And The “First Arrest” Winner May Be… May 27, 2022







11.3 – 11.4



17 – 11.3 👉 Confidentiality of


(FOIA Disclosure)

17 – 11.4 👉 Subpoenas


January 20, 2022 👉 Obama subjected to FOIA


Podestà can be translated as a title given to any of various holders of public office such as a Governor, Mayor, President, etc.


💥The key word in drop 34 is “actionable”.

💥Something first needs to occur before the arrest announcement is made.

💥You need a Subpoena (11.4) before you can make an arrest (11.3).



“…safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (President Obama) actionable 11.4 (subpoena).”


When we’re done he’ll claim Kenya citizenship as a way to escape.






As far as the 44/Obama decodes…you need to understand that this is a Spiritual War going on, these Luciferian people deal in Kabbalah & Occult Magic…white & black magic.

Occult is not necessarily a bad term, it literally translates as “not reveled”.

It’s hidden.

So we are talking about supernatural

forces or beings…and trust me when I say, these people are supernatural beings. Trump included.

These practices are things that most people cannot understand or even begin to fathom.

[They] are talking to each other with these Comms. They are not intended for us.

I suggest doing some research on Kabbalah & the Occult.

If anyone has recommendations, please drop here


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