Sheldan Nidle Update 11-25-14…


How are you feeling? Are you totally distraught by the violence in Ferguson? Hope not, because this is a distraction ploy/play to keep our attention from the very positive events that are happening for us! These events are largely in the background right now where we cannot see them, but they ARE happening!

Sheldon Nidle sends out a message today urging us to have faith indicating that “Nonetheless, some degree of movement is truly required. Thus, we intend to press forward with what we deeply feel is truly necessary. Movement is now being detected and we intend to be assured that something quite positive happens.” So…please read the glad tidings here, look to the skys, and…


Dratzo! We come with some news about what is happening on your world. At present, the dark cabal is using the coming of banker’s holidays to create a temporary delay in bringing forth your globe’s new financial system. To us, this delay is totally unnecessary. Rather, it is quite vital that these shenanigans be thrown aside and this new system’s first part revealed to all. We have submitted our protest to those now involved in these most serious negotiations. It is important that the people of this realm see at least a small sign that great changes are indeed happening. Our liaisons are telling our earthly representatives to stand strong and reverse the current debacle. It is essential that each aspect of this process be done correctly; nevertheless, it is quite important that even a small first step occur. Many on your world do not fully understand the breadth of what needs to be done. Nonetheless, some degree of movement is truly required. Thus, we intend to press forward with what we deeply feel is truly necessary. Movement is now being detected and we intend to be assured that something quite positive happens.

Our position has always been to find ways to hasten an end to the cover-up, and encourage a formal global disclosure. The present delays only lengthen the time for these possibilities to manifest. We are quite serious in our strategies to bring this realm to disclosure. The dark cabal fully realizes that once we become a more open player in these “discussions,” the chances for any delays greatly lessen. Heaven gave us some strong decrees. These are still short of a more profound role for us. Despite these minor restrictions, we continue to instruct our liaisons to implore our earthly counterparts to take stronger positions on the implementations of a new financial system for your world. The Agarthans join us in asking for a quick first means to implore the beginnings of a new currency system. This system can swiftly expose the large banks and their gross arrogance. This single point can permit many nations to come together, and force the breakup of these malicious giants of your banking world.

As to new governance, once the global “psych-net” long maintained by the dark is broken, the hope for new reform grows. Currently, most large governments are run by individuals who are daily soaked in energies that render them pawns for the dark. We have lowered some of the intensity of this mind-control network. These efforts are tempered by decrees given us by Heaven. We fully understand that Heaven is running a grand divine plan. This operation is something which we dearly respect. Yet, we remain fully cognizant of your great frustrations. You are being asked to take on a lot, and we very much wish to lessen this burden as soon as possible. Our liaisons are therefore insisting on a simple item to be manifested. These times are thus both the grandest and most discouraging for you. It is our great desire to force a point of assurance from the forces of the Light. After all, it is the start of a holiday season, which limits what your global financial system can produce.

We are therefore intending to stay firm on this. Be prepared for something to happen. Those involved in these negotiations understand what we desire from them. We are sure that a small part of this process is indeed to manifest. Like you, we wish you to enjoy prosperity, as well as personal sovereignty. This is not just said in passing. There are things which can easily permit you to acknowledge that what is now happening is not only real, but quite capable of putting these minions of the dark in their place. We have cut them off from key underground facilities and thus denied them any temporary form of safe haven. In addition, we have posted numerous defense ships as guards, in order to make our position quite clear to them. We dearly wish to hasten disclosure in some way. Once this is mutually behind us, we can come together and begin to swiftly clear the path to full consciousness. It is at this point that we can all relax and rejoice in these special moments.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to greet and bless you! Much is happening on this world, which most of you know very little about. Right now a quiet revolution is happening. This event is presently confined to organizations and individuals who are dedicated to creating a more humane financial system, which harbors within its blessed corridors a new global currency. This currency is to be real; not a fiat one prone to the whims and wishes of a most avaricious and contentious lot, the dark cabal. This new money is to be blessed with value and a fair trade rate governed by central banks under the ultimate management of a new international development bank. This system is to bring our realm prosperity and a global technology that is to end poverty and give everyone the opportunity to be truly learned about the wonders that make up Mother Earth’s surface and inner realms.

