Zen Gardner ~ Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda


I really wish I could write the way this guy, Zen Gardner, writes. Not only does he write with compelling poetry… he also thinks! His essays are crafted and aged like ae fine cheese making them filling to read…and remember.

Today, Zen addresses a very real concept that is quickly developing in every society in the world…especially ours! That concept is fear. The cabal, Illuminati, banksters have unleashed quite a bit of havoc on the world trying to make us so afraid, that would, once again, buy into their various control mechanisms. War didn’t work, humanity isn’t buying into war any longer, so let’s try a direct assault on health!

Let’s unleash a terrible plague on earth that sooo many people will fear, that they will melt like butter into our schemes and plans for their control like butter. While they, the public, are afraid…they cannot LOVE. Remember, we can control…and have controlled through FEAR, the opposite of LOVE. Thus, it becomes our task NOT TO FEAR the Ebola virus!

Yep…I expect this virus to be “accidentally” released in Atlanta where an American patient with this deadly virus in Sierra Leone is being transported to an Emory University hospital. Knowledge is power, so that eliminates fear from a “surprise attack” by the cabal! Now…how do I counter fear from contracting this virus myself?

Remember…your vibratory rate is key to the issue of staying in LOVE! Physically protect yourself with good health habits and using natural essential oils and herbs that are far more potent than modern medicines with unwanted side effects. If you want more info about this, please to to yesterday’s blog, Laura Bruno – Medical Intuitive Thoughts On The Ebola Situation – 31 July 2014.

Spiritually, it’s time to think yourself into good health by constantly reminding yourself how healthy you are. Really feel good about they way you never get sick and how quickly you recover from ill health…even if you don’t! The key is get buoyed up about your good health…that IS the most effective key toward maintaining health despite…whatever!

Ok…feeling good? Now it’s time to feel even better by reading Zen Gardner. Please read, relax, and…


“Both fear and hate are entropic – they break down the beautiful complexity of the natural flow and structure of life in order to release the energy within, leaving a used up, over-simplified and dead husk in its wake. This released energy is food for the temporal and spiritual parasites and the reason their ugly forces are exerted on humanity . . .”  Z Gardner

Everyone experiences fear. It’s a jarring emotion that gets amplified by the reptilian fight or flight side of our human make up. The problem comes when the prompt is deliberately manufactured and therefore non-authentic, which is why the manipulators use it so frequently and to such an extent. Fear interferes with conscious awareness, clear thinking, true knowing and in turn conscious behavior and makes for a highly manipulable state of being.

It’s not only toxic and debilitating, but fear is contagious as well as addicting.

This lower level vibration of fear has many esoteric derivations and origins. Whether people are aware of the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe or not, it is profoundly real. Where we get these fear impulses is a subject unto itself that anyone on the path of truth comes upon, but we each experience these influences. One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an intrinsic energy source for parasitic controllers and entities, both human and non-human. Understanding the archonic agenda as revealed by the Gnostics is essential for grasping the bigger picture.

They feed off of our energy. That realization is a powerful motivator to not give it to them. Fearing their machinations is falling into a voluntary slave mentality and literally a form of worship.

It’s time to fearlessly stand up straight and tall and starve this parasitic beast of our energy.

The Fear Syndrome – Separating Real and Unreal Threats

SumerianArtSociety is built on fear, primarily a fear of not having enough, whether it’s money, food, protection, safety or even love. Scarcity is a very powerful tool and being used as a global weapon against humanity on a massive scale. Food and water shortages are being engineered worldwide, while the economic flow of financial resources are similarly being dried up. These are very real attacks upon humanity as are the other crippling programs such as tainted and genetically altered food, geoengineering, electrosmogging our planet, and the ongoing drug wars on the world’s populations by mind and body altering pharmaceuticals.

It may not seem to be such a nice place to live right now, but we’re here, and for a purpose. Clearly it’s not a time to fear, but it is a time to take action to both expose these programs as well as mitigate their effects upon as many as possible through information sharing, practical measures and other proactive means.

We need to separate real threats from imagined ones, including the realm of psycho-spiritual attacks and influences. Those are only as real as we allow them to manifest. We do this two ways. We might straight up succumb to the lies these influences always transmit, which only brings on more spiritual and physical servitude and power to these would-be controllers. That, or we can simply be fascinated by these dark energies and thus empowering them through our attention and therefore intention. The world’s fascination for horror and vampire films as well as gratuitous violence via “action” movies, television and murderous video games exemplifies this. The now known widespread phenomena of satanic ritual sacrifice and abuse and the elite culture of pedophilia are very clear evidence of how these entities operate. They are fundamentally vampiric, and all of this social engineering is to generate more energy for them to feed on.

Turn it off at the source – you. With that will come cutting off the TV and other channels of transmission which in turn will help identify other levels of this program, including EMF mind control technology. The ultimate level it needs to be monitored is ultimately the spiritual source, which amply this vibration and direct these programs into unawakened minds straight into the traps being used on the material level.

It may seem to be a lot to do but ultimately getting fully conscious will transcend anyone outside of this entire realm of their matrix to where it all becomes very simple.

What If? Don’t Worry, Be Conscious

Fear can manifest in a host of ways. Worry is one of the most subtle. Most don’t attach worry to outright fear, they think it’s just a mild concern. Fear is too strong of a word in their minds, which is actually a form of denial and very dangerous. Worries lead to unconscious thoughts and actions. Now if it’s a genuine concern that’s one thing, and needs to be handled, but these wrongly minimalized worries are dangerous and need to be either let go of, or taken care of.

