Intuitive Astrology: SIRIUS PORTAL FROM JULY 3 TO 7, 2022


Alignment and Fusion Of Alcyon Energies Via Our Solar Relay and Our Mother Star Sirius

Each year, during the first week of July, a sacred energy portal is activated between the Earth and the star Sirius, bringing high vibrations and spiritual advances.

This energy portal occurs when the Sun enters into conjunction with the star Sirius, which is located 14 degrees in the tropical Cancer zodiac.

At the Conjunction of the Sun and Sirius, culminating in 2022, July 4-5, we are all able to access this high-frequency energy and use it for creative inspiration, business projects, tech innovations nologics and improving our intuition.

Sirius has long been revered by many ancient cultures and is considered to be our spiritual Sun.

Our Sun is considered the lifeline of this planet. The Sun holds the energy of birth, heat, existence and light. The Sun is what keeps us alive and present in this earthly reality.

Sirius, who shines 23 times brighter than our own sun, is our “spiritual sun”, and it helps activate and bring us to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

If the Sun around which our Earth rotates warms our bodies, Sirius, deep in our galaxy, warms our souls.

Although the star Sirius is so far away from our planet, it appears to have an important place in the histories of many ancient cultures around the world.

In ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered the star of the goddess Isis, who rules the cycles of death and rebirth, and of Anubis, the jackal-headed god, who was able to walk between the world of the living and that of the dead.

In ancient shamanic cultures, Sirius was considered a portal to the gods, and journeys made through Sirius’ Gate were supposed to bring divine messages. It was also believed that Sirius was the gateway to heaven and that our souls had to go through it to leave this realm and into the next.

It seems that for many ancient cultures, Sirius aligns with the idea of spiritual awakening, and the inevitable cycles of transformation that occur as we make our way through this earthly journey and beyond.

In modern astrology, Sirus also holds the vibration of freedom. Her energy can help us break free from our limitations and feel free to express our true selves. This energy of freedom can also act as inspiration, helping us move forward and transform our goals and dreams into reality.

Sirius is also thought to be home to an alien race that possesses technological innovations and extremely advanced psychic abilities.

While there are many starseeds that already feel connected to Sirius, at the time of this Gateway it may become easier to receive messages from Syrian beings, or perhaps recall past or parallel lives from Sirius.

All this high-frequency energy makes the first week of July a very powerful time on Earth, where we can open and advance our spiritual consciousness, receive messages from the Divine, and find a new freedom in ourselves and our lives

It’s also a time where we can become more open to connection with higher beings, and honor our own death and rebirth cycles, and how they have helped us grow spiritually.

In order to receive this powerful spiritual energy into your own life, the first week of July would be the perfect time to meditate, activate your third eye and contact your spirit guides, guardian angels or higher self to be guided.

This would also be a great time to do an aura cleansing and work on finding more freedom in your creative or entrepreneurial endeavors. If you work in tech, you may feel more supported by the innovations you are working on or you might get a sudden burst of inspiration.

Mother Star Sirius
Mother Star Sirius

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