The Cause of Your Physical Pain And Disease Is You ~ Nov. 26, 2015


By Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease, November 24, 2015

Yes, you. Not the environment, your mother’s genes or your junk food diet. Everything in your body that you see manifested as form and phenomena comes from the vibrations within your body which then give rise to either health or disease.

What we feel–our emotions coordinate our biochemical, cellular and complete physiological states our entire lives. In other words, the cause of all disease is not tangible at all. Our outlook on life and how we feel about ourselves may be the most relevant health predictor of all.

Many people are already familiar with the fact that emotional stress can lead to digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, tension and headaches, but many may not be aware that can also cause other physical illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and even symptoms of severe chronic pain.

More subtly, one might develop psychosomatic symptoms or stress-related symptoms because of unresolved emotional issues. These are not new discoveries; researchers have studied the mind/body interrelationship for several decades because of the importance of this link.

Researchers around the world are slowly integrating research on how our energetic and emotional states cause health and/or disease. How we connect emotionally to our overall wellness and wellbeing may indeed be more relevant than any supplement, food, exercise, medical intervention or health treatment.

Pain is Both Physical and Emotional, But Healing Emotionally Can Eliminate Physical Pain

Pain, of course, is always both a physical and an emotional experience. There are direct neural connections via the brain stem and spinal cord. The circulatory and lymphatic systems also carry neurotransmitters (hormones and immune cells) that find receptor sites in the brain which feedback and modulate the links between brain and body. In this way, every cell in the body – every cell — is linked into the nervous system and as such, can be sensed and felt, whether or not we allow ourselves to be aware of this psychobiological fact.

With a physical pain, there is an obvious link between the psychological experience of pain and an awareness of a physical location in the body. The pain seems to come from an elbow, or a toe, or a hip. Weirdly, we can feel the physical pain in that location even though most, but not all, of the processing is going on in the brain. The neural, blood, and immune pathways between brain and body are tagged with body location information, beginning in the spinal cord and with successively more specific tagging up through the brain stem and thalamus, each adding another layer of redundancy and complexity, until the experience becomes conscious and further identified as “mine” in the insula, parietal, and motor cortices. The marvel of the nervous system is that even though body sense awareness is largely a creation of cortical complexity, we feel in 3-D: the pain is “in” my knee, that object is “out there” in space, etc.

So, with this kind of logic, we can come back to the neural similarities between emotional and physical pain. If the similarity is not just in the brain but in the body, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask: Where does an emotional pain hurt? If there really is an economy of pain networks that includes both physical and emotional pain, and if physical pain has a body location, then this simple syllogism leads to the conclusion that emotional pain must have a physical location in the body.

Feelings of insecurity get the heart and the breath out of synch and activate the sympathetic nervous system as if we were dealing with a threat (elevated heart rate and blood pressure), and can create a sense of unease in the chest, and even pain. People who have been hurt by others often have retracted chests and downcast postures, which are muscular ways of protecting the heart and closing off the self from fully engaging with others for fear of being hurt again. And people in insecure relationships are more likely to have cardiovascular (and other health) problems than those who are more secure.

Vibration is Energy

Every type of energy has a different vibrational frequency. For example, water has one, and when it turns to ice, it has a different vibration. When it turns to vapour, the vibration changes again. Sound waves have their own frequency of vibration. Of all these, thought vibration is the strongest. Most of our thoughts we turn into words — spoken words — and these words we put into action. Action when repeated again and again, form our habits, is it not? And our very nature, our character, is determined by our habits. Every tomorrow that we wake up is then determined by our nature and character.

The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health and consciousness because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches.

As scientists delved into the “junk” — parts of the DNA that are not actual genes containing instructions for proteins — they discovered a complex system that controls genes. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed. Another 15-17 percent has higher functions scientists are still decoding.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. The bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Physical Pain Is A Warning Sign of Emotional Trauma

Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done, and it can also be a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system. Even if one has grieved and processed the emotional impact of a trauma, the nervous system might still unwittingly be in survival mode.

Maggie Phillips, author of Reversing Chronic Pain, writes: “Whether or not trauma was connected to the event or condition that originated their pain, having a chronic pain condition is traumatizing in and of itself.”