Worry is sometimes brought on by ourselves by not acting on what we know we should be doing, or not doing. However, most worries are completely futile distractions and a total drain. As Mark Twain famously said; “I’ve had many worries in my life, most of which never happened.” These worries can hang around our heads and hearts like cling-ons just waiting for opportunities to collect or amplify a negative vibration. They’re sometimes not easy to deal with if they require some personal resolution regarding something specific we’re avoiding or feel we’re not prepared to deal with. We’re each learning to avoid, overcome and transcend induced fear, and it’s all well within anyone’s grasp.

The elites and those fully entrenched in and using this parasitic control system live in constant worry and fear, and they should. Not only are they foisting it on others and hence bathed in it, but the very real ultimate outcome of their demise and facing the consequences of their actions looms over them like a dark spectre. Why else do they feel the need for bodyguards, armed motorcades and heavily fortified dwellings? All of those with hoarded riches, as well as power, are continually afraid they’re going to lose it.

Why? Because they will lose it all, and pay a lot of other overdue karmic bills at the same time.

The Illusory Fear of Death

LaoTzu_NoFearAnother aspect is how we all rehearse what we would do in different situations. Is it worry? I think it’s only natural to our human condition to a large extent but it can be dangerous. How will we handle facing very serious health issues, or the death of a family member or our closest loved ones, or even our own “death” and transition to the next world?

It’s only a problem if we dwell on these thoughts or we come from a standpoint of fear. It’s not fear unless we haven’t transcended those issues consciously. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip. That wondrous realization of our inherent freedom and eternal nature and the reality of infinite possibility is much of what empowers this magnificent awakening humanity is undergoing. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip.

Death worship has become a societal meme. You can see it in the news, art and the entertainment industry. The truth is this has been embedded into the human fabric from our engineered inception. Just look at the world’s religions, all fixated on death. This in turn imposes not just hierarchical dependence, but shifts the focus from being here to preparing for some sort of afterlife, crippling the ability to live here fully in the moment or respond consciously to the world around us. Death fixation is an extremely strong fear-based disempowerment tool.

We can’t give our energy away, nor can they compel us to. It’s all a bluff, no matter what rages about us.

Kitty recently succinctly commented, “We can’t die. We are eternal and just passing through. The fear of death is the greatest of all the control systems, it is this fear that stops us living fully and joyfully and holds us back . Once we realise this there will be nothing to control, we can be fully human and totally divine just as we are meant to be.”


Transcending is Practical

Awakening to the realm of full on conscious awareness is the key to transcending these lower level vibrational influences. They then become increasingly evident for what they are and we can deal with them intelligently from an enlightened standpoint. When these negative vibrations arise you can then tell them apart from a real threat that needs immediate action. When we see an influence is invading our minds or simply pestering us we can either simply shun the vibration, or take spiritual action to repel such an attack if need be. But don’t give them your energy via fear, fascination and undue attention.

These outside attacks do happen. And we’ll see more of this as these last throes of the dark agenda do their best to subvert humanity into a subservient, subjugated and suppressed state.

They can come as panic attacks as some are experiencing, or a sense of dread and feeling trapped. Some can come across outright spooky is you’re sensitive or have the qualities of an empath or psychic, as many of us do. Again, these are nothing to fear. They cannot touch you, only induce fear if you let them. Some can be directly addressed and told where to go, or you may have tapped into other spiritual technologies or even outside help of some sort which is available. But ultimately it is our individual stand and remaining consciously fearless that takes care of everything.

Whatever the source, they are all based on fear, and ensuing servitude if we comply.

Fear and Hate – Both Negative and Entropic

LightBoxesHate is akin to fear. Hate is that extreme directed backlash in reaction to an influence someone perceives to be a direct threat to them in some way. The extreme manifestations are ever present, from the Zionist genocide in Gaza and on-going Ukrainian massacre, to the hate propaganda being continually ginned by the corporate, agenda-driven media. On a personal level it’s a reptilian brain reaction/protection mechanism and one of the most corrosive and destructive emotions. And they prey on this element.

Both fear and hate are entropic – they break down the beautiful complexity of the natural flow and structure of life in order to release the energy within, leaving a used up, over-simplified and dead husk in its wake. This released energy is food for the temporal and spiritual parasites and the reason their ugly forces are exerted on humanity, and the living earth. You can feel it during violent events, strong expressions of fear and hate, and even at sports venues. The energy released and dissipated is being absorbed by the parasitic forces.

Fossil fuels, atomic energy and weapons of war are all entropic. So is the electromagnetic warfare and geoengineering madness being waged on our planet. All to release energy and create a homogenous, disempowered and easily controlled environment for the parasitic few, both here and in other dimensions. Fear and hate are two of their main tools to cause this same entropic effect on our spirits and society, and are mainstays to creating the negative herd mentality of the worst and most debilitating sort.

Keep the Peace – Not the Fear

DogsLookAtCatWe’re each learning to avoid, overcome and transcend induced fear, and it’s all well within anyone’s grasp.

Peace is precious and our inherent right. No matter what the conditions. While the media floods the airwaves with fear in all forms and our very culture is saturated with it along with the accompanying violence and death, our spiritual home is a place of peace. And love.

We need to see through the media storm and all the accompanying garbage they’re emanating, and avoid getting contaminated by it. It’s spiritual fly paper and one thing can easily lead to another if we get on the wrong track or vibration, taking in useless, toxic information or seemingly innocuous so-called entertainment. They’ve loaded it all up with hitchhiking energies so we need to be extra vigilant.

Stay free and keep the peace that comes from consciously aware knowing. A secure confidence in the rightness of all things essential. That’s where our hearts need to be centered.

Especially in these troublesome times.

For ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity.

