The Winter Solstice The Return To Light ~ December 22, 2021


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The Winter Solstice is December 21, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Astronomically, the Winter Solstice signifies the days changing from primarily dark, to increasingly lighter. The Winter Solstice is one the most powerful points and spiritual energy of the year. Many cultures, religions and spiritual traditions have honored the winter solstice.

Often times, this time of greater darkness has encouraged humanity to come together and celebrate rebirth and the return to light. In a spiritual sense, whatever your tradition, now is the perfect time to embrace your Higherself and think about who you are and where you would like to go. This is the perfect time for reflection, introspection and setting intention. Honor your stillness. Understanding your emotions, motivations and desires is crucial to manifesting the life you want to live.

Development of a vision board and strategy for the coming year, often in the form of resolutions, can help you move. The winter solstice, the day of the “sun’s rebirth.” Most often, winter solstice celebrations honored the symbolism of fire and light, along with life, death, resurrection, the rising sun, and the moon.

Today, the winter solstice is a reminder to honor our connection to Mother Gaia and the Celestial bodies that help us through life. 12/21/21 is a perfect day for manifestation and goal-setting work. Finally, there’s the numerological meaning. 12/21 holds great significance as it is an angel number. An angel number is a single-digit or sequential numbers that appear in our lives consistently to grab our attention. Often, they can have special meaning or messages from the Universe for us. In the date 12/21/21, we have the numbers 1 and 2 repeating. The number one is all about motivation, optimism, unity and uniqueness. It can also remind us to focus on our own inner work, purpose and goals.

The number two, on the other hand, is about balance, partnership and harmony. Combined, the two numbers ask us to figure out how we can contribute to the whole on an individual level, and what we can do within ourselves to make the collective better. What’s more, when the entire date (12/21/2021) is numerologically calculated, you get 11—a master number.

The number 11 is all about intuition, inspiration, ascension and enlightenment. An 11 day in numerology is a day during which you want to pay attention to synchronicities, be open to coincidences and be very diligent about your thoughts and actions. Talk about a perfect day for manifestation and goal-setting work! Ask and you shall receive.

Yet there is a very spiritual meaning to the winter solstice that can assist you in spiritual growth, with new beginnings, and to walk your spiritual life path. Yet the significance of the winter solstice means so much more than that for many. Once the winter solstice is complete the sun begins its ascent back toward us, bringing with it life. It is a rebirth of nature, of Mother Earth, and of our own bodies and souls. It is the beginning of new life and fresh growth. And it represents hope for prosperity and abundance in the year to come.

The winter solstice is a time of transformation and metamorphosis. The winter solstice marks the moment the sun will begin its return to us. Carrying the promise of light, rebirth, and positivity. Not only for nature, but the chance at transformation and rebirth within each of us.

A new year full of hope, promises, and potential. Yet no matter who you are, where you are or what race, culture or religion you are, the winter solstice carries an spiritual energy that can be celebrated and honored. A Universal celebration shared between all living things on the planet. It is a beautiful time to reflect on and celebrate our connection to the Earth and all living things that share this planet with us. The light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle at Winter Solstice.

The rays shine into the dark, and nurture the newborn life there to be cultivated. And this is mirrored in nature, as the seeds are buried in the darkness of the Earth, to emerge once again with the life-giving rays of the Sun. In Ancient Egypt the Winter Solstice was about Raising the Djed Pillar. Historically, the Djed was raised at crucial transitional times between cycles, evoking light and stability to dispel darkness and chaos. Also to bring stability for Earth’s Light Grid, Portals and Vortices. Such periods were the Annual Winter Solstice. The Djed is the Kemetic symbol of our human stability, cosmic stability, mental stability, and the stability of the Earth that we live on. The Djed is the cosmic axis, the column of light, its frequency links Earth to the Heavens. Raising the Djed is also to erect the backbone of (Osiris), who heralds the energy of resurrection. The Djed supports the continuity of the 4 seasons, the cycles of nature that are important to our personal and spiritual development. The Djed also is the backbone or (spine) of our ascension and resurrection as we journey this realm to connect to our Higher-Self & Light-Body. This is the time when it is most important for Humanity to raise the Djed inside us, individually, once again.

The winter solstice is about bringing back the light. Take the time to honor your connection with the light that is to come and the light that is within you. Just like we create resolutions for the New Year, the winter solstice is a wonderful time

to prepare and plan for what you want to accomplish in the coming year. You may want to take time to honor and acknowledge the endings & new beginnings in your life in a ceremony or personal ritual that both honors your past and clears space to make room for what you wish for your coming future. Light a candle and reflect on your connection to the Earth and the Universe. Practice being grounded and in touch with the Earth and your roots. Take a walk in nature or walk barefoot on the ground or sit in meditation or in quiet reflection on the Earth and nature. The cycle of the Sun represents the cycle of our lives and reflects the natural flow of energy moving inward and outward. There are times to grow, times to pause, times to shed and times to learn. Just as we align with the Moon’s journey every month, we can align with the Sun’s journey throughout the year. The energy of winter is a sacred time of rest and reflection. The Winter Solstice is a reminder of the immense power we have within us (reflected in the power of the Sun) and being still is like a built-up of energy waiting to be released as we enter into the New Year. Remember You Are The Light.

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