Editor’s Note: If you’ve been reading my blog, then us are aware that the US Military had been put yesterday (?) on a 72 hour window for something significant. Now we have a report from James Munder of a in-country military ops being carried out. There is also rumor (?) that if needed, Soviet forces could be used internally in the US.

My feeling is that there is a LOT going on behind the scenes that we will only receive dribs and drabs of info., therefore, it is up to us to use the info we have to inform the public. That being said, perhaps the dreadful situation in California is causing a campaign designed to liberate humanity!

If so, what better sense than to initialize this campaign here in the US…a bastion of dark control? It is wise to keep your head down, breath deeply and stay calm as circumstances (whatever they are) escalate. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, know that Love wins the day, and…



One thought on “US DOMESTIC MlLlTARY OPS UNDERWAY: H0T M∪SKET ~ November 17, 2018

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