RARE TRANSIT 🌟✨💫 – August 1, 2022

Message for July 31st

Rare Transit

Sarah-Tamar: “Beloved souls, today is one of the rarest astrological constellations you can imagine. We are in the middle of a very intense transit, as Mars, Uranus and the North Node make an exact conjunction in Taurus for the first time in over 2000 years.

So the last time this happened was before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Today and the weeks and months to come are astrologically and energetically a huge Portal for a possible deep paradigm shift on Earth if enough people work on themselves and learn to understand that having a deep daily spiritual practice is not anymore a Choice but an Obligation to change the frequency of Planet Earth permanently.

And if enough people understand that it is not anymore about I, I, I but WE!

You will feel this transit in one way or another ~ a personal and/or a global way.

As we say concerning Uranus ~ expect the unexpected!

So please always remember ~ the higher you vibrate, the more possibilities exist for you ~ even in the midst of the unexpected, the unknown.

So do your best to keep your frequency high in these tremendous astrological times!“


Have a blessed and mystical experience 

Beautiful Art by Danielle Noel

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