Latest NESARA/GESARA News ~ August 5, 2022

Bond holders/intermediaries/Tier 1, 2, 3, have not been paid.

Tier 1 and 2 is fighting hard to get Tier 4 out of the picture and they can’t do it. It’s not happening. They haven’t been paid and they’re not going to be paid. The only thing the US can do is print money, which they’re not supposed to be doing. They’re printing the money in Germany and making hay while the sun shines. It’s not happening. They believe they will be getting this back in TAXES and they will not. It’s This is the CABAL Last Stand and it’s not happening. There is no way out for these criminal actors.

All money paid out of Dubai 1, 2 and 3 has been clawed back. They’re not giving anything to anybody. All of this “Gold” is locked up tight while these criminals try their old tricks. It’s only leading them to perdition. These are the suits that have corrupted the world to their own ends, lining their pocket on other’s tears and loss. Forcing innocents, like cattle, into the chute of “lack” and ultimate death – their plan all along. The Eugenicists, the Pedophiles, Gates, Fauci, Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, we know their names. Their plan will not succeed.

We the People will SURVIVE AND THRIVE as Free People.


THE US MUST PAY ITS DEBT BACK. According to the present Administration, the US has no money to pay anything. It’s a well-known fact that the US is bankrupt. Trump started to pay this Agreed upon debt back but when he left office all of the payments stopped. According to the terms of the Agreement between China and US, and 209 Nation States, which Nick is a witness; as part of the Global Currency Reset, unless the debt is paid, which is quite a bit – even if they attempted to pay just the interest – then they could go ahead. The US had to pay its debt from the first two stimulus packages that went out. This isn’t presently being managed. The Black Suits, in various 3-letter agencies, in various CABAL-led positions, are arrogantly ignoring all Agreements to serve their own ends. Such has been the legacy of the US around the world, for the past 40 years, as they destroy other nations, while ignoring their own. “The US never honor any Agreement they enter.” This is the prevailing belief of other leaders to any proposition by any well-meaning middleman, trying to make a case for a new Agreement. It’s not happening until there is an obvious SHIFT.

According to the DOD, China and Taiwan is all the news these days. No more Ukraine in the news. The global power struggle continues, and nothing is being done till this is managed for once and for all and LAWFUL GOVERNMENTS RULE AROUND THE WORLD. A fitting theme for today.

Until there is Law and Order, and Humble Honor and Belief in Service to Others, putting the good of Humanity above everything, there won’t be FREEDOM. This Movement is a Quantum Shift presently underway, yet nothing has been made evident in broad sweeps. It is coming. The broad sweep that clears the debris, the fog of doubt, the awful hubris that we’ve lived with for a decade and severely for the past 5 years. Since 2017, when the RV GCR was launched in earnest, we here, in Dinarland are witness to the lies and the corrections that have taken place.

A huge correction is taking place right now in Iraq where the Parliament has been suspended. According to an Iraqi government official, the IMF has stepped in and is “requiring a new, lawful election take place.” That the People of Iraq have suffered for two decades, from the corrupt-dark-hats-takeover, is a crime that must be repaid in GOLD. They didn’t deserve the horrors they have experienced. That this great nation is still held in the grip of the IMF, is evidenced with this dictate requiring a new, “fair” election take place. Is it possible to have a “fair” election anywhere in this world? This the question all of us witnessing this debacle must ask. All of us must demand fair-dealing as the Standard of Government we employ.

2 thoughts on “Latest NESARA/GESARA News ~ August 5, 2022

  1. How about no government? How about getting rid of the commercial himsnchsttel and system that only claimed liberty which is not freedom….it’s only after permission you are given liberty to do anything in this commercial system. True freedom is when you can do what ever you want, go where ever you want without a license or certificate or a number to do business in commerce. 80 percent of oWjyur income tax is funneled to them. We are programmed to be good little slaves for paying your part but they pay none. Why do we need leaders? Have we as humanity outgrown the need for someone to rule over us?
    Why does everyone want a leader when we know absolute power corrupts absolutely. Humanity….it’s time to put you big boy pants on and stand up and be responsible for ourselves and to honor each individuals path to not interfere as long as they harm no one. We do need some universal laws but most laws are just policy and the policy enforcers who collect the revenue to keep their racket going.
    Natural law is the only law that is needed and get rid of all politicians and leaders. Stop being sheeple and end this ridiculous movie that never ends. People are dying from the propaganda and lies. They are plundering our weather and imploding the economy. Why can’t humanity stop this ridiculous movie because it still is continuing while people are lining up for the monkey pox shot…mostly gay people now they’ve done away with the elderly and many ignorant people who believe they got vovid shingles…it’s very discouraging…most won’t be around much longer and those that are now have altered dna and have an operating system growing in them making cyborgs out of them.
    Why can’t they get the med beds out and start using them? If truly all this is a movie and most of those cabal leaders are supposedly dead and we are watching a movie the how long do you pretend to be a monster before you become the monster. Why do we need a scare event,? To wake up more people who probably won’t be here much longer,? I see no benefit to continue this movie any longer. There is more than one faction of the cabal groups. Not just the KM….there’s the Sanhedrin and asian. Then there’s the dragon families and the covens.
    You are right about one thing…they will never give up their power…especially the black sun group whose running this stupid movie with the space force and do not want good for humanity…..this A.I. God and system they keep trying to implement will fail but how long we gotta play this game,,? Because it real death and destruction and their fake good shortage while prices are so high right now I can barely afford to eat and am homeless and sure as hell can’t afford rent. So seriously tell us how a scare events gonna save lives? Nope…and none of these leaders gives a rats ass about humanity. Yes this system needs to be eliminated and we govern ourselves helping each other.
    I know Trump did save us from all being rounded up in FEMA camps….that was a close call….but we need to get the truth out and stop the charade. Ive left the movie theater all out of popcorn…we gotta save ourselves cuz no leader or politician is gonna do it. If nothing is done come 2024….the are gonna make that jibby jab mandatory.


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