Swim Don’t Sink! Overcoming Ascension Anxiety ~ October 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: What? Instant manifestation? This what I have experienced today in seeing this article in my urge to let all know how to use the pain/discomfort/anxiety now in your BEing as a catapault into the calm sureness of the next dimension. My favorite phrase? “No pain…No gain”! This is a better way of saying… “Waking up to 5D”!

Remember, using pain to focus your Love brings relief…give this a try, learn from a painful experience, and BE…



By Amelia Bert

In august 2017 I begun feeling strong anxiety and it was something that I never experienced this way before. The matter of fact was that it would come and go away suddenly. After months of observation and energy work I finally got it. It wasn’t a normal anxiety; it was ascension anxiety that came up only when the energies were intense. Something within me was rising, pushing me forward to expand, to let go, to ascend; only I didn’t really know how. So I began exploring this symptom, working with the angels, figuring out its triggers, what was causing it, why so many people go through the same thing and what it is needed to release it. In this blog post it is only a very small portion of my findings, trying to help people on the same path understand ascension anxiety, and give tools to work through it.

If you fist need some guidance on what exactly is ascension, please refer you to this article first.

Ascension anxiety versus chronic stress

While in stress or panic mode, the body generates so much more energy automatically, trying to help you with facing a challenge or running from a predator (yes we have those instincts within).

During high energy streams, the body is filled with so much extra energy that it feels like anxiety. The mind ranges in a similar way, the fears come up trying to justify the stress.

Understand that ascension anxiety is temporary trying to help you release what no longer serves. The ascension waves reveal what you need to work with. Very often trauma or memories or fears are related and cause anxiety to spike. Ascension anxiety is not your enemy, it is your friend.

Ascension anxiety

  1. The matter of fact is that during ascension the stress that joins you is not really created from your thoughts, but rather it is a mental response to the increased energy in the body. Your body reacts to the high energy in your body that causes tension and it tries to figure out why. The solution the thoughts give are: stress. Then you get worked up believing that is what is going on, and you thoughts begin to attract negativity, because you believe anxiety is a bad thing, as a result.

The solution here is to a) understand what your body goes through during high energy waves so that you can allow the process to complete without bringing stress into the equation. b) Replace all those negative beliefs that anxiety is a bad thing and out to get you, so that you are no longer fearful when it happens.

  1. The powerful light that enters your being during ascension moves into your body releasing locked density, old codes, trauma, fears locked in the cells. When those are unlocked, they come up to be experienced, In order to be cleared.

In this case you have two options: a) allow them to come up, experience them, feel them one more time, work with them even to learn their lessons so that they can clear from within you. B) Resist them, in which case their density returns back into your body and the cycle repeats.

  1. You are an empath and you unconsciously absorb the energies of others. If that is the case you often feel drained and stressed. During high energy days however, the anxiety peaks because everything energy related is 2-3 times as intense.

The solution here is mastering your gift, and going through daily grounding, protection and clearing. Find some here

Relieving Panic attack & anxiety steps:

This is the moment that anxiety has peaked in such a way that caused your whole body to go in the fly or flight response. You have focused on those negative thoughts and now they brought up complete fear in you. You feel powerless, completely weak, you can’t even think straight let alone come up with positive thoughts. This is the time that you will end up fearing more than others because it completely paralyzes you.

The think is: it’s an illusion. This fear that you go through it’s created based on negativity, based on fearful “what if” thoughts that don’t stand. Fear is an illusion because it is created by the human mind, in the universe all that exists is love, bliss and trust that all is well. And truly, all will be well, even death is an illusion because it’s just a new journey. BUT, during those high peaked moments you need someone to remind you all that.

You need a go to method that you can return to when those high energy waves bring up density. Simple advice such “as be positive”, won’t help you much here, so I try to break it down with easy steps and I combine processes from several books I read on the topic, as well as from personal experience.

  1. Diffuse the fear:

Remember when I said that fear is an illusion? Remind yourself that you are caught up in the density. Hey, don’t fret it it’s just your lightworker healing kicking in. you got this!

Anxiety is your friend and it is just here to show you that you are ready to do some healing!