Much love, and peace to you,


SF Source ZenGardner  July 31 2014


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SaLuSa, August 1, 2014


SaLuSa is my most favourite spiritual guide! I been reading messages from SaLuSa since I first began my spiritual study back in 2011 (?) and have been overwhelmed by his consistently uplifting messages of love. SaLuSa told us our journey back to the Light and oneness with God would be tough…he also told us we would be successful! “You have rode the storm to take your place at the helm to lead the people of Earth to victory.”

In today’s message, SaLuSa reminds us of how very close we are to finding fulfilment in our lives through our ascension to another, higher realm of being. He eagerly awaits our progression to join him, and other spiritual guides with celebration.

Please read the message of SaLuSa given to us through Mike Quincey. Let his words spark a tumult of joy thorough your heart, as it does mine! Read his message here, feel the joy, and…


For you life seems to move slowly and every moment is imprinted upon your mind, yet in reality the changes are swiftly taking place. There has never been a time when so much is happening so quickly. You are speeding along towards remarkable changes and nothing will be able to hold them back. The mould has been set for a swift change to all that is needed to bring the long awaited New Age into being. You are part of a complex plan to allow the dark Ones the responsibility to be the cause of their own demise. In their arrogance they believe that they are the masters of their future, but overlook the dictates of Heaven. You have an expression about giving someone “enough rope to hang themselves” and this is the position the Dark Ones are in. Their destiny is sealed and they cannot buy their way out of it.

We have often proclaimed that there is a parting of the ways between those who are ready to ascend and those that are not, and this is never more true than it is today. You are all moving into a level that reflects your true vibration, and not a single soul can remain within the higher vibrations unless it is their true level. It is both fair and logical that you will feel “at home” with like souls who share your own ambitions and spiritual understanding. You will however be able to serve those who languish in the lower vibrations, if it should be your desire. For many there is an innate feeling of responsibility for those souls who desire to lift themselves up. Be assured that you will be given that opportunity to do so.

You are living in a defining time that draws souls of a like kind together. It is quite natural at the end of an Age, and prepares people for the next stage in their evolution. At last you will soon be able to enjoy your experience with souls of a like kind and progress will be rapid. You can therefore concentrate on your own future and maintain your personal vibrations. At this stage the mould is set, and most souls have reached a point of advancement that fully represents their present stage of progress. We applaud and love those souls who still work and give fully of themselves to awaken others to the truth. It will have been their life contract and fulfilment of their desire to help them to awaken to their true selves.

In your travels please remember that the blackest of souls still has the spark of Light within. It will therefore respond to those souls around it that can carry their Light as a banner of their allegiance to God. It may take time but no soul is beyond help, and it is a great challenge that will test those of the Light. It takes a very advanced soul to accept it and one that has complete and utter faith in the Light. Those who feel the urge to help souls of a lesser Light will always find the correct level, and are not expected to go to an even lower one.

Dear Souls of Light and Love, all of you feel an urge to give of yourselves to others, and according to your experience will find such opportunities come up along your life path. However, try to allow them to come to you in a natural way and know that they will not necessarily be demanding of you. Do what is within your capabilities and treat others as you would be treated. You will know when you are on the right track , and success does not overinflate the ego, although some souls cannot help but feel overjoyed. That is fine and we too feel such gratitude when you rise to the occasion and achieve your goal. On a higher level we are All One and very powerful Beings, working with the pure vibrations of Love and Light.

We here know that some souls are eager to serve the Light, and feel that they are not being used as they would wish. Let us tell you that your desires are known to us, and be assured that as the ideal opportunity comes up you will be thrust into action. Even simply being a good example of a soul of Light, you will help others to understand how to express themselves whilst on Earth. Therefore be assured that all Beings of Light contribute to the upliftment of others, and indeed apart from your personal evolution it is what you came to Earth to do. Souls are one big family of Light and Love that is your gift from God.

You have come a long way since you first elected to experience upon Earth. When you first came you were already highly evolved Beings, and were prepared to drop your vibrations to learn what it was like in the lower ones. Initially you were at a level where you were Beings of Light, but over a long period of time the vibrations dropped and you lost touch with your Higher Self. It meant that you slipped down to the lower levels and in your history it is recorded as the Dark Ages. However, the Light was always present and in the course of time the darkness was subdued and lifted. Consequently the Light returned and today you are on the threshold of a New Age.

The desired changes are manifesting in many different ways, and are not necessarily apparent unless you can take a panoramic view such as we do. However, the weather changes are happening on a wide scale and are already evident. As we have previously stated, there is going to be more temperate weather throughout the world which changes you are already noting. To some it appears as turmoil and that is because the changes are worldwide, and as you are noting are also affecting the animal and nature kingdom. Such changes have occurred in your past and are quite natural, particularly where your land masses are concerned. Looking back at your history you would find that your world looked quite different to what it is today.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and uplifted by the response of the Souls of Light to the demands upon them, at a time when their cooperation is so vital to the success of the End Times. You have rode the storm to take your place at the helm to lead the people of Earth to victory. One day in the near future you will be totally aware of the magnitude of your success. Carrying the Light with you to Earth is one thing, but you had to realise its existence within yourself and put it to good use. We send our Love and Light as always, and eagerly anticipate the day of our reunion.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light



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Karen Dover ~ Moving into full “FLIGHT” mode

By Karen Dover, 08/01/2014

Beautiful diamond heart isolated with clipping path

Many of you at this time may be experiencing various expansions with regard to the human life experience, from expanding and collapsing “time” to downloading through the “dreamtime” platform, all is moving and expanding in order that you may now exit the old 3d earth created constructs and move into the New Earth frequency realities. Many of you may have felt like you have been sat in the airport lounge for ever, awaiting your departure. Indeed many of you may feel as if you have been in this lounge and the flight is continually being delayed. I use this analogy deliberately for the New Earth frequency realities are similar to destinations. You are at the airport, you are about to board your flight, but which flight have you CHOSEN?

