Blossom Goodchild – 25 October 2014

Blossom Goodchild

This is a very interesting article (actually question/answer session with spiritual BEings from the Galactic Federation of Light) which I thought you may find interesting as well.

Many of us have asked ourselves the age-old question…why are we here? What is my purpose? What is my mission? I, myself, have asked these questions…and in reading today’s session by Blossom Goodchild, I have received answers to those questions. Essentially…we are ALL here to learn to LOVE. That is, love ourselves, love others…love everything! Many people may get quite tired of hearing the same answer for every question, but love IS THE ONLY ANSWER to any question.

The point of this article is to urge us to step back form the immediacy of life (hard to do when there are unpaid bills) and understand that life, with all of it’s circumstances, is a game. What’s the point of this game, what’s the goal for this game of life? The goal is very simple…to learn how to love, to grow in my ability to see love in all, and remain in love. This “answer” seems so simple…yet, in the past, when I haven’t understood WHO I AM, the act of  finding love, BEing love, and remaining in a state of love was very hard to do.

Learning WHO I AM has changed everything for me! I AM not just “Cindy”, I AM a spiritual being of which a small portion is currently “Cindy” playing the game of life on Earth. How do I know in which direction to go as the circumstances of my life occur? I now go in the direction of what feels good to me…what feels right to me. Now I get it! What a tremendous release this knowledge brings to me and my life will become even MORE FUN! My sense of life as toil and drudgery is gone!

I AM not bummed out about learning that life is a game. Abraham (see Esther Hicks, teaches that our purpose in life is to feel good and have fun! In their words, “You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong. Life is supposed to be fun: you are creator, you are a focusing mechanism, and you are here in an environment that is very conducive to that. When you get hold of an idea, play it out for the pleasure in it. If you are doing it for any other reason, then you are not connecting to your Source Energy.” And that is a good way to describe being in love…with yourself and life! Please read this article, think about it a LOT, and…



Here we are once more … Hello! I am keen to carry on with the current topic of ‘nothing matters’. Trusting that is ok?

Benevolent greetings to Each One. Indeed, we are also keen to assure you of reasoning’s behind ‘matters’ that ‘don’t matter!

My word, you’re in fine fettle this morning! So … onwards. Many have written in, asking me to address the issue of karma, and how that all ties in with this subject … Off you go!

We have spoken to you before, regarding issues of this nature. In that … One does not ‘get away’ with anything. For that which One gives out … be it of LOVING kindness … or be it of abuse to the soul in its many forms … One receives back a thousand fold.

So then … surely that would matter? If one was full of hatred and spent their life time ‘offering’ hate … when they passed over … how miserable it would be to receive all that they had given out … a thousand fold! That WOULD matter to that soul wouldn’t it? It would matter to them THEN, that they had not chosen to offer LOVE.

Yet, they CHOSE hate for that life time. To learn lessons … to experience ‘that side’ of things … from that vantage point. Having learned that lesson … they may well go on to another life time and offer only LOVE of the Highest frequency. KNOWING what they KNOW from a deeper soul perspective.

Let us look at ‘CHOOSING’ shall we? One can CHOOSE to BE anything/anyone that suits them at that time. In general One follows their heart … and the pathway in which that takes them … determines how much, or how little they benefit.

So, one who is choosing the dodgier side of life … are they following their heart?

Indeed … because their heart may be full of hatred or greed.

Does that make them feel good?

On a superficial level. Yet, deep down their ‘TRUE BEING’ would KNOW that this is not who they TRULY are.

Does that matter?

No. Because you are in The Game. One can be very competitive whilst playing a game and FEEL the need to always win and come out on top. Or, One can just accept that it is JUST A GAME … and it matters not who wins or loses.

That’s all very well when playing ‘Scrabble’ … yet, when ‘Playing with our souls’ … it seems rather callous.

Who is playing with your souls?

You tell me.

YOU. YOU are playing The Game. Please understand that ‘We’ … nor anyone else … did not capture you and force you to BE IN IT. You lined up in your droves asking … some begging … TO BE CHOSEN TO BE PART OF IT. For … from the level of understanding you had before ‘beginning The Game’ … you knew how much it would benefit The Whole … and we mean THE WHOLE.

With the greatest of respect … we ask you to recall that …




I’m trying to ‘Get this’. I really am. And just when I think I am ‘Getting it’ … I lose it … because another question arises. If we are here to be of service to THE WHOLE … how can, how we behave, ‘not matter’?

It does.

Ahha. Gotcha! You said ‘nothing matters’.

It doesn’t. The fact is … FREEDOM OF CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to let it matter … if you want it to. It doesn’t matter either way, whether you CHOOSE to let it matter or not.

Then how are we being of service … if it doesn’t matter one way or another?

Because you are playing out The Game.

Is there a point … a purpose to The Game?


Shall I bother to carry on with this?

If you CHOOSE.

