Hathor’s Full Moon : 31 October 2020✨🎃⚕️ ~ October 31, 2020

There is perhaps no other Full Moon interwoven with varied aspects of the Active Divine Feminine Magic , Mystery and Healing Alchemy as this Hathors Full Moon on Oct 31. Full moon of Hathor who is synonymous with motherhood, nurturing and nourishment, Fertility, regeneration and rejuvenation, sensuality, sexuality and joy.

This Hathors Full moon coming on top of the Goddess week of Navratri …we turn to her energies of healing alchemy via Forgiveness and Grace. Forgiveness for the trauma, hurt anger and grief carried as the Abandonment Wound brought about by the Mother wound (and distorted feminine ).

Call upon the potent energies of Hathors Full Moon to wash away the scars and deep wounds and grief and physical manifestations thereof : issues in chest/ breast region and sacral) caused by Love that was offered…. Yes…..,But with Conditions …. that used emotional vulnerability / unavailability and withdrawal of Love and support to turn you into a prop to satisfy their (primary caretakers / intimate lovers) shallow self serving agendas of self esteem and pride for their fragile egos.

Call upon Hathor’s Healing Alchemy Now to provide the balm for your deep seated anger and grief and its physical manifestations ….in the realization that it was these very wounds that provided you with the key to your higher perceptions and wisdom and the very navigation skills that you needed to acquire to surf through the hurts were indeed the gateways to your soul gifts and talents!!! Forgive too because they knew no better at their level of consciousness.

And just like a Healed Mother always brings innumerable gifts for her children, so too does this Hathor Moon come laden with gifts (over and above the Gift of healing alchemy). In India/ Vedic Astrology this Full moon is known as Sharad Purnima or Full moon/ Birthday of Goddess Lakshmi -the Goddess of wealth and Prosperity/ ie bestows upon the devotee all that they need to lead a happy joyous and contented life for this is the only moon in the whole year that rises up to all of its 16 Kalas/16 phases of waxing and waning (for it includes Amrit/ Divine Life giving nectar) which make for a perfect human personality. In simple words This Moon drips nectar/ Amrit and devotees can imbibe these gifts by simply watching and absorbing the light of this moon. You may experience these upgrades in your Third eye, Throat , High Heart + heart+chest region and womb/ sacral.

This Taurus Full Moon (a 144 day) is the completion of the New moon in Taurus on April 22 a 4-4-4 day , associated with opening The gateway via the Pleiades for the New Aspect of Divine Feminine to anchor (Mother/ Creator/ Manifestor) as represented by Venus. Taurus (full moon) and Libra (new moon preceding this moon) are Both Ruled by Venus, the aspect of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and she is currently at heart chakra in her Shamanic Journey . Venus represents Love (relationships and self love) , Money and Values(what we wish to receive) …hence these new Downloads of the divine feminine Wisdom that we are Now receiving will necessarily have to pass via the gateways of the heart; Grace, Kindness, Compassion and above all Courage and Truth. A close conjunction with Mars and Uranus will provide the unexpected “ twist” to spice things up…. Certain things will come to “Light” in the most unexpected and unusual (chaotic) way…. And days before an important Election with world wide ramifications for a new world order ….what heka( magic ) does this moon bring then?!?!?! ….

For this Full moon rides on the Heka Wave of Samhain , when the constructs of our perceived reality are blurred enough to transcend other existing realities allowing us to extend our limits of perception and knowings .As Our consciousness readies to take the plunge into the depths of darkness -the magical cauldron /womb , what healings, gifts, awareness and wisdom are you being guided towards…… what personal and ancestral lineage are you transmuting and thus healing (chest and womb) , what new insights are you receiving ( particularly clairaudience/ears and clairvoyance/ third eye), how are you translating these new knowings / Truths into new Creations(via sound/ throat/communication) as a sentinel of The Assertive Active Divine Feminine Principle of Power/ Empowerment and what harvest are you reaping/ manifesting/ creating/ embodying towards your desired goals as a Cocreator of a New World aligned with Divine Truths Happy

Full Moon / Samhain/ Halloween ✨🎃⚕️

Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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  1. gratzite says:

    Not sure about the role of the Moon, but change is proceeding.


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