Many of you within this analogy are attempting to get on the same flight as those around you purely based on someone else’s recommendation and not that which you wish to experience, unless you have checked in with your SOUL who for the purposes of this analogy is passport control then you may be attempting to board a flight that you have no reservation for.

Logic has not place in the New Earth and the flights are arranged by FEELing, what is is that you wish to experience in this your human form upon this planet? The airport is multi dimensional and inter dimensional. All that is required is a valid passport and a flight number. Both are available from your SOUL who has pre-booked your flight and left the details at SOUL level.

So how can you be in freedom and yet have your SOUL “pre booked” your flight, this statement may trigger your human logical mind to attempt to dismiss it. Remember when you first incarnated onto this planet you KNEW that you would have to walk through the old 3D earth created construct on the way to the AIRPORT. Many of you are allowing the old 3d earth created reality teachings to teach you that you have to follow a path of karma. This is not TRUTH and not supported. Yes you have freedom but freedom in the New Earth frequency reality is NOT the same as the contained “freedom” within the old 3d earth created construct. (For more detail around this please see the EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH book).


There is no “one” way to enter the New Earth, there is no “one” path to follow in that there is no one “experience” that fits that shows you that you are exiting. Experience is personal and unique, there IS a process that unfolds and again this is explained in both the Birthing the New Earth and Exiting the Old 3D earth books.

It is not possible to move into the New Earth reality of your choice unless you allow the old 3D earth reality to fully be released, there is NONE of the old that can be taken through into the New. As I discussed on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio show this week (wed 30th July 14) it is time to take out the “operating system” you were taught to work from when you first arrived on this planet.

The universe at this time is asking you to prepare for departure, to make a final check that you have all that is required and then proceed to the departure gates. The trip to the New Earth frequency reality is a ONE WAY ticket, there is no return to where you have come from nor started out in this your human life experience and this must be fully acknowledged and anchored at human waking mind level.

So the question the universe is asking at this time is “are you ready to fly”?

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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Bashar – Dark and Light Side


Oh…nice video! Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka, explains “why bad things happen to good people” in a very enlightening way.  Even I get it!

This is the way it goes…the “higher self” of people all choose the experiences that the “ego” of the lower self in 3D, human self, gets to experience. And…it is up to the “lower self” how they choose to respond to that experience…you know, free will and all that. local Senior

I think this is another clue why we need to face and feel LOVE toward all issues in our lives! Right now, my biggest issue is…no money.  Just like many of you out there, I was laid off and have no job. Unemployment doesn’t cover monthly expenses and savings are rapidly disappearing. AM I bummed out? I was…but I’m not any more! All of a sudden multiple job opportunities are popping up and it looks as if I’ll be working in mid-Sept. (Please send your good energy to me!) Now…how to get from here to there will be interesting.

So…I believe my job opportunities are a direct result of facing this situation with LOVE! Did I crawl in a hole, did I sleep I my life away? No…I got out and did something! I choose to wins!volunteer at the local Senior Center with real enthusiasm to bring joy into downbeat seniors. It wasn’t what I did, it was how I felt! I AM facing this situation with heart!

I don’t know what your circumstances are, but I will advise facing then without fear, but with a huge amount of heartfelt enthusiasm and joy! You will make it through touch times…you get to decide how.

Ummm…let me get off that soapbox again and lead you on to this tremendous video that really helped me. So…please watch, determine how you feel, and…


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Bob Fickes ~ Soul Mates

soul mate

Soul mates…I AM married to my soul mate, however, my husband is not my twin flame. Twin flame relationship can be extremely wonderful, yet problematic! But I like living with my soul mate…my husband and I are so totally comfortable with each other and share so very many likes…in short, we have a wonderful relationship! So how do you know when you find a soul mate?

I found an article today that directly addresses that question and let’s you know the signs when you have indeed found a soul mate…either romantically, or not! So please read on, think about it, and…



What is a Soul Mate?
Do I have just one?
When your soul was first created, it was born in a litter! Yes, that’s right! Maybe several hundred souls were part of that litter!
Let’s think of it this way: The Universe had a thought and many souls were born to carry it out.
Soul Mates are like facets on a diamond. Each face has a different perspective and I different role! Facets that are close to each other are similar and facets that are on the opposite side of the diamond are quite different.
Soul Mates usually come together to do something together or learn something together. It is also true that Soul Mates tend to travel in teams together into every life.
These are souls who know each other and appreciate each other. They make excellent partners and good relationships.
There is one problem though?
If someone is too familiar, we tend to take them for granted and never notice how special they are.
It is far too common to find out that the person we have been looking for over the years has always been right beside us!
I had a friend many years ago that demonstrated this principle to me so clearly that I never forgot it. Rob was a ladies man. Every day he would come back to the apartment having met a new lady! Every lady was sexy and beautiful. I was a monk at the time, but I was very impressed that he could be so outgoing and friendly.
A year later I saw him and he told me that he was getting married! I really wanted to see whom he had chosen! There were so many choices!
When I finally met her, she was not what I expected. She was not a super-star like the other ladies. She wore no make-up and dressed very plain and simple. She was very sweet and clever but not beautiful. So I asked Rob why he had chosen her?
He said to me, “Bob, I have known her for many years. Every time I need something she is always there! That’s how I knew that she was the one! She was always naturally there when I needed her!”
I never forgot what he said! It is so true! The person we need is most likely right in front of us. We see them every day but we don’t notice them as important. They are too familiar!
We are so preoccupied looking for our “special someone” that we don’t see Natures gift right in front of us!
Soul Mates are close. They understand each other and work well together. But perhaps, once again, there is no romance! But life is not just about romance!
Romance is the dream. Every day is about reality and having what we need to enjoy our life and be successful and happy.
Don’t let your dream take you away from reality!
There is a rule in this Universe: What you need is right here right now!
How do I find that special person more quickly?
I have three suggestions: First don’t look for someone so special! Look for someone who connects with your heart and feels good.
Second take off your mask and be your self! If you wear a mask no one can see you!
Third, do good deeds and be loving to everyone!
First deserve and then desire!!



