You can really feel the energetic change in the air.

We haven’t seen this kind of activity in the Schumann Resonace in months.

This goes hand in hand with all the earth changes we’re witnessing right now.

There were an obscene number of Earthquakes yesterday all over the globe.

Not to mention volcanoes and other strange occurrences.

My guides have told me that the next part of our Ascension starts when we experience massive amounts of earth changes at once.

That’s when the tomato soup sky will be shown to me.

I definitely feel like we aren’t far off of that time.

There’s something in the air. It feels like big change.

We have been doing our inner work, preparing to walk in our light and do what we are called to do.

It’s time to start listening for that call, Divine Ones.

🚨🚨🔥 17.18.19 April 2021 electromagnetic loads that impact the ionosphere, Earth and all life forms are phenomenal, vibration intensity is growing, which will result in ′′ skimming or departure ′′..

for those who will not be able to keep up with vibration acceleration, consciousness is being targeted in this process of turning magnetic poles around…

the ionosphere the last veil, the last envelope that exists in man at the level of the heart.. it is an insulating layer that prevents the opening of the Heart, it is called, in human physiology, pericardium, i.e. say what surrounds, locks and ensures the heart. so big impact on the ionosphere, in man: It is the Liberation of the Heart.

This is what allows the Ascensional Heart to be installed. The lived is the chest as pierced by a sword by a devouring fire that crosses our hearts. or important bases in this area..

This devouring fire burns this insulating envelope more or less softly, according to each One…

the fire break then opens us to the Multidimensional state, which gives us to live so-called mystical process, whatever the form of manifestation.

It is the opening to the Sacred Heart, with the burning heart, with the fire of the heart. there is an intimate relationship of resonance, liberation and expansion between the Sun of our Solar System and our inner Sun that reactions in our chest…

============ Obviously the spills of Light and Adamantine particles you see in these times in the evening sky, are the prefiguration of the sky’s tear, which corresponds to the tear of your inner sky, that is, the Pericardium..

The tear leads to the opening of the heart gate and thus to the passing of the narrow gate.

But you also have brothers, sisters who are among you, who are very close sometimes, who they don’t want to hear about all this, because they don’t live it.

And you’ll have to explain to them, no matter how you try to show them, but they’re not from the same world.

Can you relate to this? Wanting all humanity to go to one place is heresy.

Y ‘ all not going to the show to see the same movie at the same time on Earth.

Y ‘ all not getting up at the same time.

Y ‘ all not going to bed at the same time.

Right now you’re experiencing the completion of Ascension, even those who say to you, ′′ I don’t live anything “.

Right now, they’re not experiencing anything, but will come a time when there’s a tuning. This moment of SYNTONIZATION is the moment when the deployment of Light, and the passing of Consciousness in Light, will not be able to do anything but be revealed, even on those who turn their back on it…

Children of One, the time has come….

Vibration comes to open the pericardium (the envelope of the heart that locked you in the Illusion of the heart), the time has come when the caterpillar opens its wings and will begin to spread its wings, in order to live the eternity of its Presence..

The Heart of eternity..


A Presence.. Blue and red are high loads and black and white is extreme

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. May have something to do with the arrival of the ” The Third Satellite” which is a large Martian Spaceship in the scheduled program established in 1955 for 4 sessions of 4 weeks annually, now in stationary orbit 15000 miles above, started 18th.April to enhancing all unselfish spiritual action 3000 times by filtering certain energies from the Sun.


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