Updated: Headlines and Updates for October 16, 2019: The Plan is Coming Together [videos ~ October 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Phew! Got his out there even though the hotel computer would NOT let me into Starship Earth’s website, blocked it was…

So here is her latest report and it’s not “prettified” since this was done from my iPhone, But…there’s way a lot of news to report that you need to know. So…please read, watch the video’s, take a peek at the Trump rally in Dallas (significant?), watch as the house of Dark cards begins to fold, and BE…



See the video added at the very bottom re: Dallas and “intervention”.

Frequently we have difficulty deciding where to begin with so much happening, so we don’t put it in order of importance. It’s all important, significant, a marker of where we are, and what’s next on the MAP. (military intelligence plan)

So, let’s begin with the Patriot Intel Report which is s summary; then, if you don’t have time for much more, you’ll have an overview.

Patriot Intel Report 10 16 19


Q is correct when he says, Where We Go One We Go All because we are like a single organism on this planet. Each of us sends out and receives signals like a beacon, which brings to mind the lyrics of the Eagles’ “Hotel California”—which is about something very specific—but “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

We’re all in this quagmire of a thick, chaotic, frequential soup, buffeted by the waves of energy like a wind. We may not want to participate in this crazy drama, but we’re here for the duration. We can temporarily shut out the din, but we will always be drawn back in. We must deal with it, and deal with it we shall.

Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior reports that those who are more sensitive to the frequencies are feeling out of sorts.

Many people are reporting they feel like crawling out of their skin … The worst they’ve ever felt.

The causes for this are still being investigated.

It’s either new form of attack, possibly weapons … or a timeline jump … or it’s a massive energy purge resulting from last week’s portal transit –  preparing us to FINALLY upgrade our DNA.

Darkness is LOSING it … which means we could be tuning empathically to their feelings once again…. because like I said on the show a few weeks ago – we play on the same energetic court that they do.

So watch out for further details about Thursday’s show … and hopefully enough intel will come in by then to really get to the bottom of what’s happening.

It seems I was correct in saying that JFK Jr. gets the attention of people. The news that President Trump may announce him as his wing man/running mate in the 2020 election spread quickly and we wait with bated breath to see if that will come to pass on Thursday at the Dallas rally October 17th. Sources high up say something big is in the wings. Could this be it?

Thomas at TRUreporting has a different spin on that which is making the rounds in the alt news community. Scroll down to see that video.

Laura Walker’s Oracle Report for today reminds us that the full moon phase typically brings clarity and revelations. I’m in! She also mentions “overwhelm”. Guilty. And music to my ears… “The liberation of Humanity”. She tells us “solutions” are on the way, and come from bravely looking at things head on. You can read or listen to the

report here or listen below, which is just audio.


A strategy of the White Hats may be to spring simultaneous big events on us—that way none of them have as great an impact and they tend to diffuse each other and distract so we don’t get too caught up in one, single aspect. That might be a good strategy, too.

Some told us multiple events would unfold together, while others poo-pooed that and said they would be spread out. We can rest assured that much forethought and planning has gone into this takedown of the cabal and the rebirth of Humanity and they know how Humans think. They understand our psychological makeup and how we historically responded so I believe we’re in good hands.

I believe our friends upstairs can provide accurate readings of how we’re doing, energetically, and essentially all the White Hats have to do is trawl the social media, websites, blogs, and podcasts and they know what we’re thinking.

We also heard that at the time of the mass arrests, financial reset, etc., that the White Hats would take control of the media. Now we know QAnon will be back on a secure, totally unhackable satellite system and Trump is hitting the media harder than ever, discrediting them at every turn. All the power players are illustrating in plain sight that what the media says is simply not true.

Some are saying we are getting close to the tipping point for the Hundredth Monkey effect to kick in. Won’t that be special? Lights coming on all over the place. The Great Awakening.

Change has its challenges, but we are adaptable creatures and we’ll be fine. I trust there will be enough carrots and cookies to keep us sufficiently sophonsified.

I feel this Tweet from the Commander-In-Chief is significant, and probably prophetic, as usual.

Yes, CNN is going DOWN. It is time to Trump the media disinformation/brainwashing campaigns.

Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?

Looks like California is a happening place these days. We’ve heard of 2100 trafficked children rescued, fires, power shut-offs, curfews, no HAM radio, martial law… what next?

California’s San Andreas Fault Hit by Shallow M4.8 Earthquake After Bay Area Quake

The following is good news, as more countries begin to work cooperatively together.

We know that much of this “migrant crisis” encouraged by the deep state/globalists involves Human trafficking and Field McConnell mentioned on his show Oct. 14, that if anyone abducts a child now, it is assumed they intend to traffick that child and penalties are very stiff, likely capital punishment. Leave our kids alone!