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How to Ascend – Raising Your Vibration

raising vibration

Ohhh, this is a great article…especially for those who are rather new to the Lightworker scenario. In this article, Michelle Walling…a Certified Holistic Life Coach, actually gives instructions for how to raise your vibrations! When I first started learning about vibrations and the Law of Attraction through reading and listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com), I was always wondering…how do I raise my vibrational rate? No one was giving any kind of specific instruction on how to do that.

Eventually, I deduced how to do that…your vibrational rate is raised, or lifted, when you are happy! In retrospect, it seems so simple, but for a l-o-n-g time, I just couldn’t figure it out. Happy… happy…now how do I get happy? Oh yeah, that means exposure to happy people, happy events, happy music, happy food, happy clothes, or anything that makes you happy…and I mean truly happy from your heart! I  like to write and kind of teach folks about what I know about vibrations, they way they work, and how they are influencing  humanity’s future. Oh yes…and the highest vibration is… LOVE!

Need more info? Please read this article, digest, and…


Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form.  Everything is energy, everything is alive in motion, and the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. The planet is going through a change in vibration of resonance, and she wishes to take all living beings with her. The raising of ones vibration will change the consciousness or reality that you perceive.

The mineral kingdom vibrates at a slower rate than plants, and animals vibrate slower than humans. Part of the ascension process involves raising your vibrational frequency to that of your light body and beyond. Above your light body is your soul body, oversoul, angels, Archangels and ascended masters, the leaders of the spiritual hierarchy, universal gods, and everything stems from Source (and perhaps beyond into infinity). To raise your vibration means to be with the frequency that is your true self. The Earth is moving form a place of denseness where there has not been much space between the particles. As the earth increases her vibration, more space between the particles allows for an expansion of vibration. Vibrating at a higher frequency simply allows for expansion of more light for those who choose it. Most of us came to ride the ascension wave with the planet with all of our bodies- emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, and this has never been done before in the history of our Universe.

The science of vibration has been explored with Dr. Masuru Emoto’s explanation of how thoughts and emotions affect the vibrational resonance of water. Since the human body is mostly made up of water, the same theory applies to our vibrational level- fear, anger, and dissonant emotions will create inharmonic patterns in our bodies which lead to disease and stagnation, and harmonic emotions will produce perfect patterns of symmetrical beauty within.

How do I raise my vibration level?

The following is list of ways to raise your vibration from the In5d article “Why Raising Your Energy Vibration is So Important”:

There are many free and simple ways to raise our energy vibrations.  Here a just a few:

  1. Meditate – many people who say they don’t have time to meditate will find time to watch TV.
  2. Get out into nature – whether it’s a walk or planting a garden or bed of flowers!
  3. Stop watching TV – and meditate! … Or simply do something else that gives you a positive return of energy.
  4. Play with your pets – our pets give us the lesson of unconditional love which always raises our vibrations.
  5. Watch children playing –  try to remember the fascination of experiencing things for the first time, or the innocence of childhood
  6. Exercise – as long as your able to do so, then go for a walk in nature and you’ll get two benefits at the same time!
  7. Forgive yourself and others – none of us are perfect and there are those who either have hurt us, or that we have hurt. Forgive them but also remember to forgive yourself.
  8. Express gratitude – be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city.  Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and anything else that has been blessed to come into your life, including some of the negative things that ended up being wonderful life lessons that expanded your spiritual growth.
  9. Face your fears and see them as an OPPORTUNITY to spiritually evolve – fearing anything always elicits a negative emotion.  There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives.  Once we face our fears, the fear disappears as this was yet another one of life lessons.
  10. Buy organic food and express gratitude before eating it – organic food has more nutrition than GMO’s, so that alone will increase your physical energy, which in turn will increase your spiritual vibrations, especially if you bless or express gratitude before eating your food.
  11. Do things or be with people who make you laugh – laughter is a very high vibrational energy, even if we’re laughing at ourselves!
  12. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day!

Daryl Anka channels a spirit being collective by the name of Bashar. Bashar tells us that the first three minutes of Beethoven’s symphony #7, movement 2 is the frequency of letting go and forgiving yourself, which will in turn raise your vibration. Music in general is an excellent way to raise your vibration, as long as it is something that you love and makes you feel good. Anytime you are doing something that you love, you raise your vibration.

Essential flower essences and oils can also help to put you in a place that allows for transmutation of energies. Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” was invented over 100 years ago and is made of five flower essences that can center you and relax you. Frankincense and myrrh are classic examples of oils that can bring your body into balance.

A combination of crystal lasers, sound, and colors were used at the time of Atlantis to heal the human body back to a perfected state. The Temple Beautiful was the place to go, and the priestesses used alchemy under the direction of Isis to target energies that needed to be transmuted in order to keep the body a certain age and in a state of perpetual health. Crystals can be cleansed and charged with intention in order to help raise our vibrational level. Don’t be surprised more of these alchemical technologies begin to surface again as the planet raises her vibration and people begin to remember how the highest form of existence is being connected within ourselves and others as well as being connected to Source.

Lovemaking is an extra dimensional way to increase your vibration. Sex with the one you love can increase your blood flow, increase self esteem, and can have the same side effects of meditation. Tantric sex takes this one step further into higher, conscious loving. Loving yourself is an imperative part of raising your vibration, and you can read more about that here.

