🔱✨🔱MahaShivratri: Great Night of Shiva , March 11

Tonight, March 11 is celebrated as the Great Night of Lord Shiva or Mahashivratri which carries within it the concepts of CREATION, UNION, TRANSMUTATION and KUNDALINI and THIRD EYE ACTIVATION

CREATION/ COSMIC EGG : It is on this night that the JyotirLinga First appeared ie A great Pillar (linga) of Light (joyti) with no beginning or end appeared which pierced the Three Worlds as a brilliant shaft of light. Lord Shiva stepped out of this Gigantic Linga/ pillar of Light to the Primordial sound of OM…The Sound of Creation!!!

The Linga is hence the emblematic form of Shiva, a representation of the divine without body, the origin of all things. According to ancient Sanskrit text, The original form of the lingam was egg-shaped and represented the Cosmic Egg or The Universe itself !!! And thus Lord Shiva is considered to be the Aadi ( beginning) and Antha (end ) and all that lies between ie He is The Creator, The Preserver and The Destroyer, and it is on this Night of Maha Shivratri that he performs the Cosmic Dance/ Tandav of Creation/ Destruction known as Ananda Tandav/ RudraTandav.

UNION OF DIVINE MASCULINE AND DIVINE FEMININE:It is also believed to be the night of Union of Shiva and Parvati ie Union of Active energy / Shakti/ Devi / Goddess with Divine Consciousness / Shiva/ God for Shiva is also Known as Ardhnareshwar or Half Man ,Half Woman ie the Complete Being with balance masculine and Feminine energies in Union / ShivaShakti. That is why a shivling is often depicted as a Lingam representative of the phallus inserted onto a base representative of the Yoni.

TRANSMUTATION; according to Puranas /ancient Sanskrit Text,In the process of the churning of the Ocean / Samudra manthan / Milky Way to obtain the Nectar of Immortality/ Amrit a lethal Poison/ Halahala was released that could destroy all of creation. It is Lord Shiva who consumed and transmuted the Poison in his throat to save the three worlds, as a result of which his throat turned blue and hence he is called Neelkanth/ One with the Blue Throat.

ACTIVATION OF KUNDALINI+ THIRD EYE Hence This Great Night Of Shiva presents us with the opportunity to be cleared , cleansed and transmuted of all previous Traumas/ Karma/ Poison and to move into higher levels of integration and union between our divine masculine and divine feminine so that we move closer to knowing and embodying the Divine Truth or Divine Consciousness. For those on the spiritual path it represents an unparalleled opportunity of Spiritual acceleration as on this night there is a natural upsurge of the Life Force Energies/ Kundalini Energies up the spine activating the Third eye. Hence all Shiva devotees will observe this night as a Night of Wakefulness as they need to keep their spine upright and erect , thus making it a night of Mindfulness and Awakening!!

🔱🔱🔱Happy Maha Shivratri!!!ॐ नमः शिवाय🔱🔱🔱

EnLight ,InGrace�,



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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