Some of me wants to walk away … to quit … for, where is this getting us? Where is this getting anyone?  How is it helping us to become Lighter? It’s confusing many and therefore, lowering the vibration. Yet … I so want to get to the bottom of this … and I am enjoying the challenge!

Then, let us continue. The Game is an experiment … as we have said.

And in my early conversations with you … you said the experiment had gone horribly wrong.

It has. We could not foresee its outcome … for it had never been done before. The same with any experiments … some are successful, some not. So, One keeps trying … until they get the required result.

So … the required result of this game is?

To see what a soul in human form can accomplish when left to their own devices. Yet … it does not matter … because … at the end of the day …

YOU ARE LOVE … in its fullest Highest form.


You have come here to play … to act out … to see what can be FELT. To see how you can become yourself in all the trillions upon trillions of different forms.

Then, where does this matter of ‘us’ and ‘Mother Earth’ moving into the fifth dimension come into it? You say that is what we came here to do.

This is correct. And this will be accomplished. It is on the game board. As One continues ‘up the ladder’ … One reaches certain ‘markers’ on the board.


The Divine plan is a board game???

In a sense … yes. 

And the dice?

Your choices!

Bingo! Well played! I get that. Could we go back to the karmic thing though … Because these are our FEELINGS that are being ‘flung about here’. It would matter to me how I had behaved on Earth … it would matter to me how I chose to treat another.


I can sense you are not asking ‘why’ flippantly … yet, to get me to where I am going.

Correct. Why does it matter to you how you treat another?

Because my heart would ‘hurt’ if I did not offer LOVE to myself or someone else.

Therefore, you CHOOSE to BE a soul that desires to come from a LOVING disposition. You CHOOSE it … because it suits you and FEELS right.

Yes …

Let us try another tactic to help you understand.

Good luck with that!

Imagine … imagine for a moment … that you are not in/of The Game. You are a free spirit without form … looking down upon a very large board game. This game consists of many, many players. Little people, some with hats on … some tall, some short … Yet, look upon them as ‘figurines’ on a board.

The Game begins … EVERYONE has the same goal … to finish The Game … to get to the top of the board. There are no instructions … no rules.

So sorry to keep interrupting … yet, you have said in the past, that there are Universal Laws. We have discussed this before … and when they are broken, there are repercussions … ie … the karmic thing.

Dearest, dearest soul … One who is trying so hard to make sense of this. How we LOVE and admire your determination to ‘Get it’ … Every little bit of it.
Not one life time … not twenty … not a hundred lifetimes … would enable you to understand IT ALL. For, every question that arises within these teachings … allows fifty thousand more to unfold. As hard as this may ‘hit you’ … we ask that you allow some things to absorb through your BEING … and allow time …

Of which there is none …

To unfold ‘some’ of life’s mysteries.

That sounds a great idea to me. It all gets so confusing. I know I am not the only one. I wish I could set you up with an email address … then you could deal with some of the emails from those feeling the same as I do!! OK. Back to being out of our bodies and looking down at The Game …

The Game began … One moves up … One moves down … through choices made. As One looks down from a HIGHER perspective upon the board … they can see certain ‘land marks’ that are there to be accomplished … as One reaches them.

Is it not so … that through choice … One repeats old patterns? They are simply (as we have referred to before) climbing the ladder, or, slipping down the snake to the ‘same old’.

When CHOOSING NOT to repeat … when CHOOSING to ‘move Higher’ … One finds NEW challenges … more pleasurable ones.

Keep looking down from above … at these little figures … playing a game of making choices … from which … is determined the direction they move on the board. Little figures on a board … playing a game.

Little figures with FEELINGS …

Yet, the Higher they CHOOSE to move up … the more LOVING these FEELINGS become.

The more LOVING the FEELINGS become … the less One CHOOSES to ‘repeat patterns’. As One moves nearer and nearer to the top … to the ‘home’ space … the determination to ‘get there’ increases.

Yet … from the ‘Above … out of The Game’ view point … One can see that ‘time doesn’t matter’ in this game. One does not have to reach a land mark’ by Sat. 25th Nov 5010 … They are simply moving toward the landmark.

THEY CHOOSE WHEN they reach that point … through the choices they make. They CHOOSE how to FEEL as they play The Game.

Those little figures CHOOSE how to FEEL … good or bad … high or low … happy or sad … as they move up the ladders.  It doesn’t matter what they FEEL … it is their choice to FEEL anything they CHOOSE.

When you are looking down on The Game … you observe these figurines. You don’t judge them for their movements. You desire only for each One to ‘learn’ how The Game works. Each One shall finish. There is no question of that. Each One shall move up the ladder … at their own pace … through their own choices.

You see … it doesn’t matter … The Game shall see itself through … ‘no matter what’.

We FEEL this is enough to absorb for today.

Ya think? Again, my friends … Thank you. Thank you for your patience. We shall resume again ‘soon’. Love ya.