It is this promise which we gladly bless and intend for all. See these coming holidays as a time to reflect upon what is now shaping up around you. Be ever ready to accept both the blessings and healings to which you are entitled. Feel deep within your heart the new energies that are to transform you. Visualize how these wonders are to manifest. Be ready to accept all that is coming, and all that is shortly to come before you. You are changing every day. You are being healed by the joys of this most magnificent set of moments. All of us daily come together and send the gracious energies of Heaven to you. Even the grand Seraphim of AEON bless you and decree for your success in all things. These words of grace are permitting this realm to both heal and transform. You are on the edge of a most wondrous set of divine events.

Be proud of Heaven and ever thankful for those things now happening. A new realm is being born in which you are to change sorrow and want into joy and abundance. Heaven has sent you a grand fleet of your fellows, dedicated to seeing that this magnificent transformation occurs as Heaven so envisioned. You are to move beyond the base emotions of hate and frustration, and change them gladly into love and accomplishment. Think of what you are becoming. You are rising up in cosmic consciousness and being readied to heal yourself, as well as others. Very quickly, you are to sing in unison with the heavenly choirs and use this sacred sound to change this reality into something new and wondrous. We join together with you and graciously we now sing: Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we have carried on with a grand message of joy! We ask all to lift up their inner voices in unison and proclaim that this time is when a new epoch for humanity can begin. See this time as one filled with the Blessings of Heaven. It is a time to ask Heaven for deliverance and know that you are indeed heard! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Why We Should Be Hopeful ~ Novembner 25, 2014


Ok…some say mankind should not hope because hope infers some sort of failure. You know…hope is tied to wishing for something that is NOT available. However, this author, David Nova, whose blog, Deus Nexus, I dearly love, presents the idea that hope, on the other hand, is not to be discounted because perhaps things are NOT quite as dark as planned.

True, you and I, and everyone else is out of work and broke…but a list is shared of possible bleak scenarios that have not happened, and I would are unlikely to happen. After all, we are being watched over by a multitude of spiritual folk, and positive ET’s, who are dedicated to honoring the love mankind is  currently developing on earth by preventing “bad things” for humanity.

So, please read this article, allow yourself to feel JOY from aborted attempts to compromise love on our planet, and…


By Deus Nexus | David Nova

These days, Hope is a dangerous word.  There is the false hope of some imminent and miraculous rescue, some vague future date or some unspecified event that will bring instant salvation, dangled in front of us like a carrot on a stick.  That shiny gold carrot can do one of two things.  It can encourage you to keep fighting, keep working, keep learning, keep moving forward.  Or it can discourage you, making you cynical, causing you to give up.  Is your glass half-empty or half-full?  Which viewpoint do you think the Darkness wants you to choose?

As human beings we are all susceptible to the lure of a heroic fairy tale, waiting for a sign that the Calvary is coming over the hill, that a league of super heroes will save the day, that the good guys will conquer the bad guys.  But these are Hollywood movies. These are the dreams we dreamt as children.  Too many of us are still children, acting like children, thinking like children.

When we become adults, we no longer require that carrot dangled in front of us.  We no longer need the promise of Santa Claus arriving on Christmas morning.  We become Santa Claus for our children.  We learn to find and create our own inner motivation.  We learn to take responsibility for ourselves, for our lives, and for the future of our planet.  Our personal desire, the act of assuming responsibility, and our dedication to change is at the core of our maturity and the essence of real Hope.

We learn to grow our own carrots, we learn to cook them, we learn to serve them for dinner because they are healthy – not because they are made from sugary fairy tales.

Unfortunately, the world has become malnourished on a steady diet of sugary treats and Hollywood fairy tales.

Having hope means not giving in to our worst fears. It means recognizing that things are never really as bad as they might appear.  As of 2014:

  • We have not suffered a major global epidemic.
  • We have not suffered cataclysmic Earth changes.
  • Solar flares have not shut down the power grid.
  • A nuclear war has not broken out.
  • An asteroid has not destroyed the Earth.
  • Planet X had now shown up.
  • The Anunnaki have not arrived to enslave us.
  • A fake alien invasion has not been staged.
  • Martial law has not been declared.
  • The global economy has not yet collapsed.

Yes, there is still time… but remember, none of the dire predictions that have been made time and time again have come to pass. They haven’t occurred, even though we put a lot of our fear-based thoughts and energy into them.

And all the false promises of miraculous global liberation have not happened either.  Every week there is some new anonymous insider claiming that people will ascend from the Earth, that the cabal has been defeated, that a new financial system has been set up, or that new wealth will be redistributed.  This is the flip side of ungrounded fear-based thinking … ungrounded hope-based thinking.  This is a duality game being played upon immature minds.

