Multidimensional Light Worker❤ ~ July 1, 2021

Chosen Ones

Editor’s Note: This message highlights the fact that YOU are the “chosen ONE” volunteering to BE on Earth at this time! Your own self knowledge (awareness) brings about an end to the slavery-system here on Earth thereby opening the Magnificent Hearts of ALL to recognize their own ONEness!

ONEness = Quantum awareness, which is…the goal for all here to understand and reach within themselves! And of course…this will extend to ALL BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


IT IS THE YEAR 2021….. A LIGHT WORKER YOU ARE with Multidimensional healing abilities, to heal the many…. Know YOUR skills are continually activating – connecting your physical form to your Higher Dimensional Self – integrating WHO YOU ARE.. Leading you to a greater acceptance of your true calling and Mission. This enables foresight to manifest and assist Humanity to awaken, rise and shift into a safer reality. KNOW you are a Multiskilled Light Being that can MANIFEST the Role You See…the options are endless…. Know we Need to Meet YOU half way❤ A line in the sand between the Multidimensional Realms…… we can commune and prosper together…. There you will find us…ready to assist….to Enhance and Upgrade your Skills… To assist your Mission…in Upgrading your World, where your Role will continue to expand & evolve…….. We ask you to focus on this message and to see yourself as a Multidimensional Lightworker…. Know this is YOU NOW as you awaken to your True Potential, Calling and Mission. Know how BRIGHT you SHINE dear one….🙏 We send peace to our Light Warriors – the Multidimensional Ground Crew….to continue expanding in your ever-changing reality❤ A message to Enlighten Your Path…. The Arcturians & Karen source:


You are the chosen ones. You are the way-showers. You are the ones who will bring this planet into the next phase of its existence. How are you feeling on this glorious day, about this decision you have made for yourself?

Please allow us to explain how you are “chosen” in this context. As the rain pelts down upon the parched brown earth, so too do you provide that nourishing and quenching elixir to those on the planet who are thirsting for something more. In this context, those around you and in the collective, who find themselves drawn to your light, are choosing YOU to be that catalyst of change in their world. You are the chosen one. You are the way-shower. You are the beacon.

For those who are ready to answer this calling, to be that beacon in relation to others around you, we commend this choice. How do you serve in this way, continually, knowing that your existence may be having a major influence on the collective? How do you relax with this knowing, and accept this with grace and trust?

First, know that you are not carrying this “burden” alone. Second, know that you are worthy. Third, surrender all feelings you may have around “not being good enough” to be a beacon in this way. Fourth, do not be ashamed of your light and everything that might accompany it: joy, happiness, presence, self-love. Fifth, give yourself a break and do not worry about how you are impacting the collective. As you raise your vibration and continue to embrace love, you will naturally be in service. No worrying or fretting, it happens naturally.

We salute your focus, efforts, trials and tribulations as you continue to embark on this journey into the new. – The Galactic Federation of Light

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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