Eric Whitacres Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise ~ November 22, 2014

fly to paradise

The music from this video is just so wonderful, that I must share it with you! This video is particularly tremendous for me due to the timing of finding this. Synchronicity abounds…and you do  realize that synchronicity happens when your Higher Self gets involved and brings specific things to “light” in our heart!

This video absolutely reflects the announcement from Jesus/John Smallman I just posted indicating that the battle of the cabal/Illuminati/banskters in over and that humanity should expect “The Event” quite soon. So…now it, indeed, is time for all of us to….fly! Fly into joy, abundance, and bliss as we are released from the seemingly never-ending battle for survival on war-torn Planet Earth.

Do you listen to music? I do and really enjoy the latest album from Jason Mraz titled appropriately enough…”YES!” If you want to, listen here: Now I’ve found this video (from Sophia Love’s blog) that urges mankind to FLY …and we can now fly that the chains holding us down are beginning to disappear.

Please listen to this video: , feel the joy of your freedom, and…



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John Smallman – Jesus – This Is Not A Time For Condemnation And Punishment – 22 November 2014


Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! OMG! This message from Jesus just feels so right for this moment of time. Have you been affected by the Tsunami of Love? I have and sure hope you have as well! The order for the day has changed…the cabal/Illuminati/banksters are no longer in charge of the world! Of course, for the immediate moment, changes to our world will not be reported, but the long haul for humanity is over!

More, and more, and more positive changes will be seen in our world…to our benefit, joy, and abundance! Curious? This has already started with the announcement of free energy being released in India. Please go to: But…you might want to read this message from Jesus first, feel the joy in your heart, and…


Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday November 22nd 2014. Today he is once again talking to us about the closeness of our awakening. Again I will share with you our complete communication.

Jesus Blog # 239 for ​Saturday November 22nd 2014. Channeled Friday November 21st 2014 17.10.

Me:  Good evening Dear Jesus.  Thank you very much for your last message.  Is this a good time to start a new one?  I think I’m relaxed enough if you are free and willing.

Jesus:  Good evening John.  Yes I’m ready, willing, and enthusiastic about the idea.  There is so much to tell because so much is happening.  Yes, it really is.  Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON!

Me:   Well, there has been so much disappointment that it’s now way past the time to reverse the flow and give everyone an amazing and uplifting Thanksgiving!  Please go ahead, SURPRISE me.  Yes, there is a touch of cynicism there.  Forgive me, but in human 3d terms it seems that we have been waiting forever and forever!

Jesus:  The event for which you have all been waiting so patiently and hopefully is very nearly upon you.  Amazing developments have occurred over the last few days and those who would maintain the status quo – poverty, misery, suffering, and enslavement of all but a tiny “elite” – have lost their influence and their power to control events.  Yes, that has happened.  The old order is crumbling away rapidly, and with them the structures that have kept humanity tied to the treadmill of work and debt.  I feel your strong doubts, but I assure you that amazing developments have taken place, and what they entail will very shortly be widely published for all to see.

The Tsunami of Love, as you have been told, is extremely powerful and has enveloped all in its loving embrace, and the inevitable results of being held in that embrace are soon to be revealed to an astonished world.  It’s power is GENTLE but totally pervasive, none have escaped its enthusiastic and uplifting influence, all hearts have opened to it and been inspired.  Love is now the predominant energy being experienced and felt all across the entire planet.  Despite the mainstream media reports of escalating conflict in many parts of the world – political, military, religious, and financial – this is not the real situation at all.

There is a desperate effort being made by those who have been in control of the world’s resources – the political powers (not the elected representatives who are nearly all in the service of the insanely wealthy), industrial powers, military powers, andcontrollers of earth’s energy resources – to convince you that nothing has changed by using the mainstream media, which they own, to distribute their messages of alarm threatening impending doom unless you support them.  But due to the freedom of expression and the flow of information through the world wide web these efforts are failing dismally.  The mainstream media will not for much longer be playing the tunes that the dark ones order them to play.

