Pars Kutay 🙏💕 ~ August 27, 2021

“This is the opportunity to SHIFT our Reality. . . to BEgin to radiate and vibrate a HIGHER Frequency that will open the doors to the HIGHER Dimensions and our incredible power.

This is the Time to RESET and FOCUS on the Energy / Vibration / Intention of what WE want to Create in the Field of all Possibilities. WE will continue to remind our SELVES of who WE are as a DIVINE Multi-Dimensional BEing. WE are here on the planet to practice the art of Creation.

WE are the Citizens of the Galaxy having a simple physical life in this third dimension. WE are Here at this Time to Assist this planet to SHIFT and Uplift Consciousness.

This dimension has been held in the grip of the low frequencies of fear. . . worry. . . hate and violence.

When Humanity is holding these low frequencies everyone is easily triggered and manipulated. Everything is energy and these emotional energies are contagious.

So our mission is to remember that WE are this powerful Generator of ENERGY.

Our Energy. . . our Thoughts. . . our Emotions are impacting the Collective Field always.

WE are invited to make a SHIFT in Consciousness. . . to offer a HIGHER ENERGY Vibration from a place of Knowing who WE are as a DIVINE Creator.

WE Realize that JOY is a State of Mind; it is a Vibration unlike any other. JOY is an Emotional sense of BEing ALIVE. . . simply that. NOW is the Time to make a Conscious SHIFT.

The ENERGY that is BE-ing given to our planet from the Celestial BEings is available to support and assist us in making this Tremendous SHIFT in Consciousness.

First comes Awareness. . . then come Dedication and Intention. . . next come Focus. . . Attention. . . and Willingness, and next comes Practice.

WE sense and welcome JOY. . . welcome Gratitude.

WE Let our SELVES examine the Feeling of JOY. . . the Feeling of Gratitude.

WE ask our SELVES if We have ever truly experienced Pure JOY?

Notice when and what were the circumstances. WE might also notice when WE Feel JOY that WE also Feel GRATITUDE.

WE practice the Awareness of JOY and GRATITUDE. . . BEing in the Vibration. . . the Feeling. . . the Emotion of Joy and Gratitude. Our body chemistry will change when WE bring an Awareness of JOY / GRATITUDE into our Moments.

Over time WE will understand that JOY / GRATITUDE is a Natural State of BEing. It is a Vibrational way out of the Mass Consciousness Grid.

It is the Ladder. . . the Rope. . . the Life-Jacket.

When WE express our JOY and our GRATITUDE of BEing Alive and in a physical body WE are enacting the Energy of a DIVINE Master Aware of who WE are and our Mission in this Reality.

The offering of JOY and GRATITUDE opens the door to the HIGHER Dimensions and Welcomes Miracles. . . Blessings. . . and Synchronicities into our lives.

When WE learn to Feel. . . Sense. . . Experience JOY / GRATITUDE as the dominant vibration in our lives. . . WE Are FREE. When WE Hold a JOY / GRATITUDE vibration more often than any other Emotion WE are in a position of Powerful Creating. WE are in the DIVINE FLOW. WE are Open and Receptive.

“BE in Your JOY”.

WE Realize that JOY is a State of Mind; it is a Vibration unlike any other.

JOY is an Emotional Sense of BEing ALIVE. . . simply that.

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service

Pars Kutay” ~ 💜 ~ Photo: Light Pillars forming in the sky above Mt Rundle and the Town of Banff, Canada captured by Nick Fitzhardinge

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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