Happy 12.12  the rebirth gateway until 21.12. ~ December 13, 2021


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We are each in our own way bringing back unity within (and without). The separation between the masculine and feminine polarity has become so evident and obvious since april this year. We worked through the Cathar/templar lineage in which Mary Magdalene was so present. From a galactic perspective we brought back Lyra / Orion together (december). As well as Orion / Pleiades as in masculine / feminine polarity (august) Many of us have seen the massive clearing of the Atlantean timeline (november) by forgiveness by the Lemurians. This created another passageway for the Lemurian way to paradise to come in to our timeline.

We have been consciously working with Trusting the Masculine polarity again, and clearing the distortions of the last 2000 years. All those programs and core wounding’s. They all came up again the last 9 months.

The Divine Feminine still going strong in clearing and upgrading, but the past 9 months have also been a period to rest and prepare for the rebirth that will happen between the 12.12 and 21.12.

We all have our own designated fields to work with, depending on our assignments, karma, and resonance from our lineages and soulfamily. The pull has become very strong to find our Monadic families and start working as a team to create the passageway, the birthing canal, in to the New World. We always know what to do when we tap in to our Heart. All the answers are there and there will be less time and possibility to act in any other way than directed by heart desire.

We are ONE family, ONE unified field and ONE heart. We have waited for so long for this moment in time were the amount of light that is entering our atmosphere and field is building up immensely.

There is unification happening on a massive scale. The tribes are uniting, just as is prophesized by so many ancient cultures. This is that time. We are in one of the most potent gateways in the history of time. We are pushed and pulled together. In ourselves, towards our purpose and towards each other.

Hold each other tight and enjoy the ride!


Gratitude to the artist

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