ECLIPSES CORRIDOR ~ November 21, 2021__________________________________________

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…another important passageway A BIG ONE towards the December Gate… We are accessing a more profound layer where we have the possibility to get in touch with our deepest wounds according also to the ‘movement of the Collective Energy’ which is really “parallel” to our inner reality…(a mirror in a way)… And the more we go deeper and deeper inside our cellular body to feel/see/release/transform our grief, the more we can 💫BECOME/EMBODY the LIGHT WE REALLY ARE 💫… Again in this moment ⚡the Altleantean⚡is one of the ‘most active timelines’…remember that when we connect to our Atlantean Wounds (and I mean basically the DownFall of Atlantis)…our pain/grief…the images we can have access to…the emotions that emerge…can be really ⚡DEVASTATING⚡… …Rage💫Fear💫Guilt…the Disconnection from our Higher Aspects/Higher Self and from our 💫12 Strands DNA💫…so Touching and so Profound…how many tears we “have to” release…🙏❣In these hours I’m deeply working on all this…letting go of the old mindsets/patterns created in Atlantis…releasing very intense emotions that are still stored/anchored in my Ph. Body…completely horizontal to facilitate the process and the access to the Holographic Field and to ‘hundreds of important information’…while my head is really throbbing and I can barely stay up…❣ …this is a week end of Full Release and Full Integration through this Eclipses Corridor which will allow, for what I can see/feel now, a total Shut Down and Restart of the System…a total RESET…the possibility to completely 💫CHANGE OUR PERCEPTION/VISION💫…and to 🌀MAKE A BIG LEAP🌀 …as from the old timelines – like Atlantis – comes also our ⭐STRENGHT…our PURENESS…our connection to our GALACTIC HERITAGE…⭐ and we are opening up to all this…⭐ Have a Wonderful Week End…observe what is happening in your reality…observe your emotions as the Frequency of the Eclipse will probably amplify everything…💫do not judge your emotions and yourself 💫…BE EXTREMELY PATIENT now and go beyond your Human/Linear/Logical Perception to truly see what’s going on.. With Infinite Love 💜Cristina 💜⭐ Dolphins Joy ⭐Swimming with Dolphins⭐ Marmaid Energy⭐Magical Flow🙏 My Deepest Gratitude for these REALIZATIONS🙏

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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