Nothing bad is actually happening to you, this emotion will clear in a while. You are safe to experience it. It’s okay, let it come: so what?!

It will come and go you’ll dance through it! No big deal! You will be safe after this, your life is going to be awesome anyway with or without it, right?

  1. Allow

Accept the feeling, accept the density that joins you because it is safe to do so, and because you are brave enough to face it. It’s no bigger than you, in fact it’s not even real it’s an illusion. So allow it to come, show you what it needs to help you do some inner work and then it will go away. I relax knowing it’s okay. “I got this. I’m ready to welcome it.”

  1. Shift it to love

“Thank you anxiety that you show me what I need help. Thank you to all the spikes in universal energy right now that give me this massive downloads of light. Yeiii, I’m getting upgrades (ascension anxiety). It just needs a few days to settle the new wave within me. It always goes away!

I love this confirmation that I’m ascending. Soon I’ll be in the new earth.

Thank you for this opportunity to be here and now, to go through this. I shift all negativity to love. I am love and love is real.

In fact I get to transform this density into love because it’s energy and I’m in control of it.

I use the intensity to do things I love, to dance through the waves with my favorite music. (Anyone else love to do this with rock and roll Elvis Presley songs or is it just me?!)

I focus on the wonderful things that lie ahead for me and already in my life.”

 – – start naming your desires that are ready to manifest, the things that make you happy. –

Ex: I love how I look forward to the personal transformations that await after this few days.

I love my to have amazing cats to keep me company and play with.

I love how I have __________ to support me through it all.

I’m excited about the future because ________________________.

I’m super excited about ___________________________.

I’m dancing around with joy that I am able to win this, that I have the support to this, that I know I am safe.

Add things until you feel better.

4. Get distracted.

Choose a favorite fun activity and do that: play with your pets, watch a “friends” episode, dance it out ect.

Soon the density will be cleared.

Repeat anytime you need to. You got this!

Tip: Do something physical to move the energy along. It can be dancing, exercising, cleaning, swimming. The tension needs to find ways to clear from within you.

5. Clear collective energy

After you calmed down a bit ask yourself: is this my fear or from someone else? Then it’s good to go through a process of energy clearing. Perhaps this negativity is not even yours.

Inner work to release the fear

The truth is the previous steps are temporary solution for those moments that you are paralyzed with fear. You need to do some inner work so that you clear the negativity that is evident within you completely. Don’t worry it’s easier once you get the hang of it:

  1. Notice the fear or the negativity once it arises, but listen to it, what does it want to tell you this time? Those fears hold the key to uncovering a deeper source that needs healing within us.
  2. Find a moment that you are calm enough and not overwhelmed with anxiety. Focus on your breath to help clear your mind from thought. Focus on your center, your heart, place your hand on it and pay attention to its power.
  3. Focus on the fear and ask: “higher self, guardian angels help me understand the fear now please. Why is it here with me? What is its source? The negative belief, the memory that brought it up within me?”

    – write down all that comes up through your intuition, through your inner knowing and trust that this is the answer.

  1. Now ask: “What do I need to learn from this?” – Again write all that comes up.
  2. Once you have all you need then intent: “I intend to release and let go this negative emotion from within me and all attached to it. I release and let go its negativity, density, cords, blockages, triggers, causes and effects across all levels and layers of time. Guardian angels, Archangel Michael please lift it away from me fully and completely, I release it to you.”
  3. Breathe through this until you feel it is completed.
  4. Ask: “now I choose to replace that with a positive thought, belief and programming. What should I replace that with? – let the thoughts form, write down what comes up.”
  5. Say: “I intend to install and replace the new thought, belief and programming into my being now.” Pause and wait a few moments until this is completed.
  6. Now everytime the old fear comes up, replace with the new positive thought you have written, in time the new thought will replace the old one completely.
  7. Be proud of the inner work you accomplished.
Anxiety is your friend

This is a sign that comes up from within you to tell you when something is out of alignment. There are some fears, blockages, negativity stuck in your being that needs to be cleared. The truth is there is power in doing the inner work because it lets us deal through those unwanted emotions.