And we … as we observe your ‘comings and goings’ … Love Each One of you.

In love and thanks.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. / link to original article



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Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “I Am All That I Am ” – 24 October 2014


I couldn’t close up shop tonight without commenting on this short, but very significant article that spoke directly to me…kind of feels like my higher self is giving me a “thumbs up” sign!

Today, hubby and I drove to/from home to Flagstaff, to do run some errands that needed dong. It went the way it normally does…I drive, we converse and he nods off which gives me a wonderful opportunity for some serious self-reflection. And just what did I reflect on today? Realizing and dwelling on the fact that in reality…”I AM”!

Yes, that’s right, I delved into myself while driving that 2-lane AZ highway that goes directly past the entrance to the Painted Desert National Park…not very many cars out that far in the desert giving me an ideal opportunity to…think! Doing this thinking is just the type recommended by Djwal Khul, cannelled by Terri Newlon. Who is Djwal Khul? This man was “…a Tibetan disciple in the tradition of ancient esoteric spirituality known as The Ageless Wisdom tradition.”

Ever since the solar eclipse yesterday, I have been examining myself and thinking about who I AM! All of a sudden, it seems important to me to realize my divinity and capabilities…not from an egotistical way, but as kind of a self-identification thing. So…please read Djwal Khul’s message here, spend a few moments of quiet time thinking about how this applies to you, and…


Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We’re in quite a state of expansion. We’re going to have Mercury going direct although it’ll still be muddy pretty much until our next Spirituality Article so really double and triple check the communications, especially on very important things.

The next thing I want to go through is “I am ALL that I am”. Because the expansion is really sort of telling you ”I am everywhere. I’m so vast, I’m everywhere, I’m everything, I’m everyone, I am ALL that is.” We have such an opportunity to really bask in that realization and to know it in the core of the being.

So practice with “I am ALL that I am” and then feel the expansion into the entire universe like there’s no limit. You can’t find an outer boundary. You are just going, and going, and going, and your consciousness is interconnected to all of creation. That simple expansion practice and the words, “I am ALL that I am”, should be quite useful.

I would also say that vortex motion is one of the things that helps add to that and you just might imagine that your auric field is a vortex. So below the feet, at least the arm span, at least two arm lengths above the top of your head, you want to imagine that you’re just inside a very big vortex.

Now it could be moving slowly or it can be spinning more rapidly, you can adjust the speed but you want to keep motion going at all times. So maybe while you’re sleeping it’s just turning slowly and then when you need a lot of energy during the day, you spin it faster. So play with those two things.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

Download the PDF Here / link to original article

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Laura Bruno – Preparing For Positive Timelines – 24 October 2014


Now this truly is an interesting article from Laura Bruno…our “spiritual gardener”! In this article Laura reviews both the good side, and the naysayers, in answering the question of, “Is Humanity ready at his time for dealing with, or accepting, a positive timeline?” Laura then looks at the evidence she sees… of many, many who are becoming more “spiritually adept” while realizing that these awakened folk are NOT the masses within society that remain unaware of spiritual truths.

Along with examining the extent of spiritual awakening also begs answering the question of “just how long will it take to awaken society?” with discussion for the slow awakening of society over several timelines vrs, a quicker “down and dirty” type of societal awakening.

Laura does a good job at juggling, yet balancing many points of view and in the end comes to a conclusion I have held for quite a while now…it will happen when it will happen! So just relax, enjoy the ride, and above all…keep the faith! So…please read this article, thin about this, and…


Due to some recent questions via private email, I felt led to clarify a few points in today’s blog post. Most of the people I encounter are, in fact, experiencing evidence of positive trajectories in their lives. Clients, friends, family members … so many of them have recently broken through previous barriers or show signs of imminent release from old bonds and limitations. I see this, feel this and celebrate the shifts. Yet I also realize when talking to friends who have “regular jobs” in “the real world,” that the slice of humanity I encounter on a daily basis represents a relatively small, unusually conscious, highly creative, and determined segment of this world. I have great hope for humanity in that I see and hear — daily — evidence of people stepping into their power, growing their own organic foods, creating spaces for others to shine their creativity, finding alternatives to the usual suspects pulling puppet strings, and generally being the change they wish to see in the world.

Despite this optimism of an ultimately positive shift, I also notice through friends who work with the general public (as well as my own intuition) that most people are struggling right now. A lot. Most of the people that my “regular jobs” friends encounter have no clue about the importance of avoiding GMO foods or vaccines. They have chronic illnesses or broken psyches they can’t afford to treat. They don’t have time to consider off-world intervention or cosmic resets. They’re just trying to put food on the table and don’t care if it’s Frankenfood or the real deal. David works at a credit union and sees a particularly heartbreaking segment of society on government benefits days, with people smothered in cigarette smoke withdrawing every last cent of their disability checks. Other friends of mine work in the school system and share crushing details of the lives of a majority of kids, despite the creativity and compassion of their teachers.

