Complacent Compliance and The Disdain for Life ~ Feb. 8, 2016


By Zen Gardner, 02/07/2016

It’s an option. It’s always an option, a choice. We can submit to outside influences or we can be driven by the truth we know in our hearts. We can honor life, creativity, love, cooperation and unity or we can let would-be controllers make our decisions and set our courses of action for us.

Who hasn’t witnessed this mindless humdrum called “normal” human existence and been bewildered? We’ve seen it in ourselves and those we observe walking in the repetitive monotony of life. Socially and economically maintaining an existence on this planet is so completely contrived, deliberately backbreaking and monotonous you really have to wonder why more people don’t wake up and rebel against this insanity.

It’s pathetic when you come right down to it.

We all see it, we’ve all experienced it. It’s subtle, yet completely obvious. The curse of the parasitic meme-setters is that it appears, and in fact has become apparently necessary, for our compliance to their staged channels and parameters. Scarcity, the money system, hierarchy and all that construct is something humanity has willingly, as well as forcibly, bought. It’s just that it eventually becomes almost unbelievable that so many can fall for such contained oppression without questioning the entire construct around them.

It’s like being forced by some bully to be thrown into a pit and told now it’s necessary for you dig yourself out – forever. Like Sisyphus having to roll the rock up the hill over and over again.

Economic manipulations, staged geopolitical machinations and increased social restrictions attest to this, while the fear mongers’ conomic maipulatsirens wail for the scattering and reduction of humanity’s sanity.

It’s time to wake the hell up.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat – Then Do It Again

The insanity of living in the so-called modern world is beyond description. How people can succumb to these 9 to 5 slave positions to pay for their prison cells is beyond me. And on top of that, has anyone even stopped to notice the restrictions closing in on them, or how they now even police each other?

It’s surreal. Yet people on a massive scale are falling for it in the programmed name of “security”.

Remember, everything coming from the wrong source is fear based.  Just think of that condition of being security bound. Willing to sell yourself short for pretend protection from the local/state/federal mafia or even more so some kind of religious or belief system hierarchy. How pathetic of a worm can humanity possibly be? Yet this is the mainstay default mindset of so many. It’s staggering. People willing to sell their souls to the state or their belief system just to survive – and all based on lies.

This action is repeated again and again and again all over the globe, not only in so-called industrialized countries, but it’s a disease of mankind worldwide. When will people wake the hell up and step out of the madness and start turning upstream and make a damn difference?

Don’t Dishonor Life

Perhaps the most profound aspect about this is the nature of those who choose to be asleep, or willfully ignore the truth for whatever reason. I see it as a disdain for life. Real life. True life. Freedom in its most simple and basic form. To love those around you, to live in harmony and understanding and sharing, finding our own ways of interacting and maintaining our basic life functions without external governance and oppressive control mechanisms.

I admit it’s a major deviation from the so-called norm. But that’s the issue. Who set the norm? Why are we in the mess that we’re in? Something is clearly fundamentally wrong.

A true resurgence of truth and awakening requires a metanoia, a complete turning about. Revolution has many bad connotations but it comes close, but like the term “God” is fraught with wrong inferences. There needs to be a complete turn around, in fact transcendence, from the crap we’ve been handed by this parasitic force attempting to harness, corral, and siphon our energy for way too long.

Honor life. To be a subservient slave is to dishonor it. It’s time to rise and simply be.

Not In Sync – Shake It

This ridiculous world is so out of sync with anything real and native and natural it’s off the charts. Don’t look to it or its belief systems for salvation or any kind of help, and don’t even pay it too much attention. Just know it’s there and understand it so you can work around it.

But for Truth’s sake bust free from it and make a difference.

I don’t care how you do it. Just shake this paradigm off like a stinky, moldy old bug ridden coat and run for daylight.

We’re not here to entertain someone else’s madness. We’re not here to fulfill the wishes of on or off planet parasites. We’re here for the love of life and truth and to live in abundance and harmony. This is our home. Do not give it up without doing your part in this conscious, mental and physical fight for freedom.

Much love and keep on plowing ahead. It’s ours to respond, and respond and activate we will!

Love, Zen


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January Monthly Update by Cobra ~ Feb. 7, 2016


Oh goody, another brief, but important message from COBRA who keeps us aware of the spiritual and not-so-spiritual movements in space. Have you signed the petition asking Putin to “go public” with formal Disclosure? Please read this interview, listen to his interview by Rob Potter if you prefer, and…


With a short delay, I am posting the December monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter. You can read the transcript if you scroll down the page on the following link:

The Youtube audio version is available here:


You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

An update about the Disclosure Petition will be posted soon.

