Rep. Tlaib Says Dems Considering Jailing White House Aides Who Refuse to Testify ~ October 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: Another note from my ex who loves to follow the latest breaking news. Again…we all know how this turns out in the long run, but it sure is exciting to watch! That is why I urge all to slip into the “observer” mode when late-breaking news of pending violence appears.

It appears to me that impeachment of Trump may actually be a good thing as the evidence revealed in the impeachment process would be quite illuminating for the Illuminati, no? (Definite play on words there!)

So…please read this article, know that after the dust settles, we will all BE…



The Bovine excrement is about to hit the fan! Call out the Marines!

Here’s a quick way to a major constitutional crisis and perhaps even civil war.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib said in an interview that Democrats are seriously considering arresting and jailing White House aides who refuse to comply with subpoenas and testify in the House impeachment inquiry.

The threat is unprecedented and even Tlaib recognizes this.

The Hill:

Tlaib told Deadline Detroit that such an action, known as inherent contempt, would be “uncharted territory” for Congress but added that “serious discussions” about taking the step have occurred within the Democratic caucus.

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5 Responses to Rep. Tlaib Says Dems Considering Jailing White House Aides Who Refuse to Testify ~ October 13, 2019

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Unprecedented steps are being undertaken by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. This so-called impeachment inquiry may very well end up in Federal Court…


  2. thankyourmuse says:

    They only use the constitution when it benefits them….
    They didn’t send out supeonas, they sent out LETTERS…(Not legally binding)
    Without a vote for impeachment inquiry, there is no due process, sort of like a grand jury, where they will not allow exculpatory evidence or will cherry pick what they wish to ‘leak’ and then keep the rest secret.
    Oh, this will blow up in their faces, if anyone were to do this to them…well, surely they would find many crimes they are projecting their own onto Trump. the madness continues, the hypocrisy is in our faces, if only people would WAKE UP…Trump wants to end the never ending wars, and he has interrupted their gravy train, where they all have gotten rich off us on their meager salaries, and people like Pelosi, should have retired long time ago. Her husband along with Water’s husband benefitted from the Bank Bail outs during Obambies day.
    THEY WANT CIVIL WAR…yes, we must become observers and not get triggered like they are trying t do with liberals, who have been brainwashed in college (China agenda) to think communism is good and capitalism is bad. Chroney capitalism is bad but what made this country great is that you have choices, unlike other countries, where the state doesn’t allow ownership of business or property. Bernie wants this, read his own writings…tries to call it democratic socialism but it is nothing more than communism with a pretty dress on it.
    The reason they way the world is gonna end in 11 years and want this green new deal is the AGENDA 2030 aka 2021…on this UN Agenda map, it says the US will be depopulated by 80% by 2024…this is their agenda and Trump has been speaking out about the UN and how he wants to get out of it…they want to get rid of ICE, POLICE and DHS so they can bring in the UN troops, and put everyone in FEMA camps who don’t agree with this Climate change garbage which Hillary called ‘re-education camps’ which is why they want the guns so bad. Every country who took the guns then did DEMOCIDE, and killed all the dissenters.
    When is the CRESSENDO? When they can do a financial reset and take down the fiat currency, globalist babylonian money scam they have put us all into as a strawman, corporate person from the day we were born. Trump is the perfect person to take down USA INC, and bring back common law and power back to the people…we pay these idiots, it boggles my mind and I would love to fire every last one of them…but it’s also about getting rid of the interdimensional beings and the ‘wall’ isn’t just about the wall.
    This plan has been strategically set for many years, and Trump didn’t need this job but was asked to do it, since they were going to take down Obama but knew it would cause civil unrest. He has to expose them and so they try to assasinate his character…AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
    Be the OBSERVER…do and be…be a DOOOOBEEEE DO BE DOOOOOOOOOOO…..LOL, watch what happens next. If no one panics, it can go smoothly, if we panic, it’s be chaos.
    Just like in California, this is why Obama signed the POWERS ACT, only he didn’t intend for Trump to have that power…this is where they would turn off all the utilities and implode the economy and set off civil war…but that plan was stopped, or delayed, and California’s excuse for turning off power to everyone is interesting, but still didn’t stop the fires…as we saw video of the fires being started by mini expolsions from satalite and sure that video will be taken down, but if anyone thinks these fires are natural, think again…I hope Californians wake up, and get rid of their leaders. Does anyone wonder why they made ‘lynching’ a federal crime? When Hillary lost she said ‘We’re all gonna hang’. They are so obvious if you just watch. It’s freakin’ wild. buckle your seatbelts!!! 😉


  3. cindyloucbp says:

    Love your thoughts and don’t be angry as I have shared these on my blog. Your points are well-taken and well expressed. Many thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thankyourmuse says:

    Yes, I saw that, ar first I thought I just showed up to my comment but knew I didn’t click on that…LOL, thanks…I am just a big picture person…observer and warrior for the good fight. LOVE reading your blogs…all comprehensive and me thinks you too are a big picture person!


  5. cindyloucbp says:

    Yep…the big picture is what happens in the end, an I Am already there! Just waiting…:)

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