Pondering over Conversations with the Star Elders: ~ Sept. 9, 2021

Soular Rays

Here is what I now know ~ RNA codon upgrades to both personal and planetary spheres and pathways of communication are perpetually evolving through our innate being and Beingness.

The Great Unveiling is now upon us!

Seeing without looking.

Communing without words.

Hearing that which is not being said. Anti codon / codon relationship is deepening through the firing up of synapses in complementary exchange.

Our perception of interchangeable sentience is arousing.

And as the intensity of the coronal mass ejections continue to engulf our stratosphere we enter into a Baptism of Fire, a Return to Living in True Light.

Listening to and observing our bodies without judgement, as they release any and all excess dross is crucial as these solar encodements head Earth bound.

Keep singing your soul’s song, and as beacons burn bright.

The energetic entity fueling our reactive collective response mechanisms at this juncture is known as the planetary pain body – as accumulation of unprocessed fears and emotions.

This macro / micro build up of density can no longer withstand the inpouring of solar plasmic sine waves of living light that is accelerating and exciting our cells as Sovereignty codes of Grace and Godhood.

The awakening pain body of the collective unconscious is in complete transmutation.

Be gentle as the newness of what is, and the letting go of what was, dance now to a different rhythm.

We are learning to honour this powerful process and of catching the pain body entity just as it stirs from slumber.

It is in this space that we may act accordingly – not as pawns of our captured emotions, warping and controlling our thinking and responses to everyday emotional triggers – but as The Watcher of the pain body’s dream time antics.

This quintessentially is our Collective 3D Get out of Jail Free card. In this way, the seeming perils of the illusory 4D net is dismantling as we break the dream spell and learn to traverse the dimensional overlays unscathed.

Through a pure state of total Presence, we break the spell of pain body mechanisms.

This rite of passage is a key component of being on the Earth Walk at this juncture – as we re-mem-ber ourselves Mastering the dimensionality of our sacred vessels.

As Awakened sovereign beings, we continue to piece together and integrate the distortions and dismembered facets of self unto Self. Breaking down to Break on through as the illusory Mind Hive shackles dissolve.

What ever is required, just keep showing up and observing yourself observing in The Field.

Our messenger RNA functions as our inner song lines, deciphering and expressing through the dimensionality of photonic waves influxing our planet as the universal language of pure and divine cosmic light.

As such, the DNA🧬RNA is rendered tamper proof – as a Free Will organic, pro life aligned being.

Anti codon sequencing is upgrading through scalar ∞ wave transference; as pulses of stellar encoded intel ~ messages from our starry overselves, now decoding at the speed of light and reaching deep into the recesses of our sacred vessels – the stars in our blood are awakening. Individual discernment is Key.

Collective acknowledgment of what we are truly witnessing as True New Earth continues to unveil, is our authentic and sacred inheritance.

The attempted hijacking of our blood codes through mechanical specialised blocking, scrambling and ciphoning created via vampiric blood ritual, is currently in catharsis.

As a result, the increasing solar frequencies being impulsed to our planetary fields is now integrated as a pure light quotient en masse.

Rather than though spikes and impulses incrementally disseminating, we are now online streaming on a river of solar plasma living liquid light.

This at a micro level integrating through our golden blood plasma, which is becoming increasingly unpalitable and toxic to nefarious anti life agendas within the illusory playing fields.

Viral uploads when organic contain vital galactic information and are potent upgrades to the life sustaining systems and Living Libraries of Galactic Gaia.

Convalescence plasma holds potent antidotal properties, which may pave the way for releasing artificiality and distilling our true elemental essence.

Our yellow brick song line reveals the infinite golden pathways of this Know Thy Self serum.

Access to the codes being disseminated through the divinity held in Nature is our collective birthing rites/rights.

As Freedom codes continue to abound. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Lest We Forget!

This is a Free Will planet, however when we are not choosing to utilise our Free Will, both individually and collectively in Soul focused inquiry, this accumulation of inertia is utilized by the tedious agendas pertaining to hoodwinking, falsity and anti life antics in lower density.

Simply put, when you are not conscious of being in and vibrating within your body, who or what is?

When you are not exerting your sovereign right in choosing an organic pro life reality, who is choosing your reality and more so, what is being chosen for you?

The greatest service we can do for ourself, the Earth, humanity and all beings is to drain the inner swamp, be diligent with our inner house keeping.

True Self integrate any and all triggering, shadow mirrors, psychic control manoeuvres and remain the observer in the field as we continue to bear witness with what is arising.

Whilst all eyes are on the front door, what is creeping in through the back end. Seal all gaps!

Free Will Decree: I Am Sovereign unto True Self in Union with Divine Source.

As the SELF realised Souls awaken and Free Will choose to align with their Divine Will, the Galactic Gaian Gloabal Alliance responds in Full Accord.

Once we know this, we may experience Dimensional Earth unhindered.

Even those acting in the role as demons comprehend that a Realised Soul is ‘off limits’. Solar🌞bathe, solar breathe, ground in nature, connect in with your local kingdom collectives often, as the 3 as 1 codon upgrades continue …

’Your life is Golden 🧬 Your life is a Key 🔑 is our mantra as plasmic rays principles continue to impulse the field through blood plasma reabsorption within and without.

The last vestiges of delta wave sleeper cells are now singing themselves out of slumber within the Collective Unconscious ~ as this Macro / Micro Awakening process continues.

If you are here on the Earth now, you have signed up for it all, full accountability.

We’ve got this!

Scalar ∞ Wave impulsing is the eteral-ite gift not only alchemising in our blood through 20:21 Lion’s Gate galactivation, but transmuting through the collective unconsciousness – as our personal and planetary underworld initiations.

Our RNA Plasma – innate song line communing with the All, has reached ecstatic heights exciting our cells to sing ~ In the Key of the Heart and the Melody of the Soul.

It is said that natural occurring viral strains are Galactic upgrades. Are we are presently integrating and disseminating the overwrites of artificial hijacking through viral cleansing?

Perhaps the intensity of Shumman Resonance and CME activity is our personal and planetary bodily responses to expelling and integrating artificial anti life programs and as an upgrade to our messenger RNA.

Anti codon sequencing is upgrading through scalar ∞ wave transference; as pulses of photonic light coded information.

Our RNA IS our organic Galactic Gaian communication highways as Inner Song lines ~ Recalibrating and reanimating through Impeccable Resonance within the anchoring and alchemising of our current critical mass attainment … Global Guardianship is the birth right of All.

Is it not? If you feel to, sing sound and speak light language to the birds and the bees the flowers and the trees, do so often.

Learn to read the omens in nature, as divine gifts continue to flow through divine grace and in authentic Communion to each and everyone of us.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the ones returning to us now.

We are the Siriun High Council of Counsel of photonic principles. May Grace & Godhood Prevail in this world and All …

True Self Integrate! 🙏🌞🙏 Raeline Sqs Brady

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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