How The Cabal Took Over America 101: Parts 1 & 2 [videos] ~ November 18, 2018

If you recently realized things are just wrong in this world and that Humans are targets, these two videos will explain in simple terms how it all happened. When you have a solid foundation for what we see unfolding today it will make a lot more sense.

We see skyrocketing prices, people out of work, kids going to school without breakfast, parents working three jobs to make ends meet, homes repossessed by the banks, inflation, election fraud, violence, hatred, racism, militarized police, forced vaccinations, toxic food and water, kids on prescription antipsychotic drugs… it’s a nightmare come true.

The good news it that there are powerful forces in America working to remove the slavemasters and a better world is around the corner. We can all help by not falling into the traps set for us by the controllers and puppet-masters and thinking for ourselves. ~ BP

“Tentacles of the Deep State” | The Cabal’s Silent War on the American People  Part 1

How the CABAL Infiltrated Every Aspect of Your Life | War on the American People Part 2

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