That’s not to say that wonderful, miraculous things won’t happen in one form or another, just that they require spiritual grounding, maturity, and real work to be manifested.  There are miraculous things happening every day to ordinary people. There are so many everyday heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes, without gratitude or recognition or compensation… and that alone should give us hope. We are holding our ground, we are gaining new ground each and every day.

  • Whistleblowers are coming forward every day, exposing crime and corruption.
  • Scientists are working behind the scenes, creating amazing new technologies.
  • Military and intelligence insiders are preventing and exposing false flag events.
  • Archeologists are uncovering new evidence of our lost history.
  • Grassroots organizations are working towards UFO disclosure.
  • Light workers are building a world of universal love and higher vibration.
  • Political researchers are putting together the pieces of the multi-national elite puzzle.
  • Truth Tellers are exposing the information the corporate media will not reveal.
  • Freedom fighters are holding ground to maintain our personal liberties.
  • Health advocates are raising awareness of chemtrails and GMOs.
  • Doctors are discovering that life exists beyond death.
  • Physicists are recognizing that the Universe is comprised of energy and vibration.

And so many more examples.

The world is awakening in so many diverse fields, in so many ordinary and extraordinary ways, by so many everyday heroes.  This should make us hopeful.  That we are on the right track.  That we are pushing ourselves forward into the Light.  That we are rapidly evolving as a species on this small little planet in such a short span of time.

Yes, there will be many more challenges ahead, more obstacles to overcome, but the strength of the human spirit will propel us forward.  For it is that spirit, that divine spark within each one of us, that is the true carrot on the stick leading the way.  Never lose faith in that.  Never lose hope.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, and the blogger Deus Nexus.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website.

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Frequency, DNA and The Human Body


Uh-huh, told you so! :) Vibrations are the order of everything in the Universe because everything in the Universe is electrical! That’s another way of saying not only we are all creatures of energy…EVERYTHING is energy! This article addresses the way our DNA serves as electrical inductors allowing cells in the human body to produce high electrical voltages. That’s why EKG’s are used to study hearts, brainwaves are recorded by the encephalogram, and pain can be negated by electrodes firing. So…please read this article and learn about the future of medicine…away from bio-chemical mainpulation headed toward frequency activation, imagine which problems this will solve for you, and…

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:

Reposted from: Waking Times | by J. Richardson, Prevent Disease

dnaYour entire existence…all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency. You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality.

You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and…

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Sophia Love – Why Is It So Hard To Remove The Ego? – 24 November 2014


The ego…currently a much maligned part of you and me. Many don’t realize that the ego itself is a multi-dimensional aspect of every human! Multi-dimensional…how can that be? Isn’t the ego really a “bad” part of us?

Well, the ego is part of our human center of focus. This part of every human personality…no escaping this, sorry…is responsible for the “flight/fight” aspect of us designed to keep us physically safe. You know…like when we fought saber tooth tigers, et all. But now….it is every person’s individual job to keep the negative aspects under control. Like when you really, really want something bad enough to hurt someone else to get it!

Sophia Love talks about ego and suggests parameters for keeping the ego in it’s place, so you might want to read this article, apply a little of the suggested action, and…


“Why is it so hard to remove the ego?”

Such a very powerful question. The ego is what keeps us here. It is the 3D version of our eternal essence, and thrives on addiction. It has to believe in the “reality” of life here, what some call an illusion or a dream, and in order to do so, must hang on fiercely to something dense and solid. This could be the body (and what feeds it, starves it, strengthens it or weakens it), the slings and arrows of emotional wounding, the hardship of work or the poverty of perceived lack. Each is a fabrication, existing only in the realm of the ego, yet oh so real as we make a life here on earth in 3D.

The ego has a purpose and it will not be thwarted. It will go to any lengths to keep you believing in its solidity and reality. Any lengths, including suicide. Not to sound morbid but most of us know of at least one other, even remotely, who has taken their physical life. The reason? Pain of some sort, self defined and experienced.

If we were to let go of the illusion of the belief in an ego, both positive or negative, we’d lose our attachment to the earth itself, and disappear. For an interesting conversation about this read Gary Renard’s book “The Disappearance of the Universe”.

