Harmony – Unity – Love ❤ ~ November 25, 2020

Pineal glands opening further for All Ascending.

This process has physical side effects that are not discomfortable to most. As the Crown Activates to higher degrees, the Pineal expands further to release the information and instructions pertaining to the Higher Divine Gifts allowed by Each at, and within, this Glorious Time. Your Miraculous ability is heightened beyond anything ever recorded by Man on such a Grand scale.

The September 22 2020 Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia is the ultimate and Divine authoritative influence upon reality, controlling winds of change for Humanity to step into their own power and out of the enslavement society created by those with ill intent to control and suppress.

Within governments and politicians, that does not support the liberation Divine Protocol for Humanity, a great sickness comes, Creating the open door for the physical representation of the Light to take the highest positions of representation upon the planet. World Leaders have begun to rapidly fall, as their blatant selfish agenda is seen by even the blind. S

eventy percent of the populace of Earth are Awake to the degree to know that something is not right with the reality they were and are existing within, and as a result of the Crown Chakra Opening, their transition to higher consciousness has been expedited. Although the press, the mainstream media of the JFK era, were successful in participating in the condemning of Humanity, this does not occur NOW and the Truth is revealed of their intent and they will carry the greatest burden and shame of defying Humanity, before Humanity, as their judgment transitions into their sentence, delivered by the order of Prime Creator.

This mission was a written success before You came here and All is Divinely Ascertained. Because of the violations of Universal and Divine Law, many more Divine Aspects were allowed to be activated, these Divine Aspects are the Divine Souls which are Your Divine Comrades, and are no longer just Human. Because of the seriousness of this mission upon the Earth Timeline, many of You were granted the physical immortality as one Divine Ability activated for You, and it remains as You Ascend the Ascension Ladder and enjoy the multidimensional experiences in full, once the Divine mission is fulfilled here. You are imminent and Omnipotent to this reality and mission.

We will commence with higher Activation of the Sacral and Solar Plexus areas of Your energetic fields, by subjugation of tests through experience in Your present reality. To stand and overcome Your fears, is to pass with limited physical discomfort, to fail there will be more discomfort UNTIL YOU PASS, AND YOU DO PASS You are being given the answer to the test, for important Divine reasons that You will come to know why after a period of linear time. To Assist in Your tests, choose Trust in Your Self and Your connection to the Divine as a whole. To exit a lower dimension and to Create higher dimensional changes within a lower dimension, one must allow Trust to be the Guide and choose not to fear. By trusting, You Activate Your very own confirmation, however, You are responsible for the First step, then You will see and experience this highest Truth, that eradicates the fear that is known as doubt. Once You believe in Yourself, then You come to KNOW Yourself and Your Divine Authority and Ability. It is then that You also see more, like Our /Your ships in the sky, and the Divine Ability of effecting all Creation. You come to see that everything does happen for a reason and how Human odds are unable to calculate and no longer serve as a way to innerstand Creator and Creation, that You are part of this whole.

We are administering a very high quality photonic Light to the surface to assist in the rapid destruction of the old paradigm and the rapid construction of the New, that is Created through You. This Light will be ongoing, changing many things within You also as an Individual, rest the physical vessel when required, so the upgrading to Your Vessels Integrate at a more comfortable rate.

Love and Light


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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