In fact the tunes are already changing.  Listen . . ! Watch . . . ! and be uplifted, because the controllers have finally lost control, they know it, and they are stunned.  They truly believed that nothing would change unless they ordered it, and they are now finding daily that this arrogant presumption is utterly wrong.  It is very difficult for them to understand because they have held the reins of power on Earth for so long that they believed themselves invincible.  Hidden in darkness, manipulating and controlling nations, multi-national organizations, political parties, and religious establishments, they believed that no one could threaten them, let alone unseat them.  They are now realizing that their moment has come and gone, that their deceit and corruption has been uncovered and publicized, and that no one will raise a finger to support or protect them from public notoriety as their crimes against humanity are made known to all.

However, this is not a time for condemnation and punishment, because those who have abused you, and who have abused your trust in them are, themselves, very severely damaged souls who need your compassion.  Not to offer it is basically an attempt to replace them with others who are apparently of the Light and who will judge and condemn them to the delighted cries of the masses, and in so doing take their places.  If this happens their Light will fade rapidly as the power they suddenly find themselves holding corrupts them absolutely.  But that will not happen.

The way forwards, as always, is in Love.  Anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love is unreal, corrupting, and corruptible.  As the old order falls rejoice, but do not attempt to replace it, no matter how seductive and enlightened the offered replacements appear to be.  A very wise man some years ago wrote a book called “Small is Beautiful,” and on Earth this is a truism that has been neglected, ignored, denied, and ridden over roughshod with disastrous results for humanity and the planet.

Now is the time for communities to come together to resolve all their local issues in a wise and loving fashion.  With loving intent, honesty, and integrity on all sides this can be achieved very easily indeed, because all issues are local issues.

However, when they are raised to international status, as has often happened, they become insoluble, because along the way they collect detritus of a most unsavory nature – hidden agendas, divisive agendas, corrupt agendas, good but unworkable intentions, and multitudinous lobbying then occurs to distract and divert attention from those original issues.  If issues are easily resolved those who gain from drawing them out lose out, so it is very much in the interests of the wheelers and dealers, the lobbyists, to turn local issues into regional, national, or international issues that apparently require “supermen” or “superwomen” of great intelligence to resolve them.

Release your beliefs that others of greater intelligence are needed to organize and run human society in a safe and civilized fashion through the power which you invest in them when you mistakenly give them yours.  All that they will do, as they have done in the past, is establish a system that grants them privileges, claiming them as their right for establishing and maintaining order in society which they insist will collapse without their presence and wisdom.  This is a fallacy!  History shows this very clearly.

But humans through the ageshave happily given their power away as they did not wish to bother with their communal responsibilities, being either too busy with their own selfish agendas, or too busy eking out a living because in their impoverishment all their efforts and energy were required to do just that.

This is no longer to be the case.  All will be provided for most abundantly with everything they need to maintain a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle, thus freeing them to develop their individual creative talents for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of all.  The time has come for you to truly live free and follow your bliss.  When the interminable stress and anxiety of survival as presently experienced by the vast majority of humanity is removed people will start to uncover an amazing array of creative talents, talents that most of them were totally unaware that they possessed.

That is what the Golden Age is all about – living in perpetual peace and security because the energy field in which you are all totally and eternally enveloped is Love, which always provides for you abundantly.  In that state of utter and unrestricted freedom to be yourselves your talents will blossom as you discard the masks you felt you had to present to the world to be acceptable to it.  You will realize that you are acceptable, infinitely acceptable, and that that has always been the case, and your joy will be boundless as you interact freely and creatively with all your brothers and sisters in a grand and ongoing extremely creative celebration of life.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

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Former Nuclear Director Of India Unveils Free Energy Device


Wow! Free energy seems closer than ever! This makes perfect sense to me as I know atoms exist everywhere…so why not tap into this “unseen” source of energy. Well, we know the answer… the “Powers That Were” want us to financially grovel as we seek the only energy we know of to survive…their energy from conbustible oil! Curious? I hope so, so please read on, imagine having free energy, and…

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:

Reposted from: Collective-Evolution |by Arjun Walia


In much of the mainstream scientific world, electrical generators that produce any efficiency higher than unity have been ruled out due to the Law of Conservation of Energy (LCE), but things are changing, and so is science (as it always has). Over the past few decades various scientists -including Nobel Prize winning scientists -have demonstrated that there is an energy that exists in so called “empty space” (space is just a construct that gives us the illusion of separation).