Each body area has a language as to what the organs do, the muscles, the nerves, etc. When a condition occurs in the body in a localized area, it’s to help us discover what we might need to change in order to keep “homeostasis” in our emotions, mental reasoning, and spiritual living.Â

Depending on whether we are happy, sad or angry, we have physiological sensations that are located in different areas of the body. We overlook this reality from one day to the next (the famous “lump in the breast” generated by anxiety, the feeling of warmth that pervades our face and our cheeks particularly when we feel the shame…), and do not consciously realize how much the location of these body areas activated by our emotions and how they vary considerably depending on the nature of the emotion.

In a work published in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences under the title “Bodily maps of emotions”, Finnish scientists for the first time mapped areas of the body activated according to each emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, etc).The researchers proposed that emotions represented in the somatosensory system are culturally universal categorical somatotopic maps. Perception of these emotion-triggered bodily changes may play a key role in generating consciously felt emotions.

We Believe We Must Be First Diseased, Suffer and Then Treated To Live

The power structure that controls the disease industry understands these concepts very well. That is why from the time we are born, until the time we die, they want to control this emotional energy matrix. From the very first vaccine to the very last dosage of medication on our deathbeds (and everything in between), we have been conditioned to accept that external factors and disease treatments are what can help control our pain and suffering.

This is true to a certain extent as we are led down a path to believe that we must suffer and must experience pain to live, so we must then engage in pain coping mechanisms in the form of medications to keep living. It’s just one of the reasons that a greater life expectancy has come at an enormous cost in the quality of life of our elders, for they are suffering with more pain and greater disability than ever before in last 15 years of life. What controls pain is thought and our perception of what it is we feel.

Because we are not taught the importance and power of thought, we have never consciously been in control of them, with the result that when unpleasant things enter our life, we do not realize the connection between the thought-vibration and the effect it has on us. Uplifting thoughts allow us to elevate our consciousness and awareness; non-inspiring thoughts tend to drag us down.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that every part of our physical body vibrates at a precise frequency. Thoughts that are not in harmony or in “sync” with our body cause impedance to our health. All organs, all tissues, membranes, glands, cells, vibrate in precise frequencies in a healthy body. All positive, inspiring, loving and kind thoughts are in harmony with those physical vibrations and help to continue to keep the body in perfect health, with the circulation of the blood going to all the necessary parts of the body, with the digestion working perfectly and the body able to correctly and easily eliminate toxins and waste matter, also allowing proper refreshing sleep to the body.

Unify and Harmony Within

For every effect there is a cause, so when there is enough human intent and energy towards health, love and respect towards ourselves and our planet, we will only create a better world and a better life for all people on Earth.

Start by loving yourself, who you are and why you are here experiencing this life. It’s not a coincidence. You designed it. So take responsibility for your wonderful creation. If you want to change your experience, send out the message and the universe will respond.

To the trained eye of a gardener, the symptom of withering leaves is not a dreadful disease. He recognizes that the dehydrated state of these leaves is but a direct consequence of withdrawn nourishment that they need in order to sustain themselves and the rest of the plant. We must recognize the symptoms of imbalance and dysfunction within ourselves before they even have a chance to produce disease.

Disease is the absence of health…darkness is the absence of light. Health is not the absence of disease. Light is not the absence of darkness.



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Hadrian’s Wall collapses in the influx of new energetics ~ Nov. 26, 2015


Found this on Kauilapele’s blog today and thought you might like to see this as well…it’s important!

Please read this, consider your interpretation, and…


Is it possible that the “Hadrian’s Wall” referred to here is that of the cabal? And now it is falling?


Hadrian’s Wall collapses in the influx of new energetics.

Desisters are recognised and uplifted.

Gaia points are manifested in grander expressions.

Locals understand the pictures presented.

Illuminariies are revealed.

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David Wilcock 11-25-15… FULL ARTICLE… “DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The War For The Truth” ~ Nov. 26, 2015


I blog about Love. There are countless aspects of love in action on our world right now. We see the headlines on TV (or read them on the alternative news via the internet) and may wonder, “what the heck does a downed Russian fighter have to do with love?”

The answer for me, is to consider that unconditional love, which Source has for us, does not mean that everything will be sunshine and roses from here on out. Rather, unconditional love tells me that even the “wrong” stuff can…is…and will be…used for an ultimate postive outcome for Planet Earth and her inhabitants. It’s past-time for looking at the larger view of what’s going on!

