Hard Core Proof Trump is a Traitor ~ Sept. 21, 2021



Editor’s Note: I consider my self to have an open heart, not to mention an open mind! And so in the interest of fairness to my own BEing, I chose to listen to the report above by Betsy and Thomas of AIM ((American intelligence Media).

Although Betsy and Thomas have been established as fair in past reporting, I cannot sanction their report above because they have not addressed one simple question: why has the causative agent for COVID-19 never been isolated/cultured?

(The COVID-19 pandemic is fake and based on a “weaponized” head-cold virus which is exceedingly common.The first COVID-19 test results performed by the seemingly “gold-standard” PCR test were false giving a horde of “false-positive” results. Since…the FDA, as well of the inventor of the PCR testing unit have declared this methodology not suitable for COVID-19 testing. The COVID-19 “vaccines” were then touted for the public, and introduced true pathogenic substances producing a variety of health issues, some leading to…death.

So…since we have a fake pandemic, I applaud Trump for:

  1. Taking aggressive action to quell this pandemic before it really started allowing him to wrest “control” from the dark,
  2. Trying to introduce his own vaccine…likely Hydroxychloroquine and Vit. D. introduced by the military, and
  3. Choosing political advisors of an uncertain character (keep your friends close, and your enemies closer). How would we know Faucci as a villain unless he was able to act out his role?

Let’s also examine the timing for this announcement, not forgetting the Jesuit connection of Thomas. The dark are in a box and are now pulling out all the ammo they have to .STOP. this global awakening. By planting seeds of disbelief in Trump, perhaps they imagine this will .STOP. the global awakening…but not so…this train for Earth’s freedom is way too far down the tracks, and picking up steam!

Finally, let’s examine the Telegram statement of Queen Romana. In her post, she did NOT name any names…

“Many of you will be shocked to find out that the Leader you thought was good has strayed / deviated from his spiritual contract, was never a Leader, and has been executed for Treason.”

My thought is the leader she is referring to us Obama who was well considered…until his true agenda was seen.

Finally is the questions we ALL should be asking ourselves…what does my heart say in the matter of Trump and his spiritual alignment? My own heart feels Trump to be the unexpected non-political (global) leader for this time of Earth’s spiritual (r)evolution. Consider the effectiveness for this man’s actions since Jan. 2016, and you may well BE in…

Quantum Joy!



By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. There is probably a lot of spotless research to support this
    I feel it is among many of the false flags that have been mentioned many times, in different patriot posts.
    It’s been stated that the US is to have the rug pulled from beneath them ; as a massive wake up call. What has been termed a near – death experience
    Time will tell


  2. I stopped reading the AIM Gab, months ago.
    They claim to have supported Mr T from his inception.
    However, I have never read anything positive from them,
    With regard to the Trumps.
    In Mr Trump, you have a Leader a statesman
    And NOT a politician!
    Plain as the nose on your face.
    Australia 🇦🇺 does not have that, in any state or in any form.
    And lastly, I do believe it is a major false flag. And it has been predicted previously , as a possibility ✅


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