The blue rays starseeds are a soul group that came through the blue ray of creation. They have a strong connection to Sirius and have Christ consciousness blueprint embedded in their auric field. Many of these experience very difficult childhoods because they purposely incarnate into toxic and abusive family dynamics in order to transmute and heal that DNA lineage. They are here to deliver the Christ consciousness blueprint to others through the merging of their energy fields with those of others. Many of them will find that people either absolutely love them or cant stand to be around them.

This is because they embody truth and many people aren’t ready to face the truth. They are seekers of the truth themselves and have been searching for answers their whole lives. The blueray starseeds are incredibly talented and easily learn new things. This allows them to speed through life lessons. They seemingly make as many mistakes as they can. By doing this they rapidly learn lessons and bring themselves to the conclusion that there is way more to this human experience that meets the eye. This results in awakening and they then can begin their divine work here on earth.

The bluerays have bright blue auras and most have had past lifetimes in Egypt and Atlantis. They all have archangel Michael as a spirit guide and deeply connect with ancient esoteric knowledge. They are highly intuitive, telepathic and psychic. They are clairsentient and feel the feelings of others even when they don’t try. This is because they’re here to merge auric bodies with others and share the Christ consciousness blueprint.

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