as we shift – let’s get personal. ~ October 10, 2018

Editor’s Note: While reading this blog from Sophia, I experienced another session of “automatic writing” that I share with you below. This is the second time automatic writing has occurred for me while reading Sophia’s work. My thought is these blogs from Sophia sharing messages from off-world Beings are of a higher vibrational nature triggering a higher vibrational level in myself. The message is below. Please read, and…


These words you read (Sophia’s blog below) are true. Human passion is key. It is the vehicle for creation giving you the power of Source. The intensity of human passion is most readily recognized as the moment of human sexual orgasm. This is truly a moment of “Divine Passion”. This IS the moment of Divine Passion.

This is the true purpose of Twin Flames – those individuals who, when together, are able to create huge vortexes of energy for the purpose of …Creation! Please understand that passion opens the door to creation which is only possible when the correct level of vibration is achieved. Thus, Passion = Creation = Source.

Now you know exactly WHY the sexual act has been controlled and degraded throughout most eras of your human society, why gender issues are so confused, and why orgasmic passion is the means of creation for human life. Indeed…there IS no other way!

As more and more twin flames merge together, more Joy is produced bringing more passion in to the human Collective Consciousness which will ( and is) raising the collective consciousness of humanity to the point of evolving into a vibrationally Higher Order of BEing. This change is not far away. I AM One.


Global transformation shows itself through personal markers. Explosive events both emotionally and physically re-shape the landscape that is me. Nothing is the same.

It began about a year ago. Secrets were told that I openly shared. The fallout was destruction.  Ugly words spewed from all sides of the table. Emotional pain segued into life altering family and physical ailment for myself and others in key relationships.

Fear and pain tinted the view from every angle. Yet somehow, truth emerged from all of that mess. Nothing was left unsaid, or un-shouted.
Politeness dis-regarded, everyone told it like they saw it; told it like they felt it.

Exposed and raw yet still standing, the search begins now. There are some, quiet, seething and confused, who seem waiting rather than searching. They anticipate comfort will return, extending no effort to engage it; unsure.

Those of us seeking must follow the oxygen mask routine. First, be sure your oxygen is firmly in place. Then, help your neighbor, the one who is waiting, to locate theirs. Unstable, we are no good to anyone, least of all ourselves. We all breathe together.

The search for stability is humbling. No longer can I rest on my laurels, my labels, my excuses, my judgment. Truth becomes my solid foundation, not comfort.

This shift leads us squarely home. It deposits us on our front door. It leaves us naked in front of the crowd and the ultimate judge – ourselves.

What’s fascinating is this recent massive social uproar over the installment of a Supreme Court Justice. The perfect mirror for this shift that we collectively, individually accomplish – here’s how those words are defined. Remember, “In the beginning was the word”. Word choice matters.

Supreme – Superior to all others, highest ranking
Court – A tribunal presided over by a judge
Justice – A public official appointed to form an opinion

Definition of Supreme Court Justice:
A superior official appointed to form an opinion over a tribunal to which he/she presides over.

We’ve been fighting over who has the highest-ranking opinion in their own court. We’ve chosen. As a perfect personal reflection of that choice, here’s what that feels like, looks like:

It feels joyous. Life is witnessed for its wonder as the judgment filter now turns off. There’s more room. My lens is wide angle.

It feels free. There’s more singing, dancing, laughter, creativity.  There’s fewer rules to contain my movement.

It feels ashamed. A bit of sorrow for relationships and actions missed out on due to judgment. There’s more clarity now; honesty yields awareness.  It was fear that led me down that road. Fear of judgment.

It feels exciting. Every possibility looms up now and there is only the choosing. What now? And now? And now?

It feels psychic. It’s easier to tune in, tap on, connect with.  This level is different, extra expansive in all directions. Communication and transmission are seamless in a way they weren’t before.  More is just more. In every way.

It feels nuts!  Increased awareness explodes incoming information. Unable to NOT notice sounds, feelings, smells, sensations, thoughts – each moment demands a new level of discernment. Choice of focus is key, and instantly creative. It becomes the ultimate magic wand. Meditation is a MUST.

It feels like someone has given me their permission, finally. That someone is not just any authority, it is the Supreme Opinion Decider of my life; the only person capable of dispensing a fitting opinion in this court. It is me.

The truth laid bare, I judge myself. I come up perfectly flawed, wonderfully human, deeply linked; a work in steady progress.

This moment is like no other. It is an honor and a privilege to be here with you.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. So that would explain why I am able to reach orgasms like I’ve never experienced before by simply thinking about my twin flame. It’s been freaking me out cause we’ve been in separation and I didn’t understand what was going on. This helps make sense of something so powerful and know there is definitely a reason why these feelings are so intense without him even being present (in the 3D realm). Thank you so much for this insight!


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