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judith kusel

Just found this video by Judith Kusel…please watch this one, and…


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Through the Tears… Through the Pain… Comes a New Day ~ Feb. 7, 2016

pot of

Ah yes! We’ve all heard the story of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the saying that it get’s darkest before the dawn, the story of the humble moth that turns into the butterfly. Human cultures all propagate stories that propel us into NOT giving up; of how good things await the human heart in the long run!

This poem, found on Zen Gardner’s site, illustrates this feeling that is, in reality, a human emotion. Emotion…that human trait that seems to be what the rest of the Universe is here to watch. How human emotions DO carry the day, and ARE responsible for whatever our final outcome is to be! Also, let’s not forget that human emotion IS vibratory energy and we know that vibrations of like energy tend to get together!

Of course…this is a blog about Love, the highest  and best human emotion of all. Love drives this world whether you are receiving good, or bad in your life. Kinda hard to understand, but even if you are experiencing some not-so-good events in your life…they are the result of someone else’s desire, or love…of something (even if that love is skewed, or evil)!

So…please read Rosemary’s poem, relax and know that Truth and Love ALWAYS win, and…


By Rosemary Spitaleri, 02/07/2016

Good morning
Reflection on tears compiled from my journal, songs and my thoughts.
Words cannot describe
The way it feels….when mercy floods a thirsty soul❣
My broken heart begins to heal
My heart starts to beat, boom boom boom
So loudly now
I’m not out
I’m just down
I’m rising up in victory…
We hide pain because we are taught this way
Broken souls with smiling faces
Fighting for surrender
For the now and for the after
Look around and you will see
People scared to say how they really feel
So if your heart is broken pieces
Tell your heart to beat again❣
Through the tears… Through the pain…Comes a new day
Look up and look in-you are LOVED.🌹
Let’s stop pretending
Only God is perfect.

~~Calling all hearts
~~Calling all hands
___Calling all feet to take a stand
Why sit around and wait?
When we can be one!

Let’s soulfully pray
Spread light to the broken
Be the arms that don’t let go
For the blind man, for the hungry, for the lost out on the street, for the physically sick, for the mentally ill and the-addicted. For many broken and hopeless souls.
For the innocents being exploited and tortured
For all of creation including nature.
Let’s set our hearts in motion
To do what God has sent us here for.
For anyone in pain…I am praying for you….may your suffering not overcome you…may you come and pray with us. May you experience love and comfort!🙏🏻



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Message from Mike Quinsey 2-5-16… ~ Feb. 5, 2016


Mike Quincey comes to us again today with such heartening message…it’s almost here! Mike offers the latest words from his Higher Self urging us to “hold the Light” as our end times play out. Please read this message, imagine having to electrical bill, and…


Events that will affect your future and be beneficial for you continue to take place, mostly out of your sight. However, there will come a time during the course of this year when you shall learn of the benefits brought about by the changes. It is known that a revaluation of currency is foremost in your minds, and it has taken considerable time to bring countries together in agreement to the changes. There are now sufficient of them for it to brought forward, and there has never been a time when it has achieved such progress. You may therefore be sure that revaluation is in its final stages. Meanwhile more inventions are seeing the light of day, and it is only a matter of time before they start to be released. Be assured that the changes are well under way and too far forward to be halted. Ways of producing free energy have been available for some time and now even more devices are being revealed. Their ultimate use and availability is approaching, but the Illuminati are still trying to prevent their distribution. It will not always remain in this situation as your evolution cannot be held back indefinitely.

Difficult times lie ahead and are inevitable as major changes occur, and commence to alter your way of life from drudgery to one that releases you from it. There are so many changes coming that raise your quality of life to levels that you should have enjoyed by the end of the last century. In what will seem a relatively short time you will have gone ahead in leaps and bounds, until you reach levels that lift you of the old patterns of struggle. The most acceptable and welcome change will be when you are assured of world peace, and the fruits of your labours are used for the benefit of everyone. The biggest gain will be to have sufficient time to follow your own interests, and have the financial means to do so. Life will be become vastly different to what you are presently used to. No longer will Mother Earth be looked upon as a prison planet, and the curfew that you have lived under will in time be lifted. You become free souls and able to follow your own pathway without obstruction.