So…I think it important that you know what is going on in our world that may be preparing us for a very important moment in this planet’s history. Thus, I submit this article by David Wilcock for your review. Please read this long article, explore the many links, and…


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Sheldan Nidle Update 11-24-15…


3 Lamat, 1 Yaxk’in, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The world continues to move in a positive direction. All settlement funds and reserves are moving and most have reached their points of distribution. All such movements are done under the highest security. In the past, the main worry was the great masses of sympathetic minions to the dark’s delay retribution. These worries are no longer the prime motive for this massive security. The new wrinkle has been the general faux pas created by sudden glitches in the overall telecommunication process. Most of these things have been corrected. Nevertheless, a large degree of money wires, critical web sites and movement of key preliminary documents was disrupted. A lesser degree of this problem still exists. However, this difficulty is no longer the primary concern that it once was. To counter this, a number of key arrests were carried out. This operation is still ongoing. Our services were largely employed to gather intelligence on what other desperate moves were next for these dark oligarchs. This combined operation has prevented any large-scale terrorism from hijacking the distribution procedure.

We are now in the final step of delivering funds and establishing a new worldwide financial system. This process has yielded new centers for the disbursement of your blessings and a means to prevent large or small-scale fraud. In addition, a currency wire system is ready to be introduced to counter the discrepancies of the old SWIFT process. Introductory instructions have been sent to a number of important nations and financial institutions. A set of special replies was needed to move forward and these vital elements have been received. Caution has long been a foundational element for the ancient families and select royals. They have long lived in dictatorial realms run by the dark oligarchs. Thus, there was the slow-moving process by which all was dutifully carried out. We are presently in a receiving mode, which is expected to permit some of you to receive the first testing of this new, recently implemented delivery system. So, expect the first funds shortly.

As you prepare for finally receiving your blessings, those who have defeated the cabal are in the last set of negotiations regarding the dark’s surrender. This momentous event requires you to realize what this profoundly means. In Atlantis, you began a grand journey that is presently to end in your final victory over the dark. The Anunnaki, who were their original overseers, set up a society to enslave you in a number of different ways. This 13 millennia system is to be replaced with a system to give you the freedom, truth and prosperity that you richly deserve. Take time to assess the implications of what is now happening. Not only are you to regain the truth, but as well the society that is the precursor to our arrival. This grand series of transitions is the final link needed to restore this orb and permit you to make the adjustments, which can return you to full consciousness. This process reunites you with your spiritual and space families. It as well makes you the denizens of a truly special solar system.

This operation means that you need to alter your fundamental perceptions that you now live by. We have used this time to change the very make-up of this reality. While this operation has somewhat delayed our desired goals, it has as well made sure that your blessings are to be received and securely protected from loss. The immediate time is to see events that to most are to seem like a miracle. The royals and ancient families have created a bounty that can be used by you to end poverty, ghettoes, and most of all, to supply this realm with clean water, electricity and clean air. These new sets of global societies are only the beginning of new opportunities for all. Use this coming time to manifest your dreams. Technologies that can alter local and global travel are just the start of a new reality for humanity. In addition, you are to meet those who represent your distant ancestors. Be joyous and ready for a most marvelous future!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is rapidly changing as the new energies for an ever-growing consciousness flood this reality. Heaven is blessing us as this divine energy is meant to assist your heavenly guides in bringing in the foundation for a new physical body. These energies are to aid your Crystal Light Chamber in preparing you for full consciousness. The Divine is to shortly intensify these energies as we near the time when the next set of such energies is to arrive. The new year is therefore to be a time of greater change as these energies are to be the instruments for new perceptions and new wealth. Heaven intends for this precious blue-green orb to mark a time when this realm truly began to alter its ancient dark ways. Our tasks include a basic monitoring of each of you. Realize deep in your heart that new ways are starting to revise ancient scenarios and reset how this realm is to operate.

