Why Is Popcorn So Important Right Now? 😊 May 18, 2022

Lot’s of Popcorn references in Elon’s Tweets lately…

Exciting to learn EM will be voting Republican.

On the flipside of that, the RINO’s and political Elite should be absolutely terrified right now.

Someone who normally isn’t very political, is being pushed into a corner and by virtue of their corrupt and illicit practices throughout his lifetime (X.com etc.), he knows that Truth and Transparency are the only way forward.

EM holds the Highest Security Clearances and has more access than anyone else on the planet.

The Show is certainly getting interesting!

Wherever Elon goes, Sunlight seems to follow…

Remember… (You) had to START somewhere and over time good people worked to show you the way forward.

That’s the key…


Welcome to the Information Revolution!


Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/17/2022 The Constitutional Convention

Today, at 11:00 AM, the Constitutional Convention took place in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, when this was started the White House flag was flying at half mast. This signified the death of the US Government Inc. Today, the flags were flying high.

The corporation is dead. Long Live the New Republic of the United States.

https://youtu.be/U9ZoBqXvyiI Thank you, Nancy Drew, for filming this GREAT EVENT.

https://youtu.be/eBbS0i_k9kY Military flags

It must be noted that on March 2, 3, 4, and 5 this year, the plans for this Constitutional Convention were meticulously laid in Abilene, Texas at Dyess Air Force base. Now, finally, yesterday, Monday, May 16, 2022, we see the results of their plans. The glove was dropped. 34 States and their HONOR GUARD marched in D. C., to commemorate this Great Act. 34 States participated in this Constitutional Convention. Ten (Blue) States declined to participate and One State, Hawaii abstained. Hawaii has chosen to be an independent Nation State.


The Grand Jury is back, and they will be burning the evil (CABAL) house down, issuing indictments to tens of thousands. OUR TIME HAS COME. Saturday, we witnessed the US Supreme Court fail to do their duty to set down the unlawful Biden Regime in the criminal, traitorous, unlawful 2020 election.

The World Health Organization and its treasonous assault on the sovereignty of We the People, must be stopped.

Stand alert Tier 4, this is the Start of Something Big.

3 thoughts on “Why Is Popcorn So Important Right Now? 😊 May 18, 2022

  1. Wondered why the flags were at half-mast. Thanks for the update! One can guess who the 10 BLUE states were who didnt attend. I’ll make extra sure they get none of my business forever including Hawaii.


  2. Pass the popcorn ONLY if it is non-GMO and organic. To eat any other kind you are assured of getting Monsanto’s Glyphosate aka -ROUNDUP-WEED KILLER

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  3. soeasy to portrey Musk as ahero or savior… i doubt.. My hero is the man who stands up for the children and woman against vax, provides food, has a heart and sees politics is all just corruption nowadays sposorod by wef and who, nato, un


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