Your Sunday Digest for Q’sDay July 17, 2022 [videos] 


Seventeen has been our lucky number for a few years. Will today be significant in a visible way? Shall we spin that roulette wheel and trust to Lady Luck? To fate?

I was looking for this photo the other day and now it has appeared on Twitter. We are making great progress.

Almost there peeps💪🏻👏🏻💥

— Jamie Sale (@JamieSale) July 17, 2022

The People are putting their support where it belongs and understanding the threats much better now. Take a look.

50.000 dutch people screaming … Farmers, Farmers, Farmers…. To show support the Dutch Farmers❤️❤️❤️👊👊💪💪

🇬🇷Kostas the Greek (@Theprop12876022) July 17, 2022

Whoa! These folks are informed.

Protests in the Netherlands 🇳🇱!

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) July 17, 2022

We are seeing protests now in Argentina, Paris, from Hamburg Germany dock workers, and Australian farmers.

Farmers in Argentina are rising up too – every hemisphere is seeing the working class rise up against global

— Keean Bexte 🇳🇱 (@TheRealKeean) July 16, 2022

Paul Pelosi made the New York Post. Not bad for a mafia man.

NEW – House Speaker Pelosi’s husband bought millions in computer-chip stocks ahead of vote on legislation to boost the chip-manufacturing industry.

— (@disclosetv) July 16, 2022

Danger, danger Will Robinson. How do they get away with this? They are encouraged and permitted to do it by the globalists.

Even Canada banned foreign homeownership. There is no need for the US to allow this.

— Jack Posobic 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 17, 2022

There are distractions galore. Why does it seem the distractions always involve the death and injury of Humans?

Get out of cities

— Jack Posobic 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 16, 2022

I don’t even know how to respond to this. It came from Agent A1 of Canada, a pedo hunter, and they usually know the score. You decide. If it’s true, we send love and healing to Laura. Get the details at the link below.

GiveSendGo – Supporting Laura Eisenhower & the Goddess Energy: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

There are all sorts of distractions, and the ads on Telegram channels are so annoying that I left all the channels with ads for Trump bucks, cards, checks, weight loss products, etc. on them, regardless of who the channel belongs to. Same with channels who say they’re about to drop big intel in a few days or hours and you’d better sign up now or you’ll be left out. Not doing it. Not jumping through hoops.

Some considered the alleged death of Ivana Trump a distraction. There are many rumours, and little proof of anything so you have to make up your own mind or sit on the fence until we eventually learn the truth. So often the death of a prominent person is faked. I’m fairly certain the death of Trump’s brother “Uncle Robert” was faked, but that’s just my opinion.

That brings us to this information about Shinzo Abe from Telegram. I’m guessing, but is that a mechanism to pump fake blood to a site on the body?



If in doubt, try this Rumble video, 5 min, where they take the shooting of Abe apart and declare it a staged event. It seems many of us disbelieved the show.

The biggest criminals of all are consistently rounded up, but many of those cockroaches are still scurrying around Washington, DC.

— NDevoid (@thadx7) July 16, 2022

— Thoughtful Chrysalis (@MentalChrysalis) July 17, 2022

Up in the Great White Gulag, the red tape, harassment and insanity travelers are forced to endure to return to their native land is preposterous. Throw “fake plandemic” into the mix and you have grounds to string up these politicians who inflict it upon the residents of Canada.

Canada is moving closer and closer to Communism and 90% of people either don’t see it or don’t care. #arrivecan

— Kyle Free (@thekylefree) July 16, 2022

This is utter tyranny and they are torturing innocent people with undue stress and compliance issues over nothing. Link to Telegram for video and the push-back from aware people who don’t want to comply. Does it awaken anyone? Does it push them to their limits and get them to open their eyes?

The is the belligerent abuse Canadians face when arriving home from abroad.

“Thats another fine” he says when told by Canadian citizen that he won’t disclose his medical information.

Have you read the first page of your passport?

Stand up for the future generation(s)

The first page of MY Canadian passport reads:

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada requests, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen [gag me], all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely, without delay or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.”

Seems to me these goons are doing the opposite. They are hindering the passage of travelers unduly and offering no assistance to expedite their movement. They keep throwing up road blocks and FINES, for godssake. We need protection from THEM! Arrest them all.

This is why I refuse to go back to Canada for any reason. I won’t comply and I won’t jump through their hoops. I live and travel here in Arizona in complete comfort and freedom and only see the occasional moron in a mask.