We’ve got all sorts of great programs happening in Goshen with various youth organizations stepping up to help turn around childhood hunger and shifting the focus of foods from processed or fast foods back to whole, fresh foods. I know some incredibly good hearted people in Goshen and other areas, but in terms of awakening, most still tend to subscribe to the fake two-party system in which voting one party is good and the other party is responsible for all the bad things in the world. While some voice the concept that “all candidates are corrupt,” when election time rolls around, they go right back to “their” party’s talking points, without recognizing Shadow Government or other psyops secretly influencing and managing their “choices.”

I mention this not as a crack on the people I know, but just as an acknowledgement that any full scale shift into truly positive, beneficial for most people, systemic change will continue to require a great deal of patience, nurturing baby steps, gradual revelations, and compassionate Shadow Work. And that’s just for politics! If we add in ET Disclosure and its implications for religion, worldview, empowerment, betrayal, forgiveness, responsibility and discernment, we’re talking some mind-exploding paradigm shifts. I often ponder what people in this largely Mennonite and Amish area would do if someone showed actual proof of a radically different history, and I’ve come to realize that most people would simply reject the information. I suspect the same for larger swaths of world population.

Given the intertwined status of all these factors, though, enjoying a positive “collective” experience requires at least a significant portion of the public to register and acknowledge an expanded worldview. Inelia Benz referred to Earth’s preference for a gentle three generation shift, and I can totally see how that could provide the gentlest way. In trying to conquer the US, the old Soviet spies had also determined that a soft revolution takes three generations to shift the worldview to such an extent that even if presented with truth, those hearing truth will reject it as false. (Note, this has already happened in the US.) But what works for negative shifts can also work for positive ones. Tools depend on the skills and intentions of the person(s) wielding them.

The problem I see with the three generation shift is that at the current rate of habitat destruction, humanity may not have three generations left on this planet. Between GMO’s, toxic pesticides, birth defect and cancer inducing herbicides, leaking nuclear reactors, the imminent prospects of WW3, systematic poisoning and privatization of most water sources, potentially engineered pandemics and deadly vaccines, chemtrails to poison air, water and soil, not to mention all the EMF radiation … the puppeteers have got us coming and going. From a mundane perspective, time is not on humanity’s side right now.

From a spiritual/long range perspective, it may be. I do a fair amount of fertility work with people trying to conceive, and I know many of the souls wanting to come in now have changed. They require specific genetics and peaceful, high vibe lives. The fact that they’re so picky, powerful and determined … and continue to incarnate here leads me to believe that at least some segment of humanity will enjoy a lovely, positive, even magical trajectory. That split between the hell on Earth reality and the one I see unfolding seems to widen each day, except if I explore the possibility of an integrated timeline, in which everyone, not just the small segment already moving in that direction, participates.

Integration lifetimes and integration timelines hold great potential for exponentially positive, out of the mundane world, “new paradigm” shifts. Once people cross the hump, life become increasingly synchronous and delightful. The trouble arises en route to that shift, though, and we’ve got a world in which people have traveled radically different distances on or perhaps not even yet on the path. I never claim to know the one, definitive way “collective” reality will go, because I don’t believe there is a single, set in stone way. That’s one of the shifts, we’re making on this planet.

The reason I suggest that people prepare themselves even if — perhaps especially if — they intend to experience a positive timeline is because we can’t control the exact way that positive timeline plays out. It might mean positive just for the individuals capable of embracing it, or maybe it will gradually unfold over multiple generations. In either case, even positive shifts require substantial changes. They can also involve explosions of worldviews, self-conceptions and daily modes of operation. Even if completely positive shifts, such changes demand discipline, courage and determination in order to implement.

As of October 2014, I have provided professional Medical Intuitive readings for 13 years. I know from my own as well as clients’ experiences that healing can happen in an instant. It really can be that simple. But people often make it a lot more complicated and convoluted — especially when those around them don’t show interest in making similar shifts. The desire for companionship on the journey feels very strong. Most people complain of feeling isolated and lonely as they begin to drop old expectations and limitations. Even the ones who recognize growth and incoming freedom often struggle watching those around them wallow in old, self sabotaging ways. They also feel hurt and shaken when loved ones poke and prod at their new, empowering ways of life. Until fully embodied and in-habit-ed, these new ways flicker in and out, with full benefits not yet fully grasped. This intermediate time period, although on a positive, chosen timeline of great shift, nonetheless feels like the biggest challenge these heroes have ever experienced.

Healing as an individual takes great courage and fortitude. Healing as a society requires the same, as well as the ability to establish clear, strong boundaries of what we will or will not allow into our own experience, despite a majority of people around us actively summoning intense, accelerated lessons. For this reason, I continue to remind people to prepare themselves, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, for coming times — even on a positive timeline. I think all the supposedly “definite” info that we are 100% on a positive timeline does a disservice to many people in that not everyone is at the same point, at the same level of awareness or anywhere near prepared.