The ego has gotten a bad rap. It is neither good nor bad, but necessary. In order to function as a physical being we have to “believe” in something, require it and desire it. We have to retain some sort of addiction. This could be to food, money, sex, power, laughter, pain, poverty, illness, sadness, joy – the choices are many. When you inquire about removing the ego, I imagine you are really asking “How can we stop reacting to life from our negative, self-defeating ego?” The answer is, you can’t remove the ego, not if you want to stay here, but you can absorb it and morph it into someone you’d like to hang with.

Since you are here, I suspect you would like to stay. In order to manage negative egoic reactions, you can become aware of them whenever they occur, and instruct them, lovingly, to take a hike. Do not reject them, but absorb them with compassion into your ideal version of you (it helps to visualize her). Replace them with a response that serves your greater intent. This is the intent of your eternal essence. You do not exist separately from your ego, and cannot be human without your ego, so you must integrate with it and manage your ego.

This is so hard because the ego part of you is the solid part, and the part you identify with. Statements like “I always”, “I never”, “My favorite”, “I hate”, “I love” all come from the ego part, the part who has grown up and become the woman you are today. To reduce any negative effect and reactions from your ego will take repetition, vigilance and determination. It will not be easy, but can be accomplished with a clear intent. Your ego will be trying to convince you that you WANT to be miserable, lonely, angry or whatever. It will be telling you that you are entitled and it is your right to be mad. Lovingly quiet your ego, hold it close and watch as a different, happier version emerges.

Personally, I can tell you that the work involved is oh so worth it. Magic is at the other end of acceptance and love for every part of you, including your ego. I wish you only oneness.

Much love,
~Sophia / link to original article

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The War Within: Escape the Temporal Illusory Holographic Matrix ~ November 23, 2014


This is an awesome article about the Matrix we are all living in, and too true… unfortunately! The awesome power of LOVE is emphasized in this article once again…with new emphasise on the word POWER. That’s right, whatever your belief system…LOVE will steer you straight! So…why not invest in LOVE? It doesn’t hurt you, or anyone around you to spend your time in LOVE. Doesn’t matter much WHAT you love, just…BE in LOVE! Ready to dive deep? Please read this article, see if you are up to the challenge of Being in LOVE, and…

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:


Reposted from: Zen Gardner | by ElleMetaphysical Musing

The film The Matrix – the first of three – contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

This first Matrix film revealed far too much…

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Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations ~ November 23, 2014

Gaia portal

Ok, folks…here is the latest message out from Gaia Portal, out today. If you will remember, Gaia Portal is a group placing messages about the energy levels here on Planet Earth. Their companion group, Eireport, places messages specifically relating to the energy of humans on Earth. As usual, these are vague messages with a big “feel good” factor that I will give you my thoughts on. So…here we go!

Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations. This may mean that current events may be moving to national borders not being quite so important. Obama’s recent actions? (Not saying this is good or bad…it just IS.)

Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out. Feral may mean beings no longer kept under control. More and more humans are waking up and connecting with their spirituality.

Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order. Something BIG (in a positive way) is about to happen here on Earth!

Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences. Details from the past are becoming meaningless as spiritually aware humans over-ride karmic lessons.

Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia. Have you seen recent reports of strange flashes bright lights in the sky over Russia, Ukraine and Oklahoma?

Wow! I think we’re getting closer to “show-time”! Please read the Gaia Portal message in it’s entirety below, discern your own meaning, and…


Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations.

Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out.

Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order.

Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences.

Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia.

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John Smallman – You Are All Spiritual Beings, And Nothing Can Change That – 23 November 2014


What can I say? I hope I have taught, inspired, motivated and spread the message of love for all to understand, and more importantly… feel. Because in my book, I’ve got to intellectually understand the basis for something before I feel something in my heart! I have to understand spiritual information before I can apply this info to myself…that’s just the way I AM!

And so…that is the basis for this blog where articles about LOVE are shared and explained. Now….please read this message from Saul, channelled through John Smallman, who explained the “time draweth nigh” for the evolutionary step of humanity taking the next step into vibrational reality!

Ignore the news, focus on what feels good to you, and…


As all the channels are telling you, the “event” is incredibly close.  Keep holding your Light on high and intend in each moment to be only loving.  You can do it because you are doing it!  And that is why the event is almost upon you.  You, all of you, even those who appear to you as dark, are simply and powerfully bringing it on.  So congratulations are in order, and we are showering them down on you incessantly.  Just be willing to receive them because you truly have earned them.

