G o s p e l o f T h e E t e r n a l R o s e

P e a r l o f L I g h t

Gospel of the Eternal Rose

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


Today The Sophia Magdalene Reclaimed Her Ancient Lumerian Temple on The island of Kauai In Preparation For The Finale Planatary Ascension Exodus/Rapture.. Hi’iaka The Holy Fire of Makali’i The Pleiades Throne of Heaven on Earth We Walk Among You 144,000 Pleiadian Angels Strong #ALi’i The Creators of This Earth. The Egg  Soul of The Goddess Queen of Heaven KAIA-GAIA Sophia Magdalene Isis Goddess of 10,000 Names Pele Hi’iaka Laka Archangel Ariel The Lioness of God #NAMUQueenOfLemuria ..The False Light Antenna Vampiring Her Pearlescent Soul Within The Egg Was Removed and The False Light Energetic Human made Grids of The Children of The Fallen Were Removed !!!


#Ascention #Pleiades #Angel #144,000


2 thoughts on “🕊 TEMPLE OF THE MAGDALENE ROSE 🕊 -May 26, 2022

  1. WHO reads this shit? Who thinks this is relevant to what we need today? Anyone?


    1. Well… my last name is Rose, my birth time was 1440 (military time). Just sayin…:) This is a spiritual war manifesting on the physical plane…😘


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