Happy Full Moon ~ April 17, 2022


This Full Moon is emanating a strong lunar energy that will be delivering abrupt and highly positive change. All zodiac signs will be affected, particularly those with the Moon or Sun in Libra or Aries.

Venus, the planet of love, romance and relationships, rules Libra, so love most definitely will be in the air this weekend. The spotlight is on relationships of all types, and we will be having much-needed deep and heartfelt conversations and clearly communicating passions our desires.

During this moon phase we will likely be far more perceptive of other people’s emotions and feelings, as Libra is an extremely sensitive and intuitive sign. Libra brings out our soft, gentle and empathetic interior and as Libra is possibly the most trusting sign of the zodiac, the shadow aspect is that, in some cases, it can lead us to being manipulated or led astray.

Libra isn’t a sign known for establishing strong boundaries, so those who are looking for someone to take advantage of can spot this vulnerability from afar, therefore it is imperative we remain aware of who and what we are giving our trust, time and attention to.

During this lunation we will be recognising the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries and we will refuse to settle for less than we deserve, in every area of our life, but particularly when it comes to our heart.

We will be taking time out for essential self-care and experiencing unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness for ourselves, unlike anything we have felt before. This energy will be firing us up, giving us the confidence and desire to seek whatever we feel passionate about. Meaningful new relationships will be igniting and current relationships will be rekindling flickering flames.

Over these past few months our entire emotional world has experienced a major shake up and we are now in a period of reflection, releasing, rebalancing, realigning, rediscovering and reconnecting.

We will be finding the courage and willpower to sever ties with anything, or anyone, that has been causing conflict and pain and we will finally be gaining the closure we have been seeking.

We are at the beginning of a brand new, dynamic, energetic cycle and we are overcoming obstacles and being directed away from any negativity that has been cluttering up our lives so there is a clear path toward the life we have dreamed of.

We will be letting go of old attachments and making positive new commitments, thanks to the considerable amount of self-growth that has occurred over recent months. We will now be aware of where we have fell out of alignment with certain people and we are ready to let them go, and instead we will be prioritising connections that strongly resonate with us.

Full Moons can often feel chaotic and unpredictable, however during this Libra one we will be feeling balanced, centred and grounded. If there are moments where we feel overwhelmed with frustration or anger, we will have the ability to quickly bring ourselves back to a place of peacefulness and calmness.

Where we may once have felt irrational and impulsive when the energies are charged and intense, we are now able to work through issues with clarity and compassion. The reason for this is that we have spent these last months cutting out drama and toxicity, breaking unhealthy patterns and severing ties with those who deliberately try to trigger us and cause emotional unrest.

This Libra Full Moon is square Pluto in Capricorn, meaning we will be able to clearly see under the surface and hidden truths may emerge. Being able to view our relationship dynamics with clarity will help with our transformation, as we transit away from the old, and move toward this brand new beginning.

It is rare to feel so calm and stable during a full moon, so it is imperative we take advantage of this serene energy and use it to help repair and heal some of our innermost emotional wounds and transcend the blockages that have kept us trapped in the past.

To create an external life that matches our internal vibration, all we have to do is have the courage, strength, and awareness to recognise who and what is working for us, and who and what is working against us. We can then find the strength to make decisions and reprioritise our energy, so we are able to embrace new beginnings, and receive the exciting opportunities and magical possibilities coming our way.

It is important to have faith that we are capable of creating a life far beyond anything we have previously dreamed of. We will feel limitless, and nothing will be out of our grasp.

Alex Myles

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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