As those of you who are of the Light continue to lift yourselves up, you will be distancing yourselves from those who make little or no attempt to overcome their dark energies. They will experience exactly what they are trying to impose upon your civilisation, and find themselves isolated from the rest of Humanity. By your reckoning it may have taken a long time to reach this point in your evolution, but in reality it is but a “blink of the eye”. The benefits of such an experience are manifold and have been achieved over such a short period of time. Of course all of you have had to go through some tough challenges but there is no quicker way to evolve. What you have learnt will have prepared you for greater things, and your Sword of Life will have been hardened by your experiences. Take every challenge as an opportunity to raise your vibrations, and know that you are never placed in a situation that is more than you can handle. So if you are presently involved in struggle, know that you do have the ability to achieve success. Also remember that you do not walk your life alone, and there are always dear souls that accompany you and will assist you where they can. However, be aware that help is yours when it is requested and in no way would be imposed upon your freewill.

It is known that extremely large numbers of you suffer from various forms of illness, or lack good health for various reasons. Be assured that very soon good health will be the normal way of life, and in most of your lifetimes healing will be available for every soul. In fact there will be instant healing that will also restore broken or lost limbs. The future holds many surprises for you, and all will fill you with joy. God always promised that upon the completion of the present cycle, you would be returning to the higher realms to start an era of continual love and fulfilment. Be one who helps manifest the New Age and helps others to follow the same path. Be loving, and guide others so that they too may find success.

Bear in mind that whatever thoughts you give out, you are helping to establish the nature of future events in your lives. Do not underestimate the power of thought as it is you the people of Earth who are determining your own future. So focus on all that is good and helping Humanity to keep their feet on the path of Light. Your Guides certainly work to this end and will do as much as possible to help you keep your goal in sight. In your present circumstances there will always be distractions that could lead you astray. Call upon your Guides in times of need and they will be at your side, and sometimes their presence will be felt that can be very reassuring.

Past experience shows that when you have great expectations you tend to feel disappointment if they do not materialise quick enough. Allow ample time for events to take place as a lot is progressing towards completion, and you will know soon enough when they are ready. You will not be disappointed and once those who oppose such moves are no longer able to exert their influence, they will commence to manifest. Once the remnants of the old cycle are removed, a glorious period of growth and development will commence. There is so much destined to happen that no one will be able to halt its advancement, and it will be welcomed all over the world as the New Earth comes into being.

Each soul will have much influence as to where their travels take them, and many will commence a new venture. Eventually a whole new vista of opportunity will open up for you as you establish yourself as a Galactic Being. Even now you are being given a greater understanding of the Universe that is being opened up to you. It is full of life that like you is evolving towards a greater understanding of how all is part of the whole. There are so many different forms of life that exist in the many Universes that are around you. Some are so different to your own, yet all are on a path that ensures they continue to evolve. Hu-man is a relatively new species that is ready to move into the higher dimensions.

At a high level there is a “war” being fought between the forces of Light and the dark Ones, who although they have found their actions becoming limited, are refusing to surrender. Their fight is destined to result in failure for them as they can no longer use the full weaponry they have amassed. They are doomed yet cling on to hopes of success, when they are losing the power to dictate the final outcome. They are blindly heading for defeat but not in the way you imagine, as the Light does not resort to violence. The end of the old ways of confrontation is in sight, although there is quite a way to go before total peace can be declared. An era of peace approaches that you have earnt through your dedication to the Light and all it represents. May the Love and Light remain with you forever.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

You can subscribe to the mailing list for these messages by going to left click on the heading “Subscribe to the Tree of the Golden Light Weekly Messages” and it will take you to the Subscribers page – go to the bottom and under the heading “etfirstcontact” enter your Email address twice as requested. You will then receive a confirmation if you are successful. You can also “unsubscribe” from the same page.

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The Alchemical Light ~ Feb. 4, 2016

Posted by Spiritlibrary, 02/04/2016

By Tony Samara

Throughout the ages people have believed that you can feel light. Whether it be symbolic or actually felt within the heart, there is a sensation to light, when you move beyond the mundane senses. You can feel light within your body and within the consciousness body of yourself – you can feel what light means.

When you breathe in to this light, when you understand this light, then like the mantra, this beautiful light that has been seen throughout the ages as what helps you to be free, and is symbolised in many different ways, becomes an actual experience.

In alchemical mystical philosophies, light is the end product of the transformation that happens when you allow the old aspects of yourself to create light. This means that negative thoughts don’t need to be pushed away, rather the negative thoughts need to transform in the same way as the phoenix.

What you have to do is to change the structure that maintains those negatives or limits within yourself, so that the phoenix can rise out of the flames of light, the flames of fire – an ancient symbol that allows you to change any structure. If you believe and trust and can imagine the beauty that is contained within the flame that allows for such transformation, then you can experience the light in the same way as the phoenix.

