An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment✨🌈🔑 ~ December 29, 2020

Many have finally stepped through The Rainbow Portal (of the 12) / turned the Golden Key🔑 to arrive at The New Spiral of Co- Creation and Manifestation of the 13 Dimension of The Emerald Sun on Solstice Dec 21, 2020. This has its foundations in the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom ( Goddess Isis ) of The Wisdom Keepers / Guardians of the 4 Winds of Change as represented by the 4 Petaled Flower ( 4 around 1) And The Divine Masculine Wisdom of New Initiations and Creations as represented by Thoth.

Those who have stepped through this Portal are Entering a Whole Level of NEW…that of CoCreation and Manifestation of a New Age based on God’s Will and Maat’ s Principles. Manifestation and Creation flows from the Union of Intellect and Intuition, Past and Future,Spirit and Matter. It Flows from a place of Sovereignty and Independence in Discernment, Choices and Actions. It Flows from the Sum Total of the 12 Dimensions/ Chakras/ DNA/Tribes/ rainbow lightbody /bridge ie The Rainbow Portal…. it required you to have crossed a minimum benchmark on the Spiritual Evolution Spiral, a minimum benchmark of Attitudes and Attributes of Grace and a certain remembrance of an Ancient Time…that which will guide you Now hence forth, that which is held in your Rainbow Light Body as Codes to guide you forth, that which will help you bridge the gap between the future and the past, that which you know to be your Soul Purpose and Reason for Incarnating Now…

As we walk this liminal space between times/ ages/ epoch …walk in Awareness…notice how your Totem Animals are reintroducing themselves to you , revealing levels of understanding that you had not fathomed before as they lead you into new initiations and knowing for the new roles that you will need to play Now. Notice the Wonderous Signs that your Divine Team is sending your Way Now…. Use the Energies of the Full Moon in Cancer ( The Mother) Dec 29/30 to regroup all your Soul Fragments that may be showing up in your dreams of Parallel timelines ( happening Big Time currently)!! . You need to BE Whole for what you will BE embarking on Now. Also as we reach a sense of Completion and Fullness with this full moon tomorrow make sure to release all that is limiting you or that which you have outgrown in terms of Energy, ties, attitudes, situation or people for we are entering into whole New Level of Energy and it’s Manifestations.

But most of all Just BE…soak in these glorious new Light Codes . We have just broken out of a long period of birthing/ chrysalis…..soak in this brand New Light thankful to be part of this momentous time ….The Time of The Architects of The New …. The Alchemists , The Magicians, The Wise Crones, The Empresses/ Mother Wisdom , The Emperors/ Father Wisdom ….the Time Travellers from far and wide who had all made a committee to fulfill a Promise made in the Past Future are Here Now…An Ancient Promise Awaits Fulfilment!!!!

Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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