What is keeping me from raising my vibrational level?

Some people have been on the path of awakening for many years and some people have just started awakening to the fact that we are here to raise our vibrational level in order to raise our consciousness. No matter what the level of advancement, some of us seem to have hidden blocks that are keeping us from moving to the next level. These blocks may be due to karma, fear, patterns of belief imposed in this lifetime, or may even be caused by implants.

The race of ET’s known as the reptilians are responsible for implants within the physical and etheric bodies of humans which control many emotions and responses in our daily lives. Implants are part of the incarnation process and are etherically placed within the baby’s body as part of the continual trap on the wheel of incarnation. Before incarnating, many of our recent past lives were reviewed by the reptilian workers and computer programs were written which triggered and played on fearful situations that would re-emerge in order for them to feed off of the energies. One of the biggest fears the reptilians now face is our awakening to these programs and our freedom from this control. The domination of this planet and her inhabitants is about to be freed from their claws.

There are several types of these implants and many of them can be transmuted by thought and intent and the raising of vibration. However, some of them inhibit the raising of vibration, therefore it is necessary to recognize when it may be time to seek professional help. For our discussion, we will explore physical implants of abductees, physical implants from vaccinations, etheric implants from incarnation, and etheric implants of way showers and lightworkers. The main purpose of addressing implants is not to raise fear about them but to educate the possibilities that they may exist in order to bring a balance that allows integration of self.

Abductees usually receive a physical implant placed somewhere in the body for several reasons. These implants can be used for tracking or to trigger and event or emotion within the human. Most all abductees have given permission from their higher self to go through this experience, although the person usually does not remember their agreement and therefore the aliens will block the memory of the abduction as well. These implants can be used for malevolent and benevolent reasons. Benevolent reasons involve saving races of beings who have cloned themselves out of sex organs and thus have a dying race, so they are breeding with humans. Malevolent reasons always involve feeding off of negative emotions in order for them to survive and to keep humans and planet Earth under their control. Implants have been discovered through x-rays and have been physically removed from people. Some of them survive the extraction and some of them self destruct.

Vaccines are another form of physical implant, and are imposed by the modern day version of the reptilian ET race- those who run our government. Mandatory vaccines were all part of the plan for domination and control of our children. These implants can be triggered with the emotional instability that occurs with the hormone changes in puberty and are usually designed to help the ET’s feed off of the turbulence of negative emotions. Once triggered, these implants can run like computer programs to tell our children that they are not worthy or not loved. This can obviously bring about emotions of despair and can start the spiral of depression. These implants also shut off the third eye capabilities of children.

The etheric implants placed into a baby’s etheric body upon incarnation have several purposes. The main purpose is to monitor the vibration level and to monitor the human body from within. If there is a rise of vibration to a certain level, those who monitor are triggered to go into the next mode of monitoring and destruction by activating a part of the program, or perhaps even the program of another person in their circle of loved ones.  This is very advanced technology but these kinds of implants can still be dissolved through thought and intention and help from the ascended masters and healing angels. Recognizing self destructive addictions and behaviors can trigger the self healing process and therefore eliminate these but to completely rid yourself of the more complex past life imposed patterns and behaviors, help from the higher realms may be required. The Pleadians and Arcturians are available to help those who ask for help to clear these types of implants.

Many way showers and lightworkers on the planet at this time slipped under the reptilian robot system when the computer planning system was scanning them before incarnation. These way showers had many lifetimes that led up to this lifetime where they learned how to disguise who they really were and to hide many of their special qualities in order to become invisible to the system of control. However, there are some that were not able to hide everything, and these people received the big bad boy etheric implants which require some specialized removal processes. These implants are technologies that have consciousness. They come in many forms, one of which looks like a black octopus with tentacles. These are placed within the body for tracking and monitoring purposes, as well as to replay thoughts of self doubt, depression, anger, and other negative thoughts. These implants can be the cause of schizophrenia and manic depression. The most common places for these implants to exist are in the spinal cord, where the imprinting of our DNA lies. Another place is the base of the skull, and the tentacles can reach up into the brain. People who have had past lives with psychic abilities may have a disc-like implant over their third eye. They can also be placed around the heart, liver, lungs, throat, and the womb. Clearing of these implants can be done by skilled healers and since these technologies are living beings with consciousness, they have to be returned to the light to be recycled. When they are pulled out through psychic surgery, an empty space is left which should be filled with light. Usually only way showers with important missions have these kinds of implants, and although professional help is suggested to deal with these types of implants, never underestimate the power of someone of a high vibrational level remembering who they are and what they are capable of. To read more about extraction of these types of implants, please click on this link from the Galactic Connection website.

Most of the simple forms of implants that manifest as voices, beliefs, and patterns can be dissolved by spiritual intention and ritual. Some forms of this are:

-Burning a sage or cedar bundle or smudging
-Repetitive mediation and increasing the light quotient
-Calling upon Archangel Michael to remove any foreign objects or energies
-Thought and visualization of these being removed by the angels
-Ceremony- asking the ascended masters to gather and asking for removal

Keeping the body more alkaline than acidic and strengthening and growing your pillar of light make it more difficult for these implants to function. For most people, raising your vibration is ironically the best way to rid yourself of unwanted energies and technologies, since these technologies were meant to keep us from raising our vibration.

One of the biggest tools we have as human beings is laughter. Laughter instantly raises one’s vibration and negative aliens cannot feed on this type of energy. Imagine what would happen if everyone on the planet laughed at once- we might instantly shift into another level of vibrating!

Can raising my vibration lead to ascension?