Instead of being stuck and caught by the limits and darkness of the mundane, you can be free and fly to a higher aspect of yourself – this is higher consciousness and this is what happens when you allow beautiful light to come within your thoughts. The beautiful light allows for this beautiful transformation to happen by the power of light, not by the power of your need to change certain aspects. Throughout the ages, light and/or fire has been seen as your path to moving away from the dualistic nature of darkness and light, good and bad.

This is why I would advise you, when you are meditating (which is a wonderful practice to do) that whenever your mind drifts into the mundane thinking, whenever the mind falls back into the world of pain and suffering bring back the power of light – chant the mantra and bring back the power of light into your body.

This is very easy because light has a magnetic resonance. When you begin to focus on the beautiful light inside of your body, for example, if you focus on the third eye and imagine in this moment a beautiful candle and with your eyes closed, focus on this beautiful light, and as you focus on this light, sense, in the same way as the phoenix, the energy and the life force that is contained within this structure. And bring this structure, bring the light into your body, so that every breath that you take in, is a breath that brings lightness to your body.

What is amazing is that the magnetic resonance within light begins to expand the space inside of your brain, inside of your body, so that you feel lightness, so that you feel bliss, so that you feel the sense of light that is beyond the physical light, the light that is within your heart. It is a wonderful thing because once that light and that sense of bliss begins to open, begins to manifest in this world, through your body, through your mind, through your meditation, you realise that it calls to itself, light from everywhere of the same frequency and so the vibration of your thoughts begins to change. The whole structure of the way you do things begins to change, even if you’re not aware through your senses of such transformation, even if you’re not aware of the phoenix, the phoenix begins to take shape within your body. Sometimes it takes a little more practice, but the phoenix is learning to fly.

As you breathe in and breathe out, be aware, that every time you drift away from the focus that allows you to be free, simply celebrate the light that is within your being, within the meditation, within the space that you’re creating as you focus more deeply on your truth. As your heart begins to resonate with that truth, the truth that is very clear when you let go of all that veils you from being who you really are, then the journey to freedom begins. It takes very little effort, because once you see who you are, once the light shines so brightly that there is no space for darkness, you move to the next level where there is no struggle, where expansion happens by itself, where the light begins to expand simply because of its nature, not because of your desires, or because of your needs or because of your need to move away from suffering or pain, but simply because light is ever, forever, expanding and the magnetic resonance that comes from that space, the more light there is and the more light becomes part of your experience. Then you are not anymore controlled by the ego or the negative thoughts of anger, or jealously or comparing or feeling pained by certain aspects of life – they are no longer relevant. As you breathe in and breathe out and manifest this light inside of yourself, allow the light to move you beyond this physical dimension.

Within meditation, within consciousness you have to understand that there are dimensions that you can experience, you can understand, through allowing yourself to trust that it is OK to let go so deeply that the expansion that happens within your consciousness, is not limited by this physical mundane reality. To do this it is very important that there is no darkness, there is no limitation, there are no negative thoughts.

To be able to travel to other dimensions of consciousness requires that you are free. So whenever the little monkey inside of oneself, the ego mind, begins to play the same tune, the same old paradigm, consciousness recognises that this place – the same old structure – is of no use, it gives it no energy, gives it no attention, gives it no importance. You can watch this as if you’re watching a beautiful theatre with no judgment and no energy given to that situation. You just watch from that space of light and freedom and allow yourself to constantly come back to that which allows you to journey deeper – the sound of the mantra.

This is the secret that the ancient mystical people initiated to the many who are ready to understand – that behind the mantra, behind the sound, there is the light of consciousness that allows the mantra not to just be sound but to be light and sound, infused together to create a sacred journey that is the path to awareness, the path to bliss.

The mantra is the creative force that allows for the space to open so that your consciousness can move to these other dimensions. It is the creative force that many sacred texts have spoken about; it is the sound that allows for creation to be understood and within that sound there is a light, and that light is the ever-expanding universe that allows for so much information to be present, that everything makes sense.

Consciousness is not limited to your personality, or your brain, or to your senses. Consciousness is the evolution of humanity in a complete sense of oneness. And this understanding is for you to experience. When we experience this there is a sense of freedom, but we need to let go of the darkness and the sabotage programmes that stop the expansion.

You need to remember that it is not you personally that can travel to these dimensions, but it is the conscious aspect of you, the light within your heart, that allows for you to move deeper into these dimensions.

I feel this is very important in these next coming months – that we understand that spiritual work is a blessing, it is the path to bliss – deep bliss – the path to deep enjoyment of being and that the old paradigms where we struggle, are for sure the path to conflict and separation from that bliss.

