A Super Portal Has Opened By A Gift From Gaia ~ October 16, 2019

A super portal of astronomical alchemical amazement has opened to be experienced in a bazillion different ways which will ultimately show itself as a pattern that shifts from an old 3D template into something 5th or above depending on the octaves available from/to you, depending on your requested experience to integrate MORE of our Divine Truth.

The more we BEhave ~ which is ultimately what truth is, a core behaviour ~ as light, as Divine Light and the more we give focus to moving within the patterns the more eloquent we become, the more rapid it all becomes, because by now it has BEcome so simple to release what is now recognised as old patterning and instantly understand, instantly innerstand how to move, create, communicate, show up in the new space created and we continue to build upon the new foundations, whilst being highly aware that the old structures, the physical out there is working through the demolition phases, we are and have been rebuilding the new, and it begins in our hearts, the essence of each human is changing, moving from the ME to the WE frequency, from fear into unconditional love.

Each One of us is now responsible on one path or another and it’s important not to judge, it is important to understand that even the most perceived vile act is leading itself into its dissolution, likewise the most incredible advancements requires to be welcomed in peace and gratitude, the joy enters once we build upon it, we all receive, most do not choose, and few build upon because the trust has not yet been reconnected within.

We all came to receive this “job” it’s what we do with it that counts.

The physical body is undergoing some HUGE changes as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, sensitivity is heightened and something that I was teaching in dream state was the programming held in the muscular systems, the muscle memory works in so many ways and holds so much of our outdated programs, those I was showing how it worked last night were all able to recognise the most subtle signs, like moments of autopilot, DOing things the old way, mindless action which is how you recognise the programming stored in this super tough fibrous system.

These are basic teachings of how our programming works, many say I know, few take it into practice and innerstand, integrate the new way of using the keys of observation and choice. The “know” bank is getting rather filled and the alarms begin to sound loudly when we do not integrate or trust what is being received, which happens a LOT in the high octaves of the 4th frequ1ncy, hence why mind fog and also depression/anxiety present.

As every day, every hour passes the more real this all gets, constantly being shown small tweaks to improve the experience step by step, preparing for the super conjunctions that are now in sight.
Our star map of the sky has been showing us the moves we are making, helping us to make sense of what we would have described as madness, until we figured out the methods and followed the patterns, our personal, earthly selves represented in the personal planets such as Venus, mercury, Mars have all been dancing with our outer planets, our karma, our game changers, shifters shakers and reality makers such as Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and so on, these have been bringing into our awareness what needs our attention, how we can See self on new levels and make those changes in order to further align, further integrate more Divine light, and now we are moving into these planets actually meeting as the conjunctions are sitting on the horizon, just a few flicks of the diary pages and we will be meeting the reveals, the complete overhauls.

Reap what you sow humans….there will be no grumblings or complaints, it was our choice, free will or Unconditional love, separate or unite, share or contain, open or close….conscious or unconscious it’s now not a long winding path of discovery, there are keys here to assist everyOne’s choice….only ego blocks the path to light.

But what is important to mention is the ability to shift immediately once the unconscious has been seen and so opening to your mirrored world will deliver gifts of quantum leap’s, immediate transitions, hearts flying wide open, and the more who KNOW this and CHOOSE this the MORE incredible the experience for the ALL, “things” change in an instant, one heart opening just that little bit more delivers more light for all to share, and new realities begin to form on an individual level and a collective level.

And assisting us we have some super amazing star light, as today the Moon passes over Algol and tomorrow the Pleiades which ultimately will be showing where emotions have been disconnected, showing were aspects of self have been imprisoned and in order to clear some of the lower octaves of this it will be likely that something or someone returns for that clearing, as humans we receive opportunities to renew timelines and connections because ultimately we have a core programming of unification, rejuvenation and therefore we understand somewhere within how we heal, although as we know, the race is only now relearning this as most are still trying to do this through control, manipulation, enabling and avoiding, but as I said, it is now seen and it’s being called out and is dissolving.

And for this I urge your humanness to remember a sorry is only a changed behaviour.
It is only ever about frequ1ncy and the ability to hold, stabilise and fully become the new frequency, truth, evident in the behaviour.

Once this understanding has been integrated you no longer attract those situations and these renewals or returns materialise differently as it most often manifests in remembering how to BE more, expanding the connection to the All from inside and from there assisting the collective by being the observer of the most subtle sensations felt and sending an abundance of light to the area, this is how we heal out there, from within, it takes no physical need other than to love self more, to give self the time, the space to do this sacred work for the All

But, and here is the magical BUT, whilst the moon moves over Algol and Pleiades our Sun is moving over Spica and Arcturus which is the polar octave of the spectrum, highly regarded, highly fortunate, and super magical, our ancestors of the First Gen are guiding us back through, undoing their doing that began the perceived decline of the race created, we are remembering who we are before this looping reincarnation karmic game began, and choosing to insert the upgrade disc.

The sun traversing Spica and Arcturus will spread the spectrum out so wide, showing you the bipolar existence and yet the space we have to manoeuvre, meaning the ability to choose the complete opposite will be supported.

Those feeling stuck, knowing they need to shift but still holding on can and will take the leap of faith and realise in moments that the weight is immediately lifted, you get to move with ease.
Likewise those flying freely find MORE space to expand into, just stick to the rules…respect the sun, and don’t fly to close….we are still physical and we burn out and no SPF will protect those wings, respect and responsibility, that’s how we fly, roll or surf.

So whilst today is likely to be sensitive and loud in the collective we continue to soften from within, assisting our grids to ease in tension and we continue to see where we can make healthFULL choices, opening up to receive more, filling our BEings with MORE light to share and assist our human familia all the MORE…..(I’m learning Spanish, currently able to tell everyone I eat apples and drink milk 😂)

Play with these energies, see the pattern, stay conscious and observe the magic that unfolds 💙💙


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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1 Response to A Super Portal Has Opened By A Gift From Gaia ~ October 16, 2019

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Woo Hoo!!!Time for EGO 2.0…upgrade inserted…this is gonna be fun!


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