A Note (or two) about this word that appeared in Q drop 97… “Darnkess” ~ April 7, 2020

Editor’s Note: (Many thanks to KP for these messages and video below!) Everyone is trying to figure out exactly what “10 days of darkness” means, or another variant…”3 days of darkness”. There are a lot of ideas out there, many focusing on saving children from Satanic dark practices. Yet, perhaps a better way to consider this term is from more of spiritual angle, enhancing other interpretations.

These indeed are trying times for many who may be experiencing internal angst, underlaid by a foundation of financial woe which is really based on fear of survival. Whew, pretty intense times, my friends! And what we all need to remember is how your inner self does contain Light allowing you to BE sovereign.

Rise up! BE that which you desire! It’s all based on taking the first step of trust you take within yourself, allowing you to hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Notice that one of the words in the title of the last Kp blog post was “Darkness”. Now I’ve seen where this was noted by several of my (pretty much) daily video listens (x22Report, et al.).

So I searched Q keybase and found only one post with “Darnkess” in it… Q post #97. The post has, at the end, this text:

“…Re-read complete crumb graphic (confirmed good).
Paint the picture.
Disinformation exists and is necessary.
10 days.
Good v. Evil.
Roadmap of big picture is here.
Review post happenings.
Crumbs not only for /pol/.
The silent ones.
Others monitoring (friends and enemies).
Snow White.
Godfather III.

If a search is carried out for “Darkness“, there are 13 posts with that word. But only one with “Darnkess“.

So I did a quick search for “Darnkess” (using Startpage). A few of them stood out.

  1. Three Days of Darnkess Paperback (Amazon) (actual title, “Three Days of Da/rkness (also here))… John Staggar must fight his way through the city to save 5 year old Susan Riddle during three days where hell reigns on earth.
  2. The Chosen Vampire Collection (Darnkess & Light Publishing)
  3. Darnkess: The Teenage Space Vampire Saga – Official Trailer“The Teen Space Vampire saga begins! High School, homework, vampires…Something’s strange in Knollwood. Being a nerdy teenager in a small town is hard enough, but when a UFO comes to visit and everyone begins to act even weirder than usual, BILLY STETSON decides to investigate. A government “SETI” team is dispatched to check out the sighting and Billy teams up with agent HANK to find out if these alleged visitors exist. Their search leads them to an abandoned mineshaft, where they discover a coven of Space Vampires conspiring to trap the light from the sun into an all-powerful diamond which will allow them to rule the world in eternal darkness.”
  4. Definitions.net: DarnkessUnsettling disturbing pain

As perhaps many can see, there are references to “disturbing pain”, “vampires” (blood drinkers), “sav[ing] a 5 year old… during three days where hell reigns on earth”… and the name of the 5 year old girl is “Riddle”, which is pretty close to “Liddle”, which is used by Adam Schiff in one of his “charitable foundations”, Liddle Kidz (what a creepy website!).

I’ll be short and direct here. I feel Q was pointing us to what is a major problem on this planet, and now appears to be in the process of being cleared out and cleaned out.

That’s all I’ll say. Feel free to do more research and post it where one feels guided.

Aloha, Kp


Conservative Truth Network 4-5-20… “Covert Ops Rescue: 10 DAYS OF DARNKESS”

This is another in a series of videos I’m finding where individuals are piecing together data points about (possible / probable) current happenings.

This one has fairly low volume, but contains many images and texts with suggestions for all as we go through this period of “vast, mass awakenings”. Perhaps another one for each to add to their list of “ways to assist those who have challenges accepting the truths” that will be coming out on a mass basis, at some point.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


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