We are assisting the various medical teams from the Galactic Federation. We take their findings and update them with our own. Together, these packets are setting the time for your own entry into Agartha. Our greatest joy is to prepare you for the grand transformation that is to take place in the Crystal Chambers. We all went through a special ceremony, which only took place because of the exemplary lives we led in succeeding life times. At the right divine time, Heaven arranged for a special transformative ceremony. Due to the great disconnect which you have had in each lifetime here, you require a special sacred, living device to achieve your return to physical Angelhood. We are using the qualities of grace and mercy to guide you to this truly miraculous operation. The dark can only sense the preliminary events to your ascension that are taking place

Ever since the fall of Atlantis, the then dark Anunnaki were your merciless overlords. These nearly 13 millennia of dire miscare have left most of you surrounded by an inner stress compounded by a general confusion about who you really are. What now needs to happen is to correct this by announcing inwardly that you are great Beings and that this lack of belief in yourselves is being transmuted into a positive and strongly focused perception of your true soul-based selves. We Masters have been inculcating this mantra in you. Use this mantra to alter how you see yourselves. You are moving into a place where the great inner powers you possess can be returned by simply strongly focusing on this strong mantra of true self. It is time to transform the perceptions given you by the dark ones. Be strong and ready to envision who you really are!

Today, we carried on with our weekly report. Use your new inner strength to focus on and manifest this new reality. The dark has willy-nilly ridden roughshod through this reality. It is the moment for you to focus with others and achieve this most wonderful new reality filled with your strengths, freedom and prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) Continue reading

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Bashar’s Most Profound Speech Novo ~ November 24, 2015


This says EVERYTHING! BE who you are, BE in Love, you are PERFECT in every instance. Those things you imagine as imperfections are not yours, and never will be. Please watch, cry a little about YOUR perfection, and…


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What Goes In, MUST Come Out! Can we just say: Holy Shit!! <3 :-) ~ Nov. 24, 2015


I was sitting here at the computer, reading this latest post by Lisa Gawles (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and a thought, unbidden, came to me that I would like to share you you.

“Just let go. Just BE yourself. All will happen as it will without any physical action on your part.” Now, I know this statement goes against the grain of many in the spiritual world, but I AM here to say that “it” is all done and over with. Enjoy the ride!”

Please read between the lines, discover how you process energy, and…


By Lisa Gawlas, 11/24/2015

The first thing I have got to share today is yet another reading that took my jaw and dropped it straight to the floor.  We all know spirit uses their creative license anyway they want to get the message of understanding out, but HOLY SHIT (wink wink) this took it to a level that I never ever expected to see in a reading.

My lady shows up sitting on a wrap around (the entire inside of her terrarium) wooden bench at due east area.  She is completely naked, thank goodness her back is to me.  Her right leg is crossed over the top of her left leg and her right hand is tapping the top of her right leg, like she is waiting for something and it just isn’t coming fast enough.  I do want to add, just about everyone was naked in their readings yesterday, and I want to thank spirit for blurring out the personal parts.  I guess we should understand naked, stripped down, nothing left to hide and ready for the new attire getting ready to reveal itself as we move thru this exciting full moon of illumination phase.

So there she is, tapping and waiting and there is nothing else that I can see.  So I kinda yell at her (with love, of course) would ya get up and do something!  Man she is obedient!!  Instantly, she got up off her bench, walked directly to the center point of her terrarium (power of creation center) and tilted her head up towards the sky, opened her mouth and this thick liquid gold stream of energy just started pouring down from the top of her terrarium and straight into her mouth.  This lady would make even the greatest beer bong champion blush in shame, she guzzled and guzzled and never spilled a drop!  As I started wondering what the hell you drinking, her team instantly said mana.  Drinking in the pure energy of Source to fuel the desires within her heart.  Alrighty then, at least she is doing something other than waiting!!  But what came next… phew baby, I will forget in all my lives, ever!! lol

She easily guzzled down a few gallons of this golden mana and then she went over to the west field, what I didn’t notice until the reading was almost over, her field actually expanded, grew in size.  Until this moment, everyone’s reading is unfolding in lets just say a 10 foot in radius terrarium, now she is taking up the entire field.  This “action” puts the words “enlarge my territory” into play as well.

There she is, standing in the west field and then suddenly I see an energetic outline of what looked like an old fashion outhouse take form.  Sure enough, it is a spiritual outhouse and this beautiful, naked lady sat down and well, there is no mistaking someone taking a healthy shit on a toilet!!  With every ounce of surprise and intense laughter I had in me, I just OMG your taking a shit!!  What the hell????  Her team made sure I added a word to my startled sentence, it’s a “holy shit.”  WHAAAATTTTT????

Forget the golden egg, embedded in us is that deeply unappreciated golden turd!  We spent most of our time together laughing our freakin asses off.  She is the only person I have ever seen that shows up for her reading to take a shit!!  Not just any kind of shit, a HOLY SHIT!!