Raising your vibration allows you to be a receiver for the fifth dimensional healing energies being sent to you from our ET brothers and sisters of the light. There are many races of beings available to us that agreed to help us realize or free will to move beyond the construct of the matrix. Freedom from this matrix allows entry through the doorway to fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies. Crossing the thresholds from density to expansion and raising our consciousness is the process of ascension.

Recognizing what is happening in your life and being aware of how you are feeling is the key to consciously raising your vibrational level. Life is like a computer program, a hologram that we are co-creating. Fear is the number one culprit of lower vibrational frequency, and the beings that need this emotional energy cannot exist without stealing it from humans. Simply put, eliminating fear on the planet will eliminate those who dominate and control the planet. Recognizing what has happened to humanity since the fall of Atlantis and transmuting this fear is the key to a mass ascension across the planet. Taking your power back and winning this game of control will be discussed in part ten of this series. Raising your vibration will automatically open the doors to the knowledge and wisdom only available to us through our inner knowing.

Many times information that is presented in articles and videos are layered and encoded with a vibration that will reach exactly who needs to hear it. Some of the information will just not resonate with others. Using your discernment about what feels right in order to keep raising your own vibration is many times confirmed by synchronicity and can be felt when the truth is confirmed through your body with “chills”, inside and out. Listen to your body in order to know what to eat and what needs more attention. Rather than trying to control your ascension, going with the flow will allow for more expansion and awareness, so do not get too wrapped up in techniques but rather feel them as you read them and let your higher self guide you to the place that you need to be. Trust yourself over anything or anyone else, and keep moving forward on your inner nudges and thoughts.



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Ronna Herman – Latest Message From Archangel Michael – “Enhancing Your Power To Manifest” – 31 July 2014


Ronna Herman doesn’t come out with many articles, but when she does…watch out! Archangel Michael speaks through Ronna and truly delivers a great message helping me
understand the concept of illusion. You’ve heard and read many people, including me, mention the world of illusion we all live in. But what does that really mean? Is this life all a pretend play that: a) not reality, b) not to be taken seriously, or c) a mistaken or misleading life?

Archangel Michael defines our illusion very nicely, “The illusion is your perception of the world, a reality you view through filters of your own making: beliefs, structures, taboos and limitations you have encoded within your subconscious mind and have accepted as your truth.” Ah-Ha! My perception of the world is an illusion, which means my perception will change as my human consciousness rises! That makes complete sense to me as we all know that “perception IS reality”!,

Please read the rest of Archangel Michael’s message for us, think about it, and…


Beloved masters, as you traverse the return path into the higher-dimensional realms of existence known as the River of Light/Life, or sometimes, the Rainbow Bridge of Cosmic Consciousness, the vibrational patterns within and around you are in a constant state of change. This has resulted in an ever-increasing expansion of consciousness, whereby the filters through which you view your world of reality, as well as the belief-structures you have built around you, are gradually being replaced with higher, more empowering truths. The world you have created and those you interact with will always reflect back to you the beliefs and expectations you have accepted as your truth.

In a painful or debilitating situation, there are always distorted or imbalanced beliefs and attachments which keep you imprisoned in a false, illusional reality. The beliefs which control many of your actions and reactions on a daily basis are slowly dissolving, and are being replaced with self-empowering concepts you are gradually accepting as your new version (vision) of reality. You are in the process of expanding your awareness of Self, and you are developing a more focused, in-depth awareness of those with whom you interact, and also of the realms beyond your present ability to see. You have often heard the saying that “all is an illusion.” This does not mean that everything that has been created in the physical realm of existence is not solid, does not have structure, or is not real. Nor does it mean that the higher realms are illusional with no tangible structure or definition. Every level of existence throughout this Universe seems as real to those who reside there as your earthly home does to you. The Creator and Its all-encompassing influence are most assuredly real, just as we are.

The illusion is your perception of the world, a reality you view through filters of your own making: beliefs, structures, taboos and limitations you have encoded within your subconscious mind and have accepted as your truth. Everyone views the world and daily events through a veil of their own beliefs and a modified level of awareness. That is why many see everything through a filter of negativity, while en-Lighten-ed Souls experience life through a filter of love and non-judgment.

During these times of accelerated transformation, you are experiencing great changes both within and without. The membranes between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds are becoming thinner, thereby allowing you access to the subjective, self-limiting information you need to release and the distorted concepts you need to heal in order to return to balance within as you strive to reclaim Self-mastery. The right and left hemispheres of your brain, as well as the matrix of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious are in the process of merging and returning to a unified state of super- or macro-consciousness. In many ways, the saying “as it was in the beginning, so it will be once more” applies to the transformational process humanity is now experiencing.

Every observation via the physical senses that makes an impression on you, as well as every action, interaction and reaction, is automatically transmitted and recorded within the memory cells of the subconscious mind. Again, we stress, your subconscious mind is subjective and takes every thought or experience literally, and is thereafter affected by your individual bias. The subconscious mind will continue to respond to and replay old thought patterns and conditions over and over again until the misconceptions are resolved and reprogrammed.

Your third- and fourth-dimensional world is random and chaotic while the time/space continuum of the higher-fourth dimension and beyond is more flexible and fluid. As you integrate the vibrational patterns of the higher dimensions, all that is not compatible will rise to the surface for resolution, which results in higher wisdom. For those who have developed their inner sight, they know that thoughts are tangible things. They are aware that the quality or frequency patterns of a thought determine its color, while the nature of an emotion determines the form it will take. The more focused and detailed a thought is, the clearer the outline will be. Thoughts of a low frequency level are dark, muddy and distorted while the higher octaves of thought, those infused with love, are more delicate and luminous. You must accept the fact that your thoughts do have substance and that they do have an effect on you and the world around you.

