♫ Tuning Your Whole Body/BEing/Consciousness to FREQUENCIES of Your NEW Earth Vibrational/Energetic Experiences ♫ ~ August 30, 2020

Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I wanted to share this breathtaking panoramic Phoenix Sunrise capture to also touch your heart and inspire everyone to stay focused on anchoring the codes for creating, building and living your own NEW Earth everything too. (Click on the panorama to see the others!)

Organic Timelines offer Simplicity and Living Dreams as our NEW Earth “real”ities/experiences…. as we each dedicate ourselves to our own Ascension and the Ascension of all. We do this as Pure LOVE, from the depths of our own Soul(Light) and (as is energetically appropriate) share that which supports each in accomplishing this as well.

Living from compassion, care, love, respect and kindness in order to be there for each other, to be the Light at all times, to hold all to the highest and to lead the way, light the way and open up portals, transverse passageways and anchor/read/decipher/share the codes for Living NEW EARTH is a part of this for all of us, as we literally energetically birth with our physical LightBodies to bring forth NEW Earth Consciousness from deep within us to create/build/call forth/align all with the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS NEW EARTH.

In the upcoming months, there is much occurring on every multi-dimensional level to assist all with further shifting/transitioning/moving out of distorted old archaic ways and align each’s whole body and BEing with the Crystalline/Light/Plasma Gridding systems of NEW EARTH.

The codes unlocked the last few days show the focus of the next 3 months (in preparation for December’s Mega-Wattage Codes), which is for all to understand and Consciously release the old earth grids and gridding systems from within their whole body template in order to fully shift over to a NEW EARTH TEMPLATE, that continuously builds upon the previous ones, creating an immense Living Template System that operates at the frequencies of 5D-12D+, instead of the frequencies/frequency bandwidths of 3D/4D like before. (I have an entire article and activation to assist with this, that I will make available as soon as it’s complete).

It takes recognition that each must do this themselves and that we each are the Soul-Star-Light BEings that hold the codes for NEW EARTH within us and that by bringing all of this forth, sharing and fulfilling our various roles by how we live our own lives, we are able to easily affect all, touch all, support, uplift and assist all who are truly ready, living and uniting to create, build, accomplish and Live NEW Earth Dreams fully too.

In order for us to Live Organic Ascension/Multi-Dimensional Timelines, we each consciously, intentionally and pro-actively make important vibrational and energetic changes within our own realities/lives. Through shifting our priorities and refocusing our energy on what’s highest aligned, we are able to recognize that which presents to us as not.

I’m may start sharing a bit differently, as when we focus on “one area” and put into play/place that which fully supports our own expansion/anchoring/integration/embodiment journey/processes, we are able to “achieve” expansion easier and then move onto “the next thing” that supports this more too.

By looking at different aspects of ourselves, our experiences, our lives and bringing these different aspects together to create a “new whole”, we can eliminate getting overwhelmed, stressed or too strung out on “trying to hard”, which creates an energy of “resistance”, which disrupts organic fluidity and flow through Divine Sacred Alignment, peace, simplicity and ease. While the human ego aspect holds on with all it’s might, the Light within each one of us has no desire to hold onto any of “that”.

So, as you are ready, release any and all judgment that you might still be holding within you and consciously shift to a space of “not needing anything at all” to open completely up to shifting your whole body/being/presence/energy into much higher, lighter, simpler, kinder, loving, respectful and soft energy (timelines) that support activating, anchoring and living more NEW Earth from deep within for you and all.

Remember to utilize nature and anything/everything that supports you in staying deeply connected and energetically aligned/unified within. You get to decide what is appropriate for you, what speaks to you, what resonates with you, what feels aligned for you. This will shift, change and evolve as you do, as every expansion phase (and dimensional experience) is different than previous ones were, as nothing is fixed/linear (exactly the same), which is the whole point.

Observe and dissolve any inner-resistance that you still hold to “all of this”, as perceptions are limited until each actually experiences everything fully for themselves.

Open up continuously to call forth and allow organic timelines/realities/dreams/experiences that are natural and so beautiful, pristine and pure too. ♥
Keep Embracing, Honoring, Building, Shining and Sharing Your Light as Love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Copyright © 2020 *|Awakening To Remembering|*, All rights reserved.

source: http://www.awakeningtoremembering.com

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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