To use a personal example, my brain injury was a positive timeline that radically transformed, shaped, enlivened and improved my life. But it was no cakewalk, even though I was prepared for it by dreams and intuition. Had it just hit me out of the blue, like so many others’ injuries or illnesses, it would have devastated me. If I had not pre-glimpsed the positive outcome, I would have opted not to continue. I see this with clients in health and other issues/life events. I’ve lost count of all the people who’ve told me after the fact that my vision of their positive options was the only thing that kept them from killing themselves or passively accepting death during their healing journey. “Positive” is a relative term and the experience of it depends on perspective, of which hindsight often plays a major part. Going through the journey often feels blinding, scary and pointless, despite occasional glimmers of meaning and hope.

I still suspect that some cosmic wild card will be needed if people want a faster group transition. If they want the three generations method, that may or may not work, but if society wants rapid shift, then best to prepare for the Tower Card of the Tarot or some other significant game changer. I’ve mentioned before that W.B. Yeats considered the Tower Card his very favorite of the deck due to its extreme potential for change. Nothing quite like throwing out all the old paradigms before welcoming the new!

We just happen to live in a highly managed world in which puppeteers will happily provide a false “new” in order to relieve people of experiencing the uncomfortable and uncertain period between paradigms. I call it the Void, and I know from my own experience, as well as from working with thousands of individuals on healing journeys, that the Void feels scary, nauseating and like something you’d prefer to shake off ASAP. Preparing ourselves for the Void allows us to settle in and ride the waves for as long as it takes to integrate our preferred destination and ways of being.

This article is a very long way of saying that just because I think fluffery does people a disservice does not mean I disagree with assertions that Earth has since December 21, 2012 (or 2011, depending on your source) shifted to a positive timeline. We can find all sorts of proofs of that shift if we look for them — both in things initiated and in failed attempts at destruction. I just hear from people day in and day out that New Age platitudes and logic have both failed to provide their promised results. What happens then? Usually a period of the Void, followed by a Dark Night of the Soul. In positive terms, that Dark Night at least reminds people that they have a Soul and encourages them to reconnect with it. Sometimes the reconnection process stings, sears and stabs, though. Sometimes it breaks our heart before expanding those fragments into a radiant burst of joy that surpasses everything we ever thought we knew.

“Positive timeline” does not always mean “easy.” Recognizing and honoring the grittier parts of the journey affords the courage, wisdom and strength to keep going anyway. Despite all our best intentions, life may turn out differently than we hope, but we can choose, moment by moment to embrace The Great Mystery. We can partner with that Uncertainty to create new worlds beyond our original imaginings and intentions.

For some of us, that creative process is reason enough for living. Reason enough for joy, love and celebration. Carpe Diem, “seize the day.” But also know that whether good, bad, ugly, or the most beautiful thing you’ve ever experienced, “This, too, shall pass.” As Joni Mitchell says, “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” True words — in, between and among all their multi-layered meanings.

Blessed Be. / link to original article

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GaiaPortal 10-24-14… “Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing” ~ October 24,2014

Gaia portal

I just love to see these messages as they are released from Gaia Portal and Eireport. I have this feeling these two spiritual organizations that offer “reports” on Earths’ spiritual energy status are closely linked. I’ve found this information about them…please see below:

GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.”

I’ve also found the information below about Eireport which brings to mind Montague Keens’s statement that Ireland would be crucial to humanity’s rise in human consciousness. I think all know the “land of Eire, is present day Ireland and this is borne out by the picture of Ireland which accompanies every Eireport statement.

“The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

This site is for transmission of messages only.”

All this information leads me to conclude that Gaia Portal contains energy messages related to the BEing of our Earth, while messages from Eireport are energy messages related to humanity who reside ON Mother Earth, known as Gaia. Now that we have all that straightened out (whew!), here is today’s message from Gaia Portal. Please read this, think about how this applies to you and your spiritual development, and…


Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing

Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.

Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing.

Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

Transformatives engage hu-manity with full magnitude of awakening Light.

Brilliance embraced.

This time moment is marked.

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New Moon in Scorpio – the Resurrection of Desire ~ October 23, 2014


Wow!  As I AM writing this, the solar eclipse is at it fullest and although I’m not looking directly at the sun (way tooo dangerous!), I can tell a slight difference in lowered light intensity for this time of the afternoon in Arizona. But way more changes are happening other than a dip in the light from the sun. Astrological changes bring energy changes here on Planet Earth and there are significant changes happening today!

This date marks the start of the Sun and the new moon being in the house of Scorpio and as  the author of this article says, “The vibration of Scorpio is linked with evolution.” Humanity will awaken even more to our ability to love and see the light of truth. Oh…there is so much more entailed with the astrology that starts today! So…please read this article, think about how this applies to you, and…


By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

After conquering the wasted lands, the quest of the warrior again commands that we march into a world unknown – the wilderness we call our home.

