We Shifted into New Ascension Rungs & Made Event Preparations 🏊‍♂️•🏊‍♂️•🏊‍♂️ ~ May 31, 2019

– the clearing from the day before (the super shockwave that we integrated, which brought up some intense healing of material/ relationships/ etc).. the heaviness of this lifted for me around 11 pm last night unexpectedly..

– and to note, i felt stuck in that energy, like i couldn’t solve what came up.. but it all of a sudden lifted..

– i felt pretty good, i felt flow, no major symptoms all of a sudden

– i layed down to feel things out and i had these moments of deep relaxation and bliss (which hadn’t felt in 2 months, lol).. i would feel this love-bliss energy in my aura and body.. felt so good and connected

– i started to SEE psychically, so many details on what it will be like, after the Event.. it seemed to just flood in and i felt my guides giving me feelings of confirmation on what i was seeing after the event happens, it all felt so nice and connected ♡

– this went on for about 2-3 hours.. then even during my sleep all night, i felt bliss and connection, and as if i ‘hung out’ with event information all night..

– the event was just with me thru the night and part of today.. it’s as if my soul is getting ready to cross over to the Event.. bc it just felt like i was deeply acclimating to various scenarios after the Event that i will personally be in

– this morning and afternoon were easy, breezy in feeling.. finally a break i got!

– i wanna note that, for about 2-3 months straight, i felt i had NO breaks, just continual activations, clearings, And also bridging* energies* for the Event


– so this nice blissy-ness was a very welcomed break.. i know the main reason id been so busy in inner work was to help Bring the Event for the planet.. we had to do some Bridging Work for that.. a few days ago.. several of the Planetary Councils told me, i will never have to Run that Hard again.. thank gawd..

– i get the sense that we’ve all been working hard, to energetically prep for the Event, so WE have been in this speedy, crazy, intense Dance.. ive never felt the Energies like this before, and im sure you’re feeling similar

– the Energies themselves.. i dont quite know how to describe them now.. bc this is different* than before.. we are in a new Arena, in new vibrational rungs of the Ascension…

– If i am to try to describe this new Arena.. i would say.. it feels less solid, speedier, more unpredictable, more intense, more sky-high in light and frequency..


– we are feeling more Light within us and more light from the cosmic energies… and our bodies are having the feeling of being too light… super fast & intense upgrades/ body upgrades… feeling a growing connection to various streams of information and intuition that it can feel confusing, disorienting, overwhelming as they open for us.. at the upper level, it is all orchestrated with deliberate intent.. we dont have to worry.. it all makes sense from the upper levels looking down

– everyone is of course unique, im speaking in general


– So after last night’s and today’s bliss-ease.. tonight i started feeling another wave of experience.. in which i felt too light, dizzy, shaky, feeling of strong pressure or magnetic-ness in my head.. felt like i could barely stay upright.. so i had to go lie down

– the hint i got was that this is an upgrade of my crown and 3rd eye.. that im about to open to more intuition and information… last night with the continuous visions of life-after-the-event.. that was also an increase* in intuition* happening at the same time

– so yes im upgrading the intuitive abilities again tonight and im having that feeling of being too light and dizzy..

– shakiness comes intermittently, and the feet, they go thru these finer vibrations that surprise me bc of how strong they are… my legs go thru feelings of achy-ness and pressure that is strong and hurts.. this indicates lower chakra light turning online for us right now, as we just spent months clearing lower chakra topics


All in all.. the really difficult phase of continuous clearing (where i felt a mess the whole time) is over for me since about 4 days ago..

But the upgrades are strong and the Energies are strong.. and we are in this new Area energetically where things feel even Lighter and more Energy-based than before.. this is bc we created* this new high-light space in our recent months of light-working.. see this as an Achievement bc it is..

Be aware of the dark lash-back which can be stronger now bc of how much Light we now work…and bc their time is almost up.. also be aware of, the old matrix feeling harsher to us in certain respects bc we are adjusting to this new place of super high light that we are now in.. it almost feels creepy/ freaky to me at times lately.. like a very bad feeling as i see certain aspects of the matrix.. more than before.. this is, bc as i said, we are so super high in our frequency now… it seems we will adjust.. that feeling of no foundation or being too wispy thin.. these are not comfortable.. but yes i do feel this is a new space for us and we are adjusting to it right now.. also.. a feeling of death in the air.. like an urgency or like everything is dying and we can’t stop it.. i felt this the last few days out of nowhere.. if we look at it in light of the planetary status right now.. i feel it’s bc the matrix is dying.. and dark beings are losing their place on earth.. these are their* emotions + also the feeling* of the matrix* sinking* right now.. bc it’s sinking* more* rapidly* as we get so much closer to the Event..

Us energetically/ psychically feeling* the sinking matrix along* with* our new space of super high-light.. can feel too much, disturbing, crazy-making.. i am feeling this way myself.. just know it’s not you, it’s the Energetics* right now.. we are adjusting to these new energetics at the moment.


Hang in there ♡♡~•°

Kehm Kuhn

Sifu Max website – http://primordialalchemist.com/events/list/

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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