When you can put aside the struggle and focus on the celebration of being, then life becomes a more beautiful journey.

Copyright © 2014 Tony Samara. This article, video or audio may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author is credited, and the URL is included.


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Chaos and Power by Dana Mrkich ~ Feb.4, 2016


By Dana Mrkich, 02/04/2016

We are seeing a lot of chaotic energy around at the moment. Weather has gone haywire. Schools all around the world have been receiving bomb threats on a daily basis for almost a week. Misinformation and fear campaigns are out in full force. Distraction efforts are at an all time high.

The energy of 2016 has the most power of any year I’ve felt before, and feels to represent a completely new phase to the years preceding it. As mentioned in the year ahead forecast, it is numerologically a year 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6). So we are seeing the end of a period that started in 2008, and we are being given a taste of the 2017-2025 chapter ahead.

2016 feels to be a year when millions of people are deciding or choosing or feeling compelled to step it up a level. Individually and collectively, more of us are stepping into our truth, and stepping into our power. We are taking inspired, conscious action be that walking away from old jobs, to changing the food we eat, the products we buy, the media we watch and the activities we engage in.

If the preceding phase was about masses of high-frequency energy entering and pouring onto the the planet from every direction, that is, power coming IN from some higher-vibrational source, then this current and incoming phase looks visually to me to be like a ball that is expanding OUT.

This ball feels to represent all the people on this planet who have received this influx of energy, and thus had it activate, and continue to activate, our soul memory, our innate gifts, our potential, and our power. As our memory/potential/power continues to be activated and expressed, it of course expands and increases, both in terms of volume (numbers of people), and our combined power potential/ability.

Imagine for a moment that this ball is in the middle of a bigger circle. The bigger circle represents our world and our old paradigm/reality structure. As the ball expands and grows bigger, it is naturally pushing out the old paradigm/reality structure. The old paradigm/powers that were obviously don’t want to be pushed out and so they are fighting back – the result is a chaos type energy. The result is increasing attempts to control this oh so very annoying growing ball of awake, conscious souls who, gasp, think that they actually have power (or, oh crap, they are remembering they have power!!).

Yep we are those annoying souls who think we have power.

We are those pesky souls who actually have power and are remembering our power!

Damn that high-frequency energy that entered the planet. The powers that were really, truly, genuinely thought they could stop it, or at the very least harness it and use it for their own purposes. (C’mon, that’s basic Energy Magic 101!)

Sorry. No. Not this time.

Look, I’m having a bit of fun right now with this us and them business.  It’s really all light and shadow. We have it within us, and we have it in the world. We have it in the cosmos. The powers that were represent our own disowned power. At the end of the day, and at the end of this very long game, we are all brothers and sisters of the light. We will sit around the Sun one day, and have a bit of a laugh together:

“Oh, you played the corrupt corporate dude so well!”

“Why thank you, and however did you manage to act so powerless for so long??!”

We’ll argue over who is the most deserving winner of the Galactic Oscars.

“You deserve it!

“No you do!”

We’ll hug and acknowledge how great we ALL are, and how much every role on this planet was needed to get us where we needed to be.

Back to the ball. It’s growing, it’s expanding. The energy that is being nudged out is creating tension, static and chaos with its resistance.

We don’t need to fight it. We don’t have to ignore it. We just need to stay in our ball and play our part in growing it and expanding it.

If something outside the ball annoys you, do what feels best in relation to that.  If certain food or product production methods upset you, spend your dollars on locally-grown/made, eco-friendly goods. If a behaviour upsets you, ask yourself if you have that inside you and make a commitment to embody the opposite of that, or embody the same in a more positive way. If you feel called to shine the light on certain info by sharing links do so.

If you feel your job more involves you increasing the light within the ball, then do that. Do what feels right and true for you. You and only you are coded to be who you came here to be, and to do what you came here to do.

There is too much telling others what to do. “Don’t get political”, “Don’t eat this”. No-one but you knows why you are here. No-one but your soul knows what your specific role is. It might not be right for your friend to post controversial things, but for you it feels like part of your living and breathing purpose. We all have different purposes, and we all have different ways of helping the collective awaken. We are not here to add to the chaos by creating it inside our ball!

The ball is not a golden bubble where nothing difficult happens by any means. Maybe one day it will be. What it is is a place of truth, love, transparency and authenticity.  At the start, as we get used to it, we will still experience those things that make us sad and disappointed. But over time, and I don’t know if that means decades or centuries, we will evolve past that because we will at that point be adept at this conscious creation thing.

For now, up and down emotions and all, if an expanding ball of truth, love, transparency and authenticity is where it all starts, then I’ll take it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.


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