Grand Rising Sunflowers ~ January 9, 2021



As we move into the zero point union, which will be reached just after 2 am central time tomorrow (9th), the mortal limited conscious reunifies itself with the intelligence of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar heart.

In this centralized zero point, the “pole axis” flips.

It began in the ethers… December 2012 and now the linear realms catch up to that which took place when earth ascended in Dec. 2012. It takes 3 linear days (72 hours) for any light information to fully penetrate the molecular structure of the avatar body. On the 11th this zero pointing will fully be felt by each and all. The baring of your hearts.

All that is held within, revealed and surfacing to be reconciled and loved. Not an easy passage as all the Light, non light, pain, hurt and energetic suffering held within is highlighted to be loved …. individually and collectively. Mortals have played Judge and in doing so face the very suffering they have inflicted upon themselves by doing so. All pain is held within the heart which dictates the suffering and limitations of the mind.

Also on the early morning of the 11th, we begin the 4th galacticvation wave pulse. This wave will begin to be felt on the 14th. Again 72 hours for integration into the cellular system. This 4th wave pulse will activate the throat from earth’s core and solar plexus from the grand central sun. (A flip of the 2nd wave pulse where the throat was activated by the sun and solar plexus activated by earth). This brings a full Lighting up of the new Sun grid and meridian systems within the avatar bodies.

Much will rapidly shift. The 2nd wave pulse started the exiting of the mental world into the Spirit world.

This zero pointing fully immerses each into the Spirit world. Ready or not. For many this will feel like judgment day. For others a freedom and liberation. Honor all as death and expansion highlights in the linear world.

It is never easy leaving understanding and surrendering to Spirit. It is never easy surrendering the need to know, surrendering the need to study something in order to understand, surrendering the need of savior by and through explanation of decoding and information. So many worship the need to understand. Worship the need to decipher and decode in supportive need of the mental mind.

Knowledge does not expand the heart. It expands a limited mind through adding more information and convinces itself it’s expanding the heart. Only way to expand the Light within is to release the mortal patterns of knowledge is power. Wisdom comes only from the heart. That needs nor requires study. It requires a still mind.

As LoveLight permeates, each will verily be shown that love is not the definitions each has given it.

May grace be invited in, true LoveLight be embraced and perception and tunneled fractured perspective be surrendered. May love penetrate you to the core so each may be released from the information all have inputted that took you away from your hearts. May the information wars cease. The world does not need information, knowledge, explanation, decoding, deciphering …. all savior/worship templates. This civilization needs it’s inhabitants to still their minds and extend heart.

From my heart to yours, may each finally surrender ❤


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. With most of us worried and apprehensive in this world today—this writing made me feel calm and loved. Especially-thank you for the last paragraph of blessing. A true calm feeling came over me as I read this several times. Many blessings to you—and much love.


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