Mark Morgan: Mexico is doing exactly what they promised to stop migrant caravans


Unfortunately, our US/Canadian borders are not yet secure and we paid the price. Thankfully we can police the border better now and the wall is coming along nicely between Mexico and the United States. Canada depends on America to filter out the unwanted migrants, too, but they need to do something about “that road” in Québec.

The First Illegal Border-Crossing Terrorist Is On Trial, But Don’t Expect The Media To Cover It

SerialBrain2 has another awesome decode for us. Do I speak for the crew when I give a resounding, “We’re ready!”?

Post # 199 – The Whistleblower: a C_A operation planned and ordered by HUSSEIN

Someone sent this next video to me and it’s a great 18 minutes. It explains in part why Donald Trump became President, and why his popularity is growing and generating fiercely protective and loyal fans. He literally has fans—like a rock star. And he IS one. He breaks the mold. He is not a politician, he is one of us, and the hearts and minds of not just Americans, but people the world over respond to that. Millions of people want Donald Trump for THEIR president.

Larry Elder also discusses how the media molds and shapes life around the world. People are largely mimics. They listen to the media use the same words and phrases to define concepts and they absorb them—usually without thinking much about it. They’re malleable, like putty, and they absorb language like a sponge.

For example, the globalists decided that attaching the word “sustainable” to certain concepts would render them appealing to we, the sheep. They knew that few would look into what they were actually proposing and they hid the big picture from us. Like Agenda 21/2030.

Now they have us raving about climate change and how it’s going to kill the planet if we don’t do what they propose. We’re all gonna die, they say. It’s pure, scientifically unsubstantiated drivel.

In a video below you can learn of the devastating effects of these psychological operations on the masses by way of a Dutch family that has been sequestered from civilization for nine years, holed up in a cellar while they wait for the world to end. People are literally brainwashed.

Even if what the media spouts is pure lies and disinformation (propaganda), the People can’t help but be shaped by it, and that creates our reality. That is also why we need to turn them off, think for ourselves, and seek our own counsel. The alternative media/truth media full of people who are informed and legitimately analyzing events and information present a drastically different picture than the mainstream media.

We are witnessing the end of an era. The cabal-owned propaganda arm of the deep state government has been revealed. The People have had enough of the lies, coverups, double standards, slander, libel, hatred, and manipulation.

The People are now turning their backs on the enemy and linking arms with those who tell Truth, who support a healthy, positive, abundant world for us and our progeny and respect our sovereignty. To use President Trump’s language, we’re not listening to the “bullshit” any more, and we are no longer prey.

Thanks for the share, L.



Thomas at TRUreporting gets into the Dutch family in their “nuclear fallout shelter” lifestyle and how we learned of them, among other things. That begins about 17:42 if you’re pressed for time.


Anything could happen this week, folks. ANYthing, so be on your guard. Scuttlebutt is that something HUGE is planned. Eye the Spy on Twitter said they hoped we wouldn’t be disappointed with the plan for October. I think the White Hats are going to rock us.  ~ BP

I just popped this one in here, as well, as Dallas and JFK and intervention are coming up. See Joe Biden “slip up”.

Red Pill News – Joe Slips, What Happens In Dallas On The 17th?


Sara Carter brings us this news. You can read the full letter at the link.

Trump to Erdogan: ‘Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! Let’s work out a deal!’


We’re going to the stars, baby. Won’t be long now.

NASA Scientist Claims Government Found Life On Mars In The 1970s


I’ll leave you with the link again to watch the Dallas rally tomorrow with Right Side Broadcasting. It was amazing to see the donations flooding in from all over the world in the chat for these patriots who have struggled on a shoestring budget to bring us the rallies, the whole rallies, and nothing but the rallies. It’s propaganda-free viewing of the crowds, fan interviews, any speakers that may precede, Trump’s entire address, pans of the crowd, and no editing.


This Is A Time For War And POTUS Is The Only One Fighting For Us!


I’m just arriving home and was about to publish this but I see Thomas did a new video involving some splendid news about a major child trafficking bust, and “stop the impeachment” rallies. I told you the People are behind President Trump. We’ve got his back.

POTUS wore a gold tie to the last rally in Louisiana. That speaks volumes. We’ll see what his fashion sense dictates tomorrow.

Thomas also brings us a “JFK” but not “Jr.” —telling us Biden says they have to take Trump out before the 17th. That’s tomorrow. Was this coding about another assassination attempt? or about bringing back JFK Jr?

With comms done on the sly we never know for certain what messages are being sent, so we’ll have to wait until the rally tomorrow for clarity on this. We know His Trumpness is well protected. May everyone be safe.

[they] Could Be Attempting Another JFK Tomorrow In Dallas! :coded:

What the Media is Missing About Trump | Larry Elder Show

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