Science has shown us that atoms aren’t sitting in a void, they’re in fact sitting in a sea of energy. Once physicists realized that this energy is there, the next question was whether it could be tapped, or used to develop new, clean green energy generators that run of off this energy.  The answer is yes. Back in the 1980’s a researcher…

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Lisa Gawlas – Aware Is NOT Awake!! Stillness vs Action! – 22 November 2014

The world is in a mess…no doubt about it. What can we do when our world seems dark despite the light we shine? I believe in love being able to solve all problems…and my husband thinks physical action is the answer. He constantly follows the news, feeding me tid-bits throughout the day of bad things going on. How can we solve the delimna when our light is not being recognised?

Lisa Gawlas shares her thoughts in this matter by recommending action and I’ve posted her article here for you to read and consider. I also recommend action and I propose the “mental action” of holding a high vibration of love. According to the Law of Attraction, far lower vibrational rates cannot co-exist with hight vibrational rates, and so…will exit the scene one way or the other!

This happened for me with my former husband. I loved him and at the time was going through a period of spiritual growth keeping a consistently high vibrational rate…but he was not listening to me. Eventually, we had no common ground…so he left. I was sad for him, but determined to keep on growing…this is what my heart felt! Following your heart is the only way to go!

Please read what Lisa has to say, listen to your heart, and…


It is so interesting and might I add, incredibly informative to see contrast on the field and understand things in ways I personally couldn’t, except thru you.  The majority of my connections yesterday, landed in day 1 of the new fully functional field of life.  There is that precious one who gave us much-needed contrast and understanding too.  That is where I want to focus this sharing at.

She was on the ground, off-center to the left (reverse instead of forward standing) tossing out handful after handful of energy from the south to the southwest that produced nothing except for a very pretty visual for me to look at.  Her field was as if I was looking at if from dusk, not bright, but not completely without light either.  She is an amazing, loving Being… the husband and teenage son that surrounds her casts a shadow so large, the light has nowhere to go.

There is two parts to this crazy game we are in.  Yes, one is learning our energy field, how to work it, how to assist others who desire the assisting… but we cannot change nor help those who really have no desire to change or be helped.  Your energy work ends up going out the window, no doubt, finding those who are open to the assistance, but when you surround yourself with angry, hateful people, there is no wind beneath your wings to lift you up.

As I was watching her trying all she knew how to do to cast light upon the darkness she lives within, I could see her husband and her son, both emitting such an anger, each in their own way, and completely blocking the energy inflow from the west field.

This is where personal choice is more key than any type of energy we can use.  Either get out of an oppressive situation or get them out, spirit will not, cannot do these things for you.  We are the ones in the game and surrounding ourselves with the energy, with the courage to do something radically different, in the greatest interest of all… is key.  Action!!  Physical body action!!!

Now to change the subject just a bit… we tell ourselves the craziest stories, justify why others may appear dark (meaning, judgemental, separate and self-absorbed) maybe so we can oh, not my responsibility to shed light or get tangled up in an angry machine.  Maybe that is why so much on the earth plane seems crazy when you look out the proverbial window.  The thought of well that’s the way its suppose to be is freakin bullshit, but it sure can make us comfortable in doing nothing different except maybe playing with energy and hoping something will change.

