TALK OR SILENT? Message from Toth ~ December 13, 2019


Editor’s Note: As the world continues it’s descent into chaos, which WILL be followed by a rise into GOOD, how do you share spiritual knowledge that is unknown by most distracted folks? Please read the advice below, “Those who have ears will hear”, and BE…


___________________________________________________________________________________________In love
Jahn J Kassl

When is every word too much?

I am in the middle of you! I am with you, beloved, essence of essence and creator of the Creator.

I share in this channel to assist you in practical matters – not the supernatural I have come to reveal, but the earthly and how everything that you think, feel and do, interacts with the Supermundane.

Come, beloved brother, beloved sister, the wisdom of life wants to be obtained from you without having to struggle for it.

Today we address the question: talk or be silent? What is required when and what is better where?
Take missionary impulse

Many people still tend to raise unsolicited questions or answer them in advance. The missionary impulse from different lives is still very much alive in many people.

But that should not be more – today it is important to speak at the right moment and to be silent at the right moment. To acquire this ability should be at the forefront of all your efforts.

Consciousness means becoming aware of everything – and that includes your mindful dealings with your fellow human beings.
Point out three times, then keep silent

I advise you to never point a person to anything more than three times – in mildness and love, mindful and compassionate. If man has no predisposition to understand that, then let it be.

Each action generates its own vibrational field, and every answer to an unanswered question generates rejection – which you then have to deal with. A lot of energy is lost, energy that is better off in other creative and creative projects.

It may be that you do not manage to tell anyone – or it may be that the next one does not understand what you want to tell. In both cases, every word is too much from the third time!

In this case, take long breaks or remain silent until someone formulates a clear question. Man signals that he is ready and receptive to the answer. In this transfer, I invite you to more silence.

    Do not expect anyone to share, understand or even follow your findings.

Even your children are not your children! Every person belongs to himself and decides himself when to start hearing. Note the word “hears”.

What a person wants to hear and internalize when, until he hears it, this decision is up to him: “hear” only to himself.

Stop wasting energies and do not think you should explain life or the world to your fellow human beings.

Answer – and this is the second part of this transmission – answer questions. Answer the questions comprehensibly, clearly and without digressing.

Remember, every human being must absorb and integrate what they hear. The smaller the portions, the more digestible they are, especially when difficult contents are conveyed, then when the “egocentric” encounters the unconditional love and the ungodly encounters God, then it is necessary to choose those words that reflect the situation best serve.

Stay calm and stop talking about things that you are not asked about and that do not interest anyone!
How do I reach someone?

For a loved one who ignores you, you may ask: How do I reach him?

But this question is already the first mistake! Because you do not reach anyone by studying a technique. Everybody will realize at some point that you are trying to outsmart him.

Anyone approaching a person on the conversational level from behind – and any rhetorical trick is an energetic approach from behind – will deservedly experience rejection and often aggression.

If you are responsible and believe you have to “reach” someone – try it three times, then let it be, wait for a distant day and stay calm.
Practice non-interference

Even if they are next to you, each person develops according to his soul plan and each person goes his own unique way.

To respect this way is the highest duty of man and every unwanted interference is an encroachment.

Practice non-intervention in your immediate environment. If you succeed in your clan, you succeed everywhere.

You can not change a single person. What you can change is your view of people. Not a single answer will be found where the soil for the right question has not yet been prepared.

Every human being is a creative universe of his own – and most of you do not want to hear what you can share in knowledge and experience because you want to live life yourself.

Only from a high level of awareness does the transformation move away from learning through experience and towards learning through experience and learning through knowledge.

God is the creator in man and man is the creator of his life.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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