After she was done there, back over to the east she went, sat back down on her wooden wrap around bench and at her feet were two things, on the ground at her right foot was the tiniest baby I had ever seen, about 6 inches big but fully formed.  New life.  Right foot, representing her spiritual life.  At her left foot was this kewlest, clear crystal looking thing, sacred geometry on steroids.  It had many points to it, but no matter how you looked at it, it always looked diamond-shaped, point up and point down.  It’s hard to explain and the closest thing I could find out there on the internet was something like this:

But in full depth and radiance, a 3D crystal thingie.  Her team explained this is the energy that creates the outcome in her material world for her desires.  But, before this becomes active, she must go and drinking in the mana of her soul Source.  Let’s understand this part clearly, because as funny as it was, and let me tell you, it was freakin hilarious, there is a seriousness to it all.

I watched again as she drank this golden mana in, I watched as it went down and radiated her core energy, and tiny little lines of gold sprawled thru her body to ignite the organs and veins and stuff with this energy, what was absorbed, radiated in her body, what was not needed was released as fertilizer for her desires.  Holy shit, if you will.

Her team explained how we don’t value the full functions of our body’s.  We can look at animals and see how their fecal matter can fertilize our fields of life, our gardens and farms and yet, our own holy shit, plopped in the energy carrying water we call our toilet bowl, runs thru the currents of life (or better known as our sewage pipes) and fertilizes so much, or remains dormant, uncharged by our relationship with the amazing function we call our body.

Equally, as we were understanding all this, suddenly she must have been or had a fairy godmother (reminiscent to Cinderella) because clothes started to wrap around her body.  The most beautiful shimmering silver outfit that kept changing.  One piece, long gown, miniskirt and her team said her clothes must change to fit the situation.  The reflective silver is the reflection of her Self and the New world in which we are creating (and shitting in, lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself!!)

Our bodies are transformers!!  We undervalue our personal biological creation and give so much honor to just energy, energy without matter is simply energy.  Matter infused with the mana of sacred life force, well….

We even got a little exercise that I would like to share out for anyone who dares!!  When you sit down to eat, doesn’t matter what your eating (as long as you have already fully removed any and all judgement from ALL food) take your hands, which stream energy from the heart and soul, and embed the desires into your food.  Then eat your food and digest that desire thru your whole body.  In 24  to 72 hours, when the excess comes out as Holy Shit, know, with honor and gratitude that your desires are now being fertilized thru the realm of created matter and will soon arrive in your world.

All I could think about as they said this, Jorge in my toilet bowl and I crap on him to bring him to my door.  Bless his heart.  I have never laughed so damn much thru a reading.  I will also, never look at my morning routine (smile) the same, again, ever.  Holy Shit even!!  I want a T-Shirt with a golden turn on it that says Holy Shit!!  Dear Santa…  lol

Even in my dream state last evening, I was remembering her reading, absorbing the parts I may have missed because we couldn’t stop laughing.  Then the dream turned to my first boyfriend, George, the book end Jorge is supposed to resemble (first love, last love.)  We ever overlooking the hills of Pennsylvania and he was explaining the weightiness of this land, how people get anchored and cannot seem to get out of their own stories even if they are long over.  That’s all I remember.

However, I feel a tie in to another reading that just hung in my mind.  We didn’t finish her reading, there was so much noise (talking and laughter) around her I kept getting distracted (I am easily distracted with outside noise.)  She was/is on vacation, attending some healer seminar in Italy but lives here in the states.  Her terrarium had only one section that I could see and that was the southeast quadrant, the past and the new.  She too had a bench, but instead of it being vibrant healthy wood, the wood itself was old and rotting and she was balled up in a fetal position under the bench.  Come to think of it, she had faint clothes on, I guess kinda like very sheer danskin one piece workout attire.  Somehow, I feel that the bench represented italy itself.  Old energy, then again, it is home to the capital of Catholicism.  Somehow, my dream of George and her reading tie in.  I couldn’t concentrate enough and rescheduled.

But before I go, there is one more reading I do want to share from yesterday.  My first naked lady on the field.  She was pushing on the inside of her terrarium glass at the south side, like she is trying to break out and get into life.  Her feet were strange, because she had both feet at the bottom of the glass pushing outwards like her hands were, yet at the same time, her feet were standing on the ground and there was grass growing at her feet.  Holy cow, this is the first time I am seeing life growing at the ground!!  Yay, we are moving, growing!!