We are entering Hades’ lair. Don’t be afraid! The new lunar cycle in Scorpio brings with it a powerful cosmic flush in which the process of total inner transmutation is available for us. In order for us to do so we will need to confront the inner core vibration of who we are. We have to dig deep, to the soul level.

Welcome to dark inner landscape of your own soul.

Happy birthday Scorpio!

Understanding the Vibration of Scorpio & Pluto

The vibration of Scorpio is linked with evolution. In nature we observe it as the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly – the original form transmuting into a totally different form. This is why Scorpio energy has been labeled as rebirth energy.


When we reach the vibration of Scorpio, we begin to recognize that there is more to the reality than what appears on the surface. Through the human condition, the vibration of Scorpio plays out the role of the deepest psychology of our consciousness. Through intense inquiry into what lies beneath the surface, Scorpio wants to know the bottom line. As we begin delving deeper into the nature of our psyche we become aware of our motivations, intentions obsessions and compulsions. You see, this is actually where our deepest unconscious securities lie; our fixations and attachments to things in our lives, even to life itself.

Scorpio has a dualistic nature of desire to it. On the one hand, through Scorpio we have the desire to evolve and change and on the other hand we have the desire to feel empowered, which comes through experience and knowing, from past experience. However the very thing that empowers us will eventually cause limitations, which in itself is disempowering. This is where the desire to change is born – to evolve past limitations. Old and outdated patterns of behavior cause limitations. These limitations then come up for renewal. An action of involution takes place; letting go as it were. This allows space to be created and for new psychological patterns to be born.

So let´s take a look at the cosmos…

Saturn in Scorpio

The Shadow Self.

This will be the last time for at least another 29 years that the sun will travel through the constellation Scorpio while Saturn is also in Scorpio. This is a very special cycle in terms of our evolution because an entire chapter is coming to a close. With this comes the final awareness of the lessons that are related to the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

For much of the last two years we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity. We have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not – even to the point now where we look at the recent Ebola outbreak as a hoax.

Saturn in Scorpio has been showing us exactly what is happening in the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It has been giving us a preview, and we certainly became aware of our own individual and collective karma. With this mutual reception we have been greatly aided in ripping down all the outdated definitions and cleaning our perception of our outer world. Along with this came the undoing of the authoritative power we give to the hierarchic structures. Essentially the veil of illusion that governments, institutions, corporations and corporate media has hidden behind has now been removed and the truth is there in plain sight, allowing us to flush out these deep dark distortions that existed within us.

We were also, during this time, becoming aware of our external security patterns and how we placed them in the hands of these authorities. We learnt the biggest spiritual lesson during this transit; total security can only be found from within. What has emerged during this time for humanity is that the year of 2014 has been one in which we have become awake to our own freedom. Our spiritual freedom. We have been learning that we are sovereign spiritual beings of this earth. We have begun recognizing our own authority.

It is time now to establish that personal, inner authority in the world. This is the key to actualizing our desires and becoming awake to them. With this knowledge we are able to make choices to move away from, and stop supporting, these outdated structures one step at a time. This will inevitably lead to their fall.

Now as the Sun, Moon and Venus enter Scorpio and also form a partial solar eclipse, we will become aware of the inner work that we have done. We will be putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This is not likely to be an easy process, and we can expect to be tested. But over time we will align ourselves with new truths and begin the next part of this epic journey, fresh and ready.

Neptune trine Venus, Moon and Sun


This planetary alignment reflects to us an important aspect that needs to be included when understanding this month’s theme. Love is the binding force in the universe. It is the source of all things. It creates unity and as a result, the very vibration that is holding us together during this time of inner spiritual transmutation. With Venus, the Sun and the Moon all in harmonic contact with Neptune we see that this new moon in Scorpio is saying; Hey! We need to commit (Scorpio) to valuing (Venus) LOVE (Neptune). We need to merge with and deepen our relationship to love. Allowing this vibration of love to be the new guiding force in the new paradigm.

New Moon - Astrology

If we are to begin rebuilding the new way of being on earth, we will all need to trust our own inner authority. Once we have that as our base note, we radiate love. The idea of love in this context is understanding our connection to our inner nature. Understanding that we ultimately are not separate from source. We are one. Unity consciousness.

As I wrote in the article “Moon in Pisces – the Crisis Point” in September:

“We have lost our connection to god which means we have lost our connection to ourselves. This runs so deep within our consciousness that this is the very reason we look outside ourselves for answers, to authorities who claim to have the expertise that you yourself are lacking for your existence here on earth. This is why we override our instincts with logical ideas that we have been conditioned to believe. This is why we have allowed the people in power to make decisions for us. This is why we have allowed our earth to be polluted, our food to be poisoned, our land and natural resources to be claimed. This is all because of the illusion of separateness – the distortion that tells us humans are separate from nature, that Spirit and flesh are not connected. That we are not connected. Race separation, gender assignment, economic status etc. This sense of separateness keeps us from the love that we are all so desperately seeking.”

