Headlines and Updates for January 14, 2020: Will the REAL Truth Please Step Forward? Iran Media Crumbling [videos] ~ January 14, 2020

Editor’s Note: Are you ready? Sitting on the edge of your seat yet? I sure Am… I smile as I present this news report from Starship Earth, and so look forward to the her next few daily news releases this week. Those who are aware know that after the ship of America has been righted (interesting term, yes?), the rest of the world will follow!

So…sit back, enjoy the show, imagine your GREAT future on Earth, and BE…



This came up on my Twitter feed. LSU Tigers game. The poster said their daughter always has the closed captioning on. Q-incidence? I think not.

Yes, the People are in charge now, and they have spoken. For anyone hard of hearing, there will be a replay in November.

My family does not care what the swamp thinks. The swamp can boo us all they want. This is real America. We listen to them. Real America is what matters.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #NationalChampionship pic.twitter.com/E19kVVtmgf

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 14, 2020

What could be bigger than that? How about this? “A funeral for public trust.” Wow. Don’t miss this article. Interesting that it’s women who had the balls to do this. Note the “at least”. Are there more who aren’t this public? Will there be more? I believe so.

Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit: ‘Forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies’

“Thank you for accepting me as anchor until today,” said Zahra Khatami. “I will never get back to TV. Forgive me.”

Fellow anchor Saba Rad said she was leaving journalism after 21 years.

“Thank you for your support in all years of my career,” she said. “I announce that after 21 years working in radio and tv, I cannot continue my work in the media. I cannot.”

Holy cow. What if journalists talking heads in the West did that and revealed the “psychological operation” the Iranian anchor referenced? The UK? Germany? Sweden? Canada is the worst, IMO. Would they? This is HUGE.

Who was it who recently appealed to people supporting the evil regimes worldwide to quit their jobs if they were supporting the system and not Humanity? I believe it was James White at Northwest Liberty News.

President Trump and the brave White Hats gave the People of Iran the courage to do this. It will spread, and…

…if massive change happens in the Middle East, miracles are possible. I’ve told you miracles happen every day.

And now look. Are you following these 5-D chess moves? Good luck. Thanks, J.

OH BOY! Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal

As the days progress, little details are available that may change our outlook, and along with it, the disinfo. We’re always watching for landmines.

Simon Parkes revealed that the US threatened to release satellite images which would reveal precisely how the Ukrainian plane was crashed. The White Hats are playing hardball.

With the US threatening to release satellite footage the Iranian government caved in and admits it shot down the plane.

Everyone at Connecting Consciousness knew this days ago – Hence the nature of my posts.

Now the Iran government better get on and offer some practical assistance to the families.


Simon might be a little more outspoken than he was previously; and I totally agree.

Scott Morrison Australian Prime Minister thinks an enquiry is a good way to go to deal with the fires in Australia.

What a total load of trash! This Prime Minister has failed the people, he caved in to elite shadow government who told him how to respond to the tragedy.

The fires were not started by Boy Scouts or barbecue bandits, nor by cheeky koalas.

His government needs to be voted out of office.


Impeachment is a dog’s breakfast and best left for the dog. No one cares about Nazi Pelosi’s hogging of the political stage and the men in white coats are in the wings waiting for the “go”. She’s been upstaged—by “royalty”!  Boo-hoo.

Newt Gingrich brought us a sassy réparté on Fox about the has-been scrambling to remain in the spotlight and control the script. The President is correct; the dimms are pathetic and nutty Nancy is just the cartoon playing before the feature presentation… coming soon.

Gingrich: Pelosi’s big week being overshadowed by Harry and Meghan

House to vote Wednesday on sending articles of impeachment to Senate

Dan Bongino did an outstanding show yesterday in part about the next outrageous move in Washington in a last parry to hold off justice: David Kris to investigate the FISA abuse?! What? The fox guarding the hen house—and maybe Nazi Pelosi’s impeachment egg. I think the dog already got to that, however.

Rep. Meadows: Lawmakers Will Appeal To FISC Judge To Remove David Kris From FBI Review

Ep. 1157 The Deep State Strikes Again! – The Dan Bongino Show

(Editor’s Note: I AM unable to post the video at his time…check back later! 🙂

In this episode, I address the disgraceful actions on behalf of the deep state to protect their own. Their latest appointment to “investigate” Spygate will shock you. I also address another shameful appearance by Nancy Pelosi where she trots out debunked conspiracy theories in an effort to change the narrative. Finally, I discuss some persistent myths about income inequality and some classic Reagan jokes.

What’s coming? This may be a preview.

Trump is giving the KEYNOTE remarks at the Farm Bureau’s annual convention on Sunday, January 19th.
On January 19, 2018 (2-year delta) Q said, “Remember THIS DAY.”
Seems interesting that Trump‘s tweet about signing the Farm Bill includes #Emmys. Q drop #1304 says Emmy awards. pic.twitter.com/6uLbAaNW12

— Cowboyw2b (@ToddWal47945939) January 14, 2020

That’s all I have time for. Company’s coming. Expect the unexpected. Expect miracles. ~ BP

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