Do not embrace the gloom and doom that so much of the mainstream media dishes out because that just drains your energy.  Focus on the vast quantity of loving occurrences that are happening daily all across the planet, the stuff the mainstream ignores because it is so boring, YAWN.  They want explosions, and crashes, kidnappings, and other disasters, the more the better, and when you focus your attention there you help to bring them about!

You also add energy to maintain the illusion, and you really do not want to do that, you are in physical form at present to dissolve it, not to support it.  Its time is past and you are on Earth to bring the insane game playing to a terminal conclusion because that is the collective will.  It has always been God’s Will, but He does not control, manipulate, or interfere, He allows.  And now that allowing is paying off, you have all decided to return to Oneness and the infinite joy that state provides.

All bad news is an essential part of the illusion, it is its life blood, and when you pay undue attention to it you are giving it a transfusion.  Over the last few decades, because of the increasing numbers of you who have turned to the Light, to your spiritual paths, and made a point of trying to be loving rather than judging, you have succeeded in bringing about enormous changes all across the world.  The older ones among you only need look back to their childhood to see clearly that tremendous changes for the good of humanity have been happening with increasing frequency since that time in their lives.  It is wonderful!  Be conscious of the wonders that are occurring on your planet because that raises your energy signature to a higher frequency allowing Love to flow you through you more freely, and therefore more abundantly, which is your spiritual task.

You were created with only one purpose, namely to live in constant joy in the company of your Father.  And you did that.  Then you had an idea . . . What if I separated from Him and went off on my own, that would surely give me enormous freedom.  And by imagining it you brought that insane dream of separation in your mind to life and split yourself off into myriad pieces.  And then you fell into a state of horrifying confusion, panicked, and started to play your games of winning and losing – against Yourself! – because of the intense guilt and fear that that unreal state engendered.  It was so terrifying that you decided to enter into a state of deep sleep where you could totally deny your true nature.  And so the unreal state of separation from God became increasingly real to you, and as it did so your fear intensified.

The way out of the fear and terror that nightmares cause is to awaken.  And that, dear ones, is what you are in the process of doing.  There are seductions and enticements that are attempting to draw you back into this nightmare, but the Light within each one of you is now burning far too brightly to be hidden any longer, it is waking you up.  And to awaken is what you have been yearning to do since the separation first occurred.  The intensity of that yearning has finally reached such a vividness, in fact such a fever pitch, that it can no longer be ignored or denied.  You will wake up.

Here in the spiritual realms we have been nudging you, prodding you, and poking you for a very long time, but the depth of your sleep kept you unaware, anesthetized.  Finally the anesthetic, the sleeping draught is wearing off, the sleeper stirs, and awakening will shortly occur.  The sight of you stirring gladdens our hearts, because we have not enjoyed watching you suffer the terrors of your nightmare.

So, as we keep on reminding you, hold your Light on high by being loving in every moment.  When you really focus on that intent it is very effective in helping you to change yourselves from egoic judgmental beings into spiritual beings finding your way Home.  Of course you are all spiritual beings, and nothing can change that, but many have been living egoically for so long that they have utterly forgotten what it means to be spiritual.  It means to be Love in action which is the only action that there is; any other actions are unreal.

As you remember to be loving, and demonstrate Love in action, your energy field changes to reflect and extend that Love to all with whom you connect in any way at all, and so by changing yourselves you are changing the world and dissolving all that is not in alignment with Love.  When you have completed this task that you undertook willingly and enthusiastically eons ago the illusion will be gone . . . Poof!  And you will then find yourselves very much awake, unimaginably awake and alert and filled with the joy that is your natural state, the state in which you were created and from which you have never departed.

With that fabulous prospect to entice you towards wakefulness why would you remain asleep a moment longer?  Children always wake very early on Christmas day, their birthdays, or on other days of celebration because they know that it is to be a most wonderful day, and they cannot wait for it to start.  So, as Jesus said to you seemingly so long ago, although in truth it was only a moment ago, “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”  So do it!  Become like little children, let go of the corruption of the “Ego Games” that have contaminated you and filled you with fear and guilt.  You only have to choose to let go and all that corruption, all that distraction, all that unreal emotional baggage will slip away and you will be left with only your “carry-ons.”  And, because you are moving to a place where all your needs are perfectly understood and provided for, you will shortly be able to release your hold on that irritating carry-on as well, which seems suddenly to have grown far to heavy to carry.  Let it go and awaken!

With so very much love, Saul. / link to original article

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