Saratoga Ocean: TIMELINE SPLIT Imminent! 😱🌎 | June 2022 Energy Forecast [25 min video] ~ June 7, 2022


Editor’s Note: A very interesting topic is articulated in this video. Almost 22 minutes are spent telling (teaching) us about our “fall from grace”, or how humanity has never learned to recognize our ability as creators. Wait…we ARE creators, and have been doing a phenomenal job of creating that which we truly desire, but no one has urged us to create positive things in our lives! A.I. can only maintain itself within a known program…use your humanity to create that which A.I. cannot BE!

I urge All to listen to this video and the negative reinforcement shared here. Then…please use your incredible imagination (your own Quantum Magnificence) to hear Saratoga speak only of your ability (without a “timeline”) to create, then have, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

Saratoga weaves in the Garden of Eden tale in explaining how to recognize and extricate ourselves from the false A.I. world that the controllers have foisted on the unsuspecting public.

One thought on “Saratoga Ocean: TIMELINE SPLIT Imminent! 😱🌎 | June 2022 Energy Forecast [25 min video] ~ June 7, 2022

  1. IF we got powers… come we don’t see anyone going all Dragon Ball Z on the dark forces? How come I’ve YET to become the ALIEN WOMAN I was before, and need to be NOW?

    IF we got powers….someone MUST make a video DEMONSTRATING these powers. It’s only fair, I say.


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