Crop Circle – Roundway Hill Nr Devizes ☼ Wiltshire UK – Reported 7/3014 – 3 August 2014

crop circle
I don’t put up crop circle info very often,…maybe never… but I do follow these. They are very interesting and I believe they are constructed by ET’s. How else could they be so very precise in layout without any um…constructional signs of being made by humans so darn quickly…overnight, that is. I, personally, cannot understand exactly what messages these crop circles are intending for us…so I leave that to others. If you are curious, please go to They have all the latest info about crop circles found anywhere in the world, as well as some interpretive information.

This particular crop circle is of significant interest as it seems to be a culmination of recent crop circles which all point to the dates of Aug. 11-12. Also we are supposed to look to the sea? Now…I don’t know anything more than I have already shared with you and don’t have a clue to what this means. Keep your eyes open folks…we’re ALL in this together!

Take a peek at this video of the latest crop circle report, stop the video on the interpretive frames to learn, and…


p.s.I couldn’t resist putting this up as soon as I found it. Too cute!
et humor

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