News Burst 7 December 2019 ~ December 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Veery Interesting, please stay aware of your environment for the next few days, stay safe, while BEing…



News Burst 7 December 2019

  • Twitter has written “shadow banning” aka, censorship, into their new terms. The platform will now intentionally “limit the visibility” of some users. Expect those who dissent from the official narrative to be the ones censored.
  • Pensacola shooter, identified by law enforcement sources as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was a Saudi national who apparently was there for pilot training.
  • Hong Kong’s police chief has urged citizens to demonstrate peacefully at what is expected to be a large-scale protest march on Sunday (Dec 8), an event planned amid a lull in violence in the city.
  • The Philippines’ north has been hit by some of its worst flooding in decades, with torrents of muddy runoff forcing 66,000 from their homes.
  • The Detroit Dock, which resides on land leased by Detroit Bulk Storage, partially collapsed into the Detroit River. The shoreline property has been listed for decades as contaminated land by the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency due to its handling of “uranium and other dangerous chemicals” back in the 1940s.
  • Aussies struggle to contain bushfires as ‘mega’ blaze emerges along coastline. Around five fires burning north of Sydney, Australia, merged into one large “mega fire” Friday.
  • U.S. have resumed talks with the Taliban.
  • Sen. Rick Scott has called for a review of military programs for foreign nationals, saying he is “extremely concerned” about the military training foreign nationals following today’s shooting that left four people dead at Pensacola Naval Air Base in Florida.
  • Six Saudi nationals, including three who allegedly filmed Friday’s attack on Naval Air Station Pensacola, were reportedly detained.
  • QAnon last Punisher image resamble the surface of the Moon. Img

Active Weather

  • Tropical Cyclone Ambali 91 kts ↑ 972 hPa ↓ Indian Ocean Moving S
  • Tropical Cyclone Belna 65 kts ↑ 984 hPa ↓ Indian Ocean – N of Madagascar Moving SW
  • Tropical Cyclone Pawan 40 kts ↑ 998 hPa ↓ Indian Ocean Movine WSW toward Somalia

Strongest EQ in Europe M45 Greece
Strongest EQ in US M3.4 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.6 Tonga
Deepest EQ M4.2 199 km ArgentinaNews Burst 7 December 2019

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