Saw this on TikTok this morning. 86 year old senior does not have a cellphone to use the ArriveCAN app. Daughter asks what will happen when her dad is flying alone. Listen to it:

— Jennifer Elle (@jenniferelle_) July 16, 2022

And in a stunning coincidence, the CBC and CTV, clearly not factions of government propaganda, have both written the same article word for word. 🙄

— Steven_Tyler (@StevenT65674368) July 16, 2022

Not to be outdone, USSA is now reanimating the fake pandemic to prepare for mail-in/absentee ballots for the election—as we were warned. The following is a great, scathing article worthy of our website.

However… if you haven’t heard, this tyrannical move to go back two plus years and lock America down again will be the spark that ignites the deployment of the US Military to place the rightful heir to the White House, Donald Trump, back in power as POTUS. We don’t know how far they will let it go before they move, do the EBS, etc., but they say, “buckle up” so… stock up on cash at your fingertips, food, water, meds, fuel, pet supplies, candles, batteries, etc.

COVID-19 Health Emergency Extended Across US

If there is a resurgence of anything in San Diego County, it’s due to fake testing and/or bioweapons released into the area. All BS. I can’t believe they think we’re going to do this again. Do Americans not know that the CDC is a private cabal enterprise serving the globalist agenda? I certainly hope they tell these dictators where to shove their masks. It’s time they paid for their crimes against Humanity in a dark, dank cell with no Human contact. They don’t deserve to be in the company of Humans.

San Diego Unified Bringing Back Indoor Mask Mandate Now That County Sits in CDC’s Highest Risk Level

Learn the facts: Link to Telegram.

“Stop the Vaccines!” – We’re Driving Escape Mutants; Pull Them Off the Market

Dr. Pierre Kory: ( “We would not be here today [if we deployed early treatment]. This would have been over a long time ago … The fearmongering would have stopped, and this relentless push for novel barely-tested toxic vaccines would not have been triggered.”

Dr. Robert Malone: ( “The vaccines are not working. They’re driving it [the COVID problem] even further, and the only solution left, in my opinion, is to deploy widespread early treatment as soon as possible to shut this down, and we got to stop the vaccine. Our group made that clear, unambiguous statement. We’re done! Do not vaccinate your children! There is no sense in this, and it is time to withdraw these vaccines, in our opinion.”

Read More on Substack

If you already got the jab, you may want to read about a simple solution to the toxic graphene oxide in them.

How to remove Graphene Oxide, the dangerous & undisclosed ingredient in COVID Vaccines, from the body

A bit of trivia… concerning Dr. Deborah Birx, Fauci’s right-hand man, and her book, Silent Invasion released April 2022. “Best-seller”??? Don’t believe it. They all write “best-selling” books that no one buys, you know. Birx is the scarf lady/hatchetman and will be best forgot for her shameless job advising the Trump administration about the scamdemic—but don’t worry. We understand she has already paid the ultimate price for her betrayal—and poor memory.

The book title is interesting, however. There was a silent invasion of our planet but since the masses don’t believe in Extraterrestrials, they have no clue. Big joke. Little green men. Conspiracy theories. Little do they know that these off-planet monsters are the cause of all the problems; the death, destruction, fear porn, concocted threats like rising tides, climate change, scamdemics; for wars, disease, hatred, violence, starvation, corruption, economic booms and busts, and millions of missing people. They’ll be getting a reality check soon.

Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit

Some of us are old enough to remember this stuff. Lol. Share with the youngsters.

— Larry The Cable Guy (@GitRDoneLarry) July 16, 2022

Dave’s X22 Report connects a lot of dots and he is recommended for a comprehensive summary of the major things going on. He also connects more obscure events, situations, and people that we didn’t realize were important to note.

Listen to the audio or watch the video version at Dave’s website.

Juan O Savin has done a lot of explanatory interviews recently and if you are in doubt about what is happening, why it is taking so long, why the Earth Alliance is taking this circuitous route, or you don’t see positive momentum, I recommend listening to Juan. He does it clearly and succinctly and it makes perfect sense.

Juan O Savin Military Action Next (2022)!!

More trivia… a Telegram poll says 84 per cent of respondents believe JFK Jr. is alive; 12 percent, dead. Link to Telegram.

That concludes our Sunday Digest for this week. Enjoy each day as much as possible, folks. I’ll be back when I can.  ~ BP

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