This very abandonment of our true connection to spirit is what is being healed. We are now digging to the depths of our souls and clearing the things blocking us from our true connection to god/source/love. We will be facing our souls and trough that becoming aligned with our true soul purpose. We will be feeling the burning desire to link our sense of purpose or destiny into our lives. Yet at the same time we will be feeling unsure about what that desire actually is. We can sense it, but not know it. That is okay, in fact it is completely natural to feel this way. We, and the zodiac as our mirror, have not actually reached the point yet in which that impulse is ready. There are some steps we need to take in order for that to happen.

Mercury retrograde square Pluto and in opposition to Uranus in Aries

Alignment of inner truth.

With mercury retrograde being in Libra, our ability to take in information from others is restricted. It creates a sense of not really understanding what people are trying to say from their perspective. The information becomes blurry as the linear logical mind is offline. This is important as the idea behind the alignment is to force total inner awareness and to search for information inwardly, from our intuition in a way that makes sense personally to ourselves. It may be easy to connect to this inner knowing, yet impossible to convey it to another.

Mercury R is making a last quarter phase (276 degree) square to Pluto creating a crisis in consciousness where old ways of thinking and understanding aspects of reality have become outdated so we are needing to create new ways of seeing things. This is a mind opening experience, helping us to explore fresh new territory. Again, as mercury is retrograde, this is all happening within us. Uranus in Aries square Pluto and opposing Mercury R is, in short, reflecting our total liberation from pre-existing definitions and conditioning.

Now, all of this is actually pointing to the Mars in Sagittarius transit. Mars is currently culminating its transit through Sagittarius and also forming a balsamic (culminating) aspect to Pluto. This combination will give us the feeling of both being pulled towards the next steps in our evolution, into the new, and at the same time we are being pulled back into ourselves, into the abyss, to return to source and surrender our ego will to the higher will.

The bottom line of this whole awakening is the awareness that we are experiencing our inward journey back home; becoming aware of our spiritual nature. For each and every one of us, this journey is an inward one. Again, this is the reason we will feel a disconnection from others that have not yet ‘awoken’. They are defining their truths based on other people’s truths. This alignment reflects that we are learning to connect with our own personal and individual truths, and realizing our own spiritual journeys.

What resonates and feels right for you?

As you focus on this, you will become more aligned with your own personal vibration – your ‘higher self’. This is why it is important to look within.

New Moon, solar eclipse in Scorpio

Resurrection of desire.

So as we begin this new moon cycle we are filled with intense anticipation that something new is on the horizon and yet we cannot quite put our finger on it. We feel we are all ready to go, but there is something missing.

The New Moon in Scorpio will be highlighting to us where we are not being true to ourselves. With this energetic connection in Scorpio we will be acutely sensitive to any vibration that is not in alignment with our true nature, both in ourselves and others.

At the very core of our being is our connection to nature. Any fears or distortions within us that are interfering with this connection will need to be confronted, and we will feel urged to confront them head-on. We are needing to understand our motives and explore our desires. We need to question our actions, desires and intentions (Scorpio) and get to the bottom line.

As we clear out the distortions the picture will become clearer. Our true desires and soul intention will be sensed on a very deep level. We then start linking these intentions and desires (New Moon in Scorpio) to that feeling and sense of special destiny or purpose (Jupiter in Leo), add the vibration of love (Neptune trine Venus) and then finally align it with the vibration of personal higher will (Mars in Sagittarius), we come to a space with our self in which the whole dimension of the body mind and soul are aligned.

How beautiful is that!?

New Moon Mantra

As we begin to explore our own darkness and confront our shadow, we know that beyond that darkness is nothing but light. Just as the phoenix must be reduced to ashes, from which it is reborn, so too must we remove all of the outdated aspects of ourselves for the new vibrant life-force to emerge. We understand that we contain the source code of creation. As we keep searching, clearing and confronting, we are healing our severed connection to source and resurrecting our personal desire – desires that will serve to build our new world.

We are recognizing that we are powerful beyond measure. That we have the power to be our own authority. That we have the courage to choose love. That love will light our way. It is our guiding force. It is the very core of our being. It is what we are made of. It is the highest, brightest vibration within creation. So we dig deep into our souls and clear the way for the true power of creation to emerge within! As we confront all that gets in the way – with love – it will dissolve. For we are not small! We are the universe expressed in human form!

Be the Change!







