Everything is Magnified as we move into Becoming Pillars of Light ~ October 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: An interesting concept is discussed here that makes sense for me. Going within and recognizing, loving, addressing and losing those aspects of yourself which are limiting IS the work to be done.

The elimination of limiting factors in our lives allow us to move into higher levels of “consciousness” where we BEcome “Pillars of Light” whom other recognize as BEing Uber-Responsible and in serious Self-Love. It seems to be, that these two traits are separate expressions for the same principle!

So…please read this article, understand and be happy to consider…and then release your limitations, and BE…



We are in the deep unforgiving dive into self. It is incredibly beautiful and brutal all at the same time. This is a period of rapid transformation. This is preparing us for 2020, which will be a pivotal and profound year.

Everything is magnified right now, our thoughts, words, and actions are carrying more weight. Manifestation can feel instant, for good and for bad. It has to be this way in order for us to really see what we are still carrying within that needs addressing. 

I was shown this so clearly the other day at the grocery store. I couldn’t find the bags to grab corn and said outloud “It would be nice if they had bags nearby.” This woman near me agreed and then proceeded to talk to me for the next 5 minutes about everything that is wrong in the world and that humans suck. It was uncomfortable on my field and it ended with me having to create an exit. I was honestly a little flustered because my experience out in the world is usually very positive.  I got to my car and sat there thinking “What was that??” as I replayed the incident in my mind. I then saw that I absolutely started it. The moment I complained is the moment I changed my frequency and then I was shown a magnified version of complaining and the effects on another’s system to be near that.  

I was reminded of a time when I complained a lot, I held a lot of negativity and it was something I worked hard to get out of, yet in moments the default programming comes back. It is those moments that I need to be fully responsible for now as I can no longer allow it to come through me. 

As everything is magnified the world can really feel odd. One minute it is full of happiness and potential and the next it can feel so off. It is important to really be in observation mode as everything is conspiring to teach you. If we are in reaction mode we often miss the valuable things we are being shown.

The Boxes of Limitation

I went on a journey to gain clarity on this and was shown a cube floating in the air. Within the cube were other cubes smaller and smaller as if it were a nesting box. It was explained to me that many people expand their consciousness out of the cube they were occupying and then call this awakening, and it is to a degree. Yet what is being asked of us now is to expand to the point that the cube no longer exists.

I asked what the cube is made of and was told that it is made up of constructs that build a wall, it is separation itself. These can be beliefs, societal expectations, limitations, and wounds. These are the challenges we have to move through to uncover ourselves completely. 

I then asked what determines where one is within the stacking cubes and was told it is a reflection of how well one knows themselves. When I found this puzzling, I was shown beliefs that I had carried at one time about concepts such as health, religion, even money. As I challenged my belief systems I expanded into the next cube.  Yet that next cube while it felt expansive for a time had bound me just the same. I was shown where I had simply replaced one belief for another and it wasn’t until I was able to observe and move into neutrality that the belief collapsed and I expanded into the next space.

I was shown how the unhealed shadow & inner child can lock someone into a particular cube. How unforgiveness (of self and others) and fear halts expansion and distorts reality. The magnification process we are in is designed to show us where we hold these things so that we can see that they are a leash tethering us in place. It is the only way to move into a reality where there are no limitations. 

Pillar of Light

We are now being asked to expand to the point that the cube itself no longer exists. We are being asked to untether ourselves from anything that keeps us from being the truest, most authentic version of ourselves.

We are being asked to become the pillar of light. To be the conduit of the highest Divine Source light on this planet. To anchor that light with every step we take and with our in and out-breath. It means creating a field all around us that is strong, pure and has the ability to shift anyone and anything that comes in contact with it, should they choose. It means stepping back and allowing our field to do the work.

Yet in order to be this pillar of light, we must shed all that is not the truth. Our beliefs, our fears, and our limitations must go.  

As I sat with the knowledge that we are being asked to be pillars of light, the understanding that it will require Radical Responsibility and Self Love.  To be in service to the Highest Divine means that we can not coddle ourselves or others, no more excuses. To do so would bring validation to the limitations and programming held and this serves no one. It means accepting all of ourselves and allowing ourselves to not be liked, to not know the next steps, and to simply flow with the truth of our existence. 

I hope that this message finds you undoing all the things that have kept you in a box and that you are uncovering just how powerful and extraordinary you are. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz

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Jenny Schiltz
Souli Yates

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Souli Yates

GuestSouli Yates

Wow! As always Jenny, I so resonate with this message and a similar explanation came through for me regarding being in a box… Thank you so much, it makes perfect sense off all I have been experiencing recently too. Thank you ❤️0  Reply1 hour ago

Jenny Schiltz

AuthorJenny Schiltz

I am so glad that it hits home! It really is quite a process we are in. <30  Reply40 seconds ago

I took seven classes and they were a delight!

I had no clue how much more of me there really is.

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2 Responses to Everything is Magnified as we move into Becoming Pillars of Light ~ October 21, 2019

  1. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing from your own personal journey into deeper clarity. Very inspiring ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cindyloucbp says:

    Thank you for your comment! Thank you also for reading my blog…YOU are the one it is for!

    Much Love…


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