News Burst 21 October 2019 ~ October 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: Getting close to the end of “Red October”, my friends making me wonder what other exposes are ready to be released? Just sayin…

Please read global snippets of news below, investigate items of your choice, and BE…



News Burst 21 October 2019

The Brexit Saga

  • Plan B: UK govt launches Yellowhammer op as ministers prepare for potential no-deal Brexit.
  • UK promises Oct. 31 Brexit despite delay request.
  • Pound opens 0.4% lower with EU set to grant 3-month Brexit extension.
  • US explorers discover Japanese aircraft carrier sunk during WWII.
  • Syria’s Raqqa province begins reviving destroyed oil & gas fields.
  • National Spanish police went brutal in Catalonia protest crackdown.
  • UK Police investigate transgender being turned down for porn role as a “Hate Crime”.
  • Myanmar had the highest share of people most likely to donate to charity, 81%.
  • Georgia and Yemen had the lowest share of people most likely to donate to charity, 6%.
  • Petrol bombs and tear gas scar Hong Kong streets as police, protesters clash.
  • Bangladesh will relocate Rohingya Muslims to a flood-prone island next month as several thousand refugees have agreed to move.
  • Members of the Poroshenko regime in panic leave Ukraine.
  • Navy patents UFO-Like compact nuclear fusion reactor and hybrid space/sea crafts.
  • Soft Disclosure: Pentagon set to study Roswell-Linked ‘UFO Metamaterials’.
  • Military coup in Chile, Enel building arson stinks of False Flag.
  • Final report from house antitrust probe into Big Tech expected by ‘First Part’ of 2020.
  • Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda sentenced to 19 years in prison for throwing boy from Mall of America balcony.
  • Goldman Sachs banker arrested for insider trading scheme, millions of $$$.
  • Egypt unveils in Luxor the biggest ancient coffin find in over a century.

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.1 Greece
Strongest EQ in US M3.2 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.3 Tonga

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