ALL CURSES, HEXES, SPELLS & BLACK MAGIC ARE NOW LIFTED & DECLARED NILL & VOID! Any remaining dark magicians trying to use BLACK MAGIC will no longer be able to and BEING REVERSED and returned to them! EVERYONE REAPS NOW WHAT THEY SOWED! FALSE LEADERS, GURUS & PROPHETS NOW WILL BE DENOUNCED! SO IT IS! IT IS DONE! Major Clearing of astral was very successful last night! Thank you for all that were part knowingly or unknowingly 🙏 Amazing work continues! Be ready for HUMONGOUS REALITY SHIFTS & MAJOR UP-LEVELLING as THE FULL REALITY RESET CONTINUES to unfold! Most beautiful higher influx of inter-dimensional plasma infusions assisting with the re-encryption of our Blueprints which is quickening at God speed 🥳 As I’ve written before, from what I am perceiving were already in The Event, yet there will also be a culmination point of total purification of all lower energies and Realities that are not in alignment with the New Earth Frequencies. It’s already underway. Hence both Fear (such as anxiety) and Love Frequencies can both appear to become amplified. The Polarities amplify before they collapse within the Zero Point Field of Neutrality, of Divine Love. Self care is absolute key now, do whatever it takes! I’ll be taking it easy for a few days or as much as possible to balance all out. Resting in the NOW of Infinite Possibilities. In NO-TIME. The next few days promise a punch of more higher dimensional light codes directly from Source delivering higher frequency plasmas, new colour and sound waves and who knows what else is possible, all-ways NOW 💙 There’s a HUGE merging of our Higher Identities at Collective level unfolding. ALL IS MERGING, ALIGNING, SYNCHRONISING, UNIFYING, PURIFYING… ALL FROM WITHIN. I got knocked out for an almost 12 hr sleep last night which is unusual lately. I let my Higher Self take over consciously as setting up for Meditation and Grid work and although I don’t remember my dreams, I know I was doing some intense work clearing the astral and Timelines/ Realities. There have also been numerous solar flares/ CME’s over the past few days, along with solar winds, some geomagnetic instability and raised Schumann Resonance levels & spikes. Today so far it seems it has calmed down for a bit anyway, we get to take a moment to let all the incoming codes integrate. It seems that every few days we receive higher dimensional Frequency Plasma infusions that we keep integrating and levelling up to until ready for the next round 🥴 it will keep intensifying until we have ascended, simple as that. But many of us are now finding it easier to serve the waves of intense energies, bringing deep clearings, upgrades & activations. Noone said this would be easy but after enough training we can make it more fun and relax into the process, we let go of resistance and surrender to the flow. Allowing the cracking of the crystallis to take place without trying to control this sacred Transformation process that is happening within and without 🦋 Some may have trouble sleeping, again it can go both ways. One moment the energies have you all ready to roar and the next you’re flat on the sofa, or both lol. Although the past few days especially have me feeling very tired and the body is achy. I feel like I’m drink on light most of the time since the Stargate opening on Saturday the 4th that I wrote about previously. Very POWERFUL PURE SOURCE LIGHT & Codes and plasma waves are streaming in PURIFYING & RE-ENCRYPTING ALL!! Just keep surfing as best you can and use all your tools as all keeps being vastly accelerated now. Healing too!! I’m also noticing at times having difficulty with my mind body functions, automatic actions like putting on a top or typing take focused concentration and the body is slow. Mind is offline an forgetful. It’s our Higher Identities merging and walking-in. It takes a lot to stay grounded and let this anchor into your body. Our small bodies are not really made to hold that much Frequency 😅 spiritually we’re HUGE! Earthing, yoga, walks in nature, eating grounding foods like potatoes and carrots shall assist. Just tune in with yourself and ask what you need to support yourself through these massive shifts in density!! Let your Higher Self and Source guide you. Become still and listen. So many downloads and clarity coming in as the veils lift and our new Blueprints and Multidimensional Self comes powerfully online! Remembering ourselves as Source again and as ONE WITH ALL!! Because that is the corresponding Frequency and state of Consciousness of the New Unity Grid System that we came to be the bridge for, through our own embodiment, merging Heaven and Earth. To be the bridge for the higher Consciousness Realities to anchor, activate and arise through us, as the Embodiment and Co-creators of all New World’s! 🌈🌎💙 Remember, all you need is truly within you!! Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona 💙

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. “Magnetisation Period” Sept.3rd.-Oct.9th. may have some of those effects, as unselfish spiritual action is enhanced 3000 times by the Martian Satellite in stationary orbit.


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