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Video: Comet Siding Spring Causes an Explosion on Mars ~ October 22, 2014


Thought I would put a some info about the comet, Siding Spring, which just passed pretty close to Mars. What does this have to do with love? Well…it’s my thought that this comet/Mars interaction are somehow related to the rising of humanity’s consciousness. After all, this comet is thought to be coming in from the Oort cloud which has been mentioned in conjunction with a “wave” of energy that will envelop the earth and cause a rise in human consciousness. Don’t know how, or if, this is related…but this IS one of those “signs in the sky” we should all be aware of. So…here’s the info, read and watch, and…


An incredible video, posted to YouTube on Oct. 19, shows the atmosphere of Mars exploding as the Comet Siding Spring passes within 87,000 miles of the Red Planet. Despite news reports indicating all NASA orbiters and ground rovers were unaffected by the debris trail of the comet, it’s hard to believe there was no damage caused by the comet’s passing after witnessing this dramatic video.

Mars atmosphere explodes as Comet Siding Spring passes nearby

Mars atmosphere explodes as Comet Siding Spring passes nearby
BP Earth Watch @YouTube


In it, a YouTube sky watcher, going by the name of BP Earth Watch, describes the fantastic sight of gases exploding in the Martian atmosphere, as the debris trail of Comet Siding Spring passes nearby on Sunday morning. The event was caught by Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich, who recorded the action with a video telescope from his perch on Mount Teide, more than two miles above Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

The location gives Dr. Hemmerich an unusually clear view of space in general, but, apparently, of Mars in particular, as no major news agency, or even NASA itself, has reported this story, or broadcast images of this dramatic explosion in the Martian atmosphere. A news report published by CNN on Oct. 20, leads with the headline, “Comet Siding Spring buzzes Mars, but NASA orbiters and rovers are safe”.

However, the report does acknowledge it could be days, even weeks, before all data from the rovers and orbiters is fully analyzed. Until then, it’s just a guessing game as to whether or not the satellites and ground rovers on and around Mars made it through the comet’s passing without sustaining any major, debilitating damage.

The news comes as an unusually active news cycle centers on a number of anomalies found on Mars by amateur researchers, poring over thousands of NASA images taken by exploratory rovers and planetary orbiters, and published to a public website maintained by the space agency. Among the more provocative finds have been suggestions that animal life, or perhaps even humanoid life, have left evidence of their existence in the deep past of Mars.

Whether or not such claims can be proven remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that natural phenomenon, such as this explosion of the Martian atmosphere caused by a passing comet, will continue to thrill sky watchers and fuel the debate about life on Mars, or anywhere else in the universe, for a long time to come.


Dr.Fritz Helmut Hemmerich made a video from 1200-meters at Tenerife in the Canary Islands showing Comet Siding Spring immediately after its Mars encounter.

Short video of the explosion, made between 21 h and 22 h UT UT. 75 shots of 40 sec duration.

Recordings from tonight in Tenerife (1200 meters altitide). Hyper Star 14 “with 460 mono Atik. SWAN_band filter.

According to many viewers of NASA’s live feed of the close passage of Comet Siding Spring to the planet Mars on October 19, 2014, NASA suddenly cut off the feed.

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Dana Mrkich – Sun Flares – 22 October 2014


Oh, my goodness..the solar flares, they keep on a’comin! Actually, last week when I saw that massive sunspot that popped off some massive flares that were not earth-facing, I thought that we would see, and experience, some massive solar flare-offs this week. Plus, it is mighty synchronistic that this would occur “just in time” for the solar eclipse tomorrow. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

In the mean time, please read this article by Dana Mrkich, keep your eyes to the sky, and…


The sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!” 

We’ve had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can’t sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We’ve had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We’ve had spiritual and mental shifts: huge insights around old patterns and feeling yourself letting go of them finally, increased awareness around whatever you most need to be aware of, vivid dreams and ancient memories are all coming up. 

Whatever you are going through, be gentle with yourself. There is no right way to be feeling. Your body and soul are receiving and experiencing these energies in the best way for you. Trust. You might need to let go of some plans whether little ones in your diary for today, or bigger ones as your soul re-directs you and re-balances you. You might do these things later or not at all. We have to let go of our ego-mind now, of our need to control and to know everything. It is time to trust our soul, our heart and our feelings. 

While the ego-mind or some other inner hard task-master rattles off your to do list, it’s time to say, “actually you know what, I feel like not doing that today, I feel like doing this instead”. We are also being called to let go of controlling other people. Often when we do that it is a way of saying: “if you do this, it will make me feel better.” You are responsible for you feeling better. 

Step away from your computer and devices if you are on them all day. Breathe. Go for a walk. Get out in nature. Eat good food and drink plenty of water. Dark chocolate works for me, as did lemon in my water today.  Do what makes you feel good. 

Jax, (our nearly 3 year old) helped me make mocha/vanilla shortbread twists today for our friend Sam’s wake tomorrow. Sam loved loved coffee, and so in went the coffee and I had to have a cup continually next to me while we made them. So there I am sipping my lemon water, alternating with sips of coffee! He was a man full of life, and I can’t remember a time with him when he wasn’t laughing and talking to anyone who would listen. He would be the first to say: if you feel like a coffee, have a coffee!!! 

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday!! How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014 / link to original article

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