You must be willing to examine the preconceived ideas about the complex traditions /structures/boundaries of your life, and you must release or transform the beliefs which are keeping you stuck in self-inflicted structural limitations. Releasing attachments, outmoded habits and concepts is an ongoing process and requires constant vigilance and upgrading. We are aware that you have built comfort zones around you which are difficult to move beyond, even if they are uncomfortable and constrictive. But that is exactly what you must do, beloveds, if you are to expand and become the masters of cocreation you were meant to be.

Letting go is liberating and gives you the power to expand your consciousness and your world. The higher your vibrational patterns become, the more fluid the restrictions around you become. Do not become attached to the structures of life you have built around you. You must realize that change is an integral part of growth. You make decisions and choices every day, and as a master-becoming, it is imperative that you always strive for the highest choices. The boundaries of your spectrum of duality will become narrower, and the pendulum of choice will swing in a much smaller range to the right and left of center. As a result, your perception and conscious awareness will expand and be raised exponentially. “A master always follows the narrow upward path” is an ancient truth that still applies. You must always seek your highest truth and then live it to the best of your ability.

It is important that you are aware that there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize a great variety of GODLY EXPRESSION. Therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time, to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your third- and fourth-dimensional reality as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths and grow closer to your original “State of Divinity.”

We are in the midst of one of the greatest cycles of transformation that this Universe has ever experienced; however, it is important that you understand that there have been many minor cycles of change on Earth, and each of you has experienced these transformational times in one way or another.

The coming Seventh Root Race will be highly-evolved and spiritually-attuned and will be influenced by the SEVENTH RAY of transformation, purification, freedom and redemption. Everyone and everything on Earth will be affected by the radiance of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Transmuting Flame. Many of the old, outmoded teachings are being discarded as you evolve in wisdom and raise your frequency patterns. The love-based and empowering religious beliefs will be retained, while the fear-based, controlling concepts are slowly being discarded. During the transition into the age of enlightenment, the religions that will survive are those which are willing to expand their philosophy to incorporate the revealed, higher Creator truths.

New cycles of “Being” are initiated through a willingness to change and can gradually be incorporated with ease and grace. However, for those who are resistant, it will be through chaos and conflict. Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb (or reject), and then transmit the more refined energies known as “higher truth.” Your Soul and Higher Self remember the reason you chose to experience and express painful situations–not as a punishment, but for resolution.

It is vitally important that you strive to strengthen your self-determination and your desire for fulfillment. You must evolve from an ego self-serving mode to a Soul-serving state. Your Soul is the part of you which is connected to the “Universal Whole.” You gain compassion the hard way through pain and suffering (ego-driven), or the easy way through the process of reunion with your Higher Self and God Ray (Soul-inspired).

Nothing can escape the radiation and magnetic influence of the rarified Creator Light/Adamantine Particles now permeating this Universe, Sub-universe, galaxy, solar system, the Earth and humanity. The chakras are like electromagnetic batteries within the body. The vibrations of electromagnetic frequencies communicate to many levels of consciousness. You must be harmonious with and attuned to the vibrational frequencies in order to integrate them. The higher frequencies of Light/ thought/sound vibrate through your blood, cells, organs, bones, muscles and tissues, enriching your sense of well-being. The lower frequencies of the third- / fourth-dimensional environment restrict the flow of life-giving energy, and increase the density in your four lower-body systems. Your blood carries genetic encodings of your earthly lineage, but more important, your cosmic lineage and your Divine heritage.

My beloved bearers of Light, we ask you to view each test and challenge as an opportunity to release outmoded thoughts and vibrational patterns which no longer serve your greater good. We implore you to view your life experiences through the filters of your Sacred Heart/Mind as you draw forth the Diamond Ray Particles of Life/Light and infuse them with your love before radiating them out into the world and to humanity. We are all in this cosmic dance of evolution, and together, we shall prevail.

I AM Archangel Michael.




Meditating regularly on the Sacred Heart, and consciously activating the incoming Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you integrate, will result in a major transformation in your life as you become a cocreative Self-Master of the highest order.

In a relaxed state, begin the Breath of Infinity–(a figure 8). With each breath, imagine your consciousness expanding to incorporate all of the solar system………. then the galaxy…………… and then this Sub-universe. Envision, however you perceive, the magnificence of the planets, star systems, galaxies, and also feel within your Sacred Heart the power and majesty of the vastness of space…….the “Great Void” filled with the unmanifested potential of Love/Light (the Adamantine Particles of Creation, powered by Love).

Now envision yourself as the center, the focal point within this Sub-universe, as the “Flow of Divine Light” radiates forth from all directions toward you. See the prisms of Light refracting into Rainbow Colors, which contain all the virtues, qualities, attributes and potential of Creation. Breathe deeply as you ingest this gift of Love/Life, as you begin to feel the flow to you and from you…….the never-ending supply of Divine Light Substance. Breathe in………..breathe out………… breathe in………..breathe out…………..as you see this magic elixir flow forth from your Sacred Heart center in an Infinity Sign, from both the front and back portals of your heart. Be aware that, with you as the receptacle and the conduit on the material plane, the Creator particles of pure Light substance will pour forth into you and from you in a never-ending supply. These particles will stream outward into the material world to be molded into an unlimited variety of physical manifestations via your visions, seed thoughts and pure intentions / will / actions!




Lastly, but of vast importance, always maintain an attitude of gratitude for all things, large and small. A constant state of thanksgiving generated from within the Sacred Heart will magnify and enhance your ability to cocreate in alignment with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all.

How will you use this gift which is a treasure beyond imagining? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to the world and humanity? Reach for the stars, beloved friends, for there is no limit to what you can manifest and share when your desires are in harmony with Spirit. Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna


















Transmitted through Ronna http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.  Link to original article

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