Anxiety is not your enemy, and trying to avoid it or find ways to ignore it until it goes away its super temporary and not going to work.

Your being is trying to tell you something, don’t ignore it. Think of a little child who cries because they are scared. You can’t ignore them, they need attention, nurture, love. This is you at the moment of anxiety, a little child.

Love yourself through the process, nurture yourself and practice positive thoughts. Remind yourself that you are getting through this too. You have what it takes.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Interesting….this is good to know!!!
    in the old energy, anxiety was intuition’s warnings and a sign, but interesting because My Mom will say she will feel anxiety and don’t know why…like some impending doom. But with this new energy, it’s not so much something is gonna happen but that it’s clearing out the cobwebs of the old energy bringing it to the surface and releasing it…no sweat! The language of pain can be a useful too. Especially for those who stuff it in and don’t ‘deal’ with it when it arises. It creates dis-ease, like cancer: resistance to life, or lung cancer: overwhelming grief, pancreas -guilt, and so on.
    Hopefully people will learn how to do this instead of waiting till they have a disease to ‘deal’ with it.


  2. I totally agree about dis-ease…that is your body telling you something is not right within. My brother has bladder cancer that has metastasized. He is a paper mill manager promoted from a national corporate position. He dealt with his stress in a suppressive way and now denying alternative medicine.Hope it was worth it…


  3. That is sad….there are many alternative ways to kill cancer cells….baking soda, food grad hydrogen peroxide, THC, radionics or Rife, fasting or juicing, beets, high dose Vit.C and of course the inner work to access the origin of the body telling you to ‘deal’ with the cause. I am not sure what the bladder is telling him but it could be the whole kidneys/elimination system, Entropy causes aging and yet we can eat healthy all our lives, and purge our issues but can’t stop aging if we can figure out how to stop entropy. Traditional medicene has lost it’s connection between healing and spirituality as they just either cut it out, or give you poison that kills the host/body. Ask him what is it in his life that he has been resisting since long before the cancer showed up.
    My Dad a renal cell cancer…probably from the vaccines he got in the Army. He was the longest known survivor of this form of cancer. I gave him a nutritional healing book and he did do alot of the helathy changes in his diet plus I then asked him what he was resisting, and he said ‘retirement’. I think it was something much more but he was getting the IV HIGH DOSE VIT>C which insurance doesn’t pay for, and the doctors couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get cancer in his liver…well….DUH, the liver is the first thing it goes thru and the cancer couldnt spread thru there but also my Dad didn’t have anger issues which is what the liver tells you. His cancer started in his prostate which for me meant some deep sexual thing he was risistant into looking into…their remedy was some radioactive beads that made it so he couldn’t be around kids and other people…putting out such radiation and no wonder the cancer spread like wildfire. We know from the documentary ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ that cancer was weaponized by radiation. It boggles my mind they would try to ‘cure’ it with radiation or it’s probably a crime against humanity that they even use radiation to try to kill cancer cells when all other cures have been suppressed and without side effects, like Dr. Burzynski in Dallas who has been dragged into court for decades and the only reason he was never stopped was all the terminal patients sent home to die he cured and they showed up and begged them not to stop his medical practice of curing them for they would not be here and traditional medicene sent them home to die. There is also MSM which they have outlawed and there is a guy who formed a church and has helped cure many who were sent home to die, and also cured Dengue fever with it, and the red cross helped him but when they got doen with the study, the red corss denied it and buried that information. At least Trump got some legislation for the ‘Right to try’ but he needs to go alittle further on it and reverse the many suppressed cures that is out there. It’s just like free erergy inventions…labs raided and these inventors disappear…like the guy who invented the water car, and was poisoned after a meeting with some Japanese investors, and now more than a decade later, the japanese have come out with a water car…go figure. It’s all so convoluted and criminal if you ask me….but hopefully all will be exposed and people can choose to heal alternatively, and they will release the technology they have been hiding and stole from Tesla. Trump’s uncle knew Tesla. So, perhaps…that is on the way! Something about a time capsule…wouldn’t that be amazing! 😉


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