate with animals

Having the ability to heal others with your mind

Starseed origins come in a variety of types. Let’s delve a little to see if we can figure out where you’re from.


The Orion starseeds come from the deep space of the Orion Constellation and are made of pieces of stars and cosmic gases. They want to bring forth infinite love and light upon this planet through stimulating human beings’ energy fields. Each time you call upon them and carry them with you, they vibrate and bring forth higher and higher frequencies into your atomic body structure. This helps you to feel wonderful and powerful. They remind you of your beautiful soul essence as pure creative beings.


The Pleiadian starseeds are those who have come to Earth from the Pleiades, a star system located in the Taurus constellation. They will be easily recognizable by their general empathic and loving nature. The Pleiadian Starseed seeks to help humanity open up to intergalactic beings and promote better understanding between this planet and space.


Sirians are natives of the planet Sirius, who have incarnated on Earth to assist humanity with the great transition into the New Energy. Sirian starseeds are service-oriented towards humanity, empathic, have a history of being teachers, healers, or are involved in social justice issues. As human beings awaken to their higher purpose on Earth, they are making surprising breakthroughs in science and social justice.


Lyrans came from the second planet of the star system, Vega, which is located 26 light-years away in the constellation of Lyra. Lyrans are gentle, human-looking beings with a natural love for all life forms and a natural affinity for humans. Even though many think that the Lyrans are from Sirius, that is not true. They love nature and everything about it. They love their families and teach their children the ways of nature at a very early age.


The Arcturian came from the Arcturus Star System and came to Earth during the Atlantean times to assist in raising the consciousness levels of human beings so they could begin to remember their 5th-dimensional origins and reconnect with their multidimensional selves. Arcturians are very sensitive beings, and many experience great discomfort on Earth because of the low vibrational energy patterns. It is for this reason that many of these beings choose to live most of their lives out of sight in fifth-dimensional states, only emerging into the third dimension when it is necessary for them to help an individual.


Andromedans are a humanoid race native to the planet Andromedia (the third planet from the star Vela in the constellation of Andromeda), which refers to those among this race who have a mission to travel to other worlds to assist them with a kind of spiritual alchemy. This alchemy helps raise consciousness and assist others towards becoming a free civilization, living in harmony and cooperation with nature, not destroying their home world or others, but getting along by creating sustainable lifestyles adhering to universal laws.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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