I could not understand what she was trying to leave her precious, fully radiant biosphere for.  Once you are Here, the inner and outer work it took to get Here, ya don’t want to leave.  Then i got it… she explained she is starting school in January (hence the grass) to become an addiction counselor.  Like my Holy Shit lady, this message, orientation is important for everyone to understand, no matter what you choose to do.

Our job is to bring the new information, the wisdom, the new way to Be in Life, to Be within yourself, to the old constructs.  Infiltration en masse.  She is not to sit idle in class and absorb old information, old application, but to bring the class into her terrarium and release the new unto their hearts and ears.

Ohh one more thing from yet another lady on a flying trapeze, (spirit out did themselves yesterday with imagery.)  She too, was a counselor and at the very end of our time together, as she swings into the past and future to assist others, as well as bringing in the new energy from the west and putting it all together for the new outcome for her self and her clients, she… we all are cautioned to stop seeing anyone as having any “blocks.”  Anything that is less than perfection in body.

We are to look with the eyes our of soul, the perfection of all things, see and know their radiance and work there.  Bring that out of them.  When we focus on blocks, we make them stronger due to our intense energy field.  When our teams see us, they see and focus on the outcome.  We would have never gotten to here had the focus been on our issues.  They gave us a little kick, got us over the hump but their focus is always on the outcome of who and what we are next.  As our needs to be too.

On that note, my day begins.  I had a massive 10 hours of sleep yesterday!!  The field rocked me to the core.  Time to power up again for another major dose!!

I love you all so much and appreciate your bobbing and weaving with me.  All-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with golden fertilizers thru ALL <3

Lisa Gawlas

Too funny not to include!! <3

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Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love Decree ~ Nov. 24, 2015


Posted by Marlene Swetlishoff

In the name and by the power and authority of the Presence of God/Goddess I AM, I invoke the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth to blaze the Violet Fire with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around every electron that makes up the atoms of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Hold the Violet Flame sustained, and double it each hour until these Earthly vehicles are fully assimilated into the perfection of our Solar Light Bodies.

Expand, expand and intensify daily the mightiest action of the Violet Fire in, through and around all nations, races, cultures, creeds and religions in every country of the world. Blaze the Violet Flame through every person’s home, place of occupation and overall environment until the perfection of the Divine Plan manifests for all Life.

Expand, expand and intensify daily the mightiest action of the Violet Fire in, through and around the cause and core of the creative centers of all doubt and fear in the Earth, on the Earth and in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. Transform these creative centers into expressions of God Confidence, Trust, Hope and Inner Knowing.

Expand and expand the Violet Fire of Purification and Transmutation in, through and around the landed surface, the waters and the peoples of every country, province, state, city, town and hamlet in the world. Establish a mighty focus of the Violet Fire in the Etheric Realms over each of these locations and intensify this purifying activity of Light daily and hourly with every breath I take.

Now in the Name of Love, Wisdom, Power and Authority of the Beloved, Victorious Presence of God I AM, I speak directly to the Heart of the Violet Flame. Sacred Fire, enfold me in the purifying, forgiving, healing substance of your Light which causes the consciousness and feeling of Divine Love and Freedom to flow through me constantly to bless all Life. Let this purifying essence saturate the atmosphere wherever I live, move, breathe and have my Being, so that its miracle-working presence will give tangible proof of your reality to all Humanity.

Beloved Violet Flame, direct Legions of your Angels of the Violet Fire to blaze the Flame of Forgiveness and Freedom into the heart of every evolving soul, so that we will all learn to use our Light to the fullest in our service to Life and the cause of Freedom on Earth.

Beloved, Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, I Love you. I do now most earnestly and sincerely call you into dynamic action. Perpetually blaze your Transmuting Flame into the Beings and worlds of every man, woman and child on Earth. Enable each one to know that your healing presence will always bring happiness and release them from anything that is not of the Light. Enfold every person in the power of your Light and transmute all imperfection in their lives in Divine Order through Divine Love.

The Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love NOW…

Heals our bodies,

Harmonizes and stabilizes our feelings,

Illumines our consciousness,

and sets us free, raising us into full mastery

over all human appearances, desires and feelings,

now and forever sustained. And so it is.


This decree originally found at

Original Source from Patricia Cota-Robles,

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