Ascension Upgrades And Symptoms ~ March 22, 2021

As another Schuhmann resonance update confirms, another wave of 40Hz has hit the earth recently.

The ascension of Earth and humanity is taking place at an accelerated speed.

The Photon Gamma light beams are showering earth star Gaia and preparing all its sentient life for mass ascension.

DNA is being upgraded.

That which our 3D unknowing scientist call “junk DNA” stores information of all of your incarnations, your galactic heritage, and the entire universe. And this knowledge is going to be restored. Can you see now how terrified your world’s ‘powers-that-soon-were’ are of this fact?

Can you understand why the world is upside down? It’s all just a distraction. To keep you in fear. Only the low frequency of fear can keep you from adjusting to the vibratory level.

With the rise in frequency the scattered helixes of DNA reconnect. The cosmic rays being sent to earth pierce through the cells of your being and rearrange your DNA.

Awakened Starseeds on earth will have between 3-5 helixes active now while the new Starseed children being born on earth are already equipped with 3-5 helixes active.

The 12 helixes of DNA correspond to the 12 chakras within, above, and below the body. They send and receive information back and forth between each other.

As you unlock the chakras and allow the DNA to form itself back to its natural form of 12 helixes active, you are becoming multi-dimensional.

A very long time ago the dark rulers of this planet have manipulated the human DNA, leaving only 2 helixes active. These two helixes correspond with the first and second chakras. The root and the sacral chakra. This was enough for us as a race to survive and procreate.

But the continuous blast of photon gamma light beams to earth in the last years has helped humanity to begin an awakening process that will inevitably lead to ascension.

The solar plexus chakra is unblocked by listening to one’s intuition and questioning the narrative. This continues with the heart chakra’s opening and being able to give and receive more love.

And thus, the body’s frequency changes to adjust to the new vibratory level of Earth. During this process, you may experience symptoms of discomfort. In fact, most flu epidemics are actually ascension symptoms.

It happens when massive amounts of photon gamma light waves are sent to blast the earth through the central sun but the human receptacle isn’t prepared in a sense of fitness, nutrition, and well-being.

Ascension Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing:
blurred vision
ringing in ears
throat irritation or needing to clear throat often
heart palpitations
trouble sleeping or needing more sleep
vivid dreams
sweating more
random intolerance for certain foods
dizziness or feeling floaty
aches and pains
shortness of breath
yawning or burping often
excessive thirst
pains in hands, wrists, knees, feet or ankles
Remember, you must love and pamper yourself. Eat well, sleep, rest and don’t follow the 3D fake news that’s only meant to send stress into your being.

It is important to connect to nature and ground yourself regularly during this time. Walk with your bare feet daily, lay down with as much naked skin as possible on weeds, sand or take salt baths 🛀

Drink sufficient amounts of water, eat fresh raw plant foods, meditate, breathe, and do things that make you happy like singing, listening to your favorite music, and dancing. All these above-mentioned practices raise your frequency and support your inevitable ascension process.

A new world is being birthed. 5D is here now. Tune in!

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. The fact that our DNA has been RAPED, resulting in us being genetically floored monkeys, with short lives, aging, and so on PROVE that there is NO prime directive, NO non interference policy, that such a policy is ARCHON PROPAGANDA.

    Been saying this for years.

    WHEN is the GOOD STUFF coming? How much LONGER must we keep playing the waiting game?

    See, folks, I gots my questions….and I demand some answers.


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