If we are the divine change makers, and we are, then we need to be active in our world, not just sitting back tossing light around to closed bodies.  We can wish for change all we want, but unless we take action, do something… then nothing changes.  How many of us were activated during this lifetime to change… usually because our worlds in some way, completely fell apart.  We had to do something different, we sought others to help us become different.  As much as I am a HUGE proponent of meditation, it really comes down to application and living in our biological lives.  We can meditate all day long and change nothing in our world, in our day to day physical lives and nothing changes…  Application and constant action is the key to change, first within yourself, then outwards.  There is not a soul living on this precious earth who did not come into this life to change from  the depths of separation the unified field of Light.  Especially during this time of accelerated frequency that is bleeding out to all the earths.

So, take a real moment of inventory within yourself… if you are justifying those who perpetuate separation and inhumanity, you too are walking with your eyes closed to the Light of change that is needed.

It all comes right down to something my team shook into my awareness several years ago… Aware is NOT awake!!  You can lay in bed aware you are no longer sleeping, but when you know you are awake, you get out of bed… taking action!!

If we are living heaven on earth, Being awake means we do not need the contrast of darkness, of intense duality to help us remember Who and What we Are.  Awareness does.

On that note, my day begins….

Big big action filled ((((HUGZ)))) to go where others fear to tread!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original aritcle


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Sophia Love – Humanity’s Secret Weapon: 3 Facts – 22 November 2014


Ok,…ready to go deep? Sophia Love comes out with an article today that kind of rocked my world just a bit. I agree that we are divine beings and I agree that all humans are emotional…but I had never tied these two traits together! How can our emotions, the ability to feel something, bring us power…that is, power over ourselves and our own individual world?

Maybe this is the secret that is being kept from us. We’ve heard many, including myself, advocate the power of love.Why? It’s all about the Law of Attraction. For me, love is the highest vibration that attracts more situations into my life that stimulate more feelings of love. In this article, Sophia speaks of three ways emotions bring power to humanity. Emotions are:

  1. uniquely human
  2. the part of the equation that no one counted on or expected
  3. largely unrecognized/untapped

This makes sense to me…that’s why the Powers That Were are trying soooo hard to “dumb” down humanity…to keep us from feeling. It’s ok for us to really feel fear, or distress, or boredom…then we just use our emotional power to create more fear, distress, and boredom. But…what happens when most of us start to really feel happiness, joy, and love? Why…then we start to create more scenarios in our personal lives that bring us more happiness, joy, and love!

This is an “aha” moment for me as the pieces for this puzzle of life start to fir together. No wonder Abraham-Hicks have taught for so long that our main job here on Earth is to feel good! Gosh, at this point, I recommend that you read this article by Sophia Love, determine the feelings you would like to experience, and…


p.s. Please take a moment to listen to the video at the end of her article. Fantastic!

This period in our collective history is remarkable and unprecedented. What we are on the verge of today/now is something that’s never been done.

The story is told in many places and with a variety of voices, yet the common theme remains. The human was seeded and its creators or their descendents have pretty much run things here ever since. At one point an “experiment” was initiated which put the human on a quest for enlightenment while in the grips of control; all beyond our conscious awareness. This experiment is reaching its conclusion.

We’ve made a choice now to run things ourselves. We have never done so. The impact of that may or may not be understood, but it is universally felt. Its time to get our act together.

This may mean little more than looking at situations we find ourselves in as if we put them there (as opposed to feeling that they “happened to us”). The implications for this start with something as intimate as what we had for breakfast and reach out to include global conflict. If there is a decision that touches you in any way, you’ve had some part in the creation of it.

What you may be unaware of is your power in all of this. It is:

  1. uniquely human
  2. the part of the equation that no one counted on or expected
  3. largely unrecognized/untapped

Before deducing that this is due to yet another conspiracy, consider this: the elements combined to create the human had never “met” before – humanity was/is experimental on multiple levels. The emotional generator you possess is not seen elsewhere. This is the reason that other races and species are interested in and observing humans – visiting and communicating via “channeling”. There is a great deal of interest in and speculation about what we are going to do next.

As we look beyond ourselves (to channelers from the stars) for solutions – those we reach out to look to us for those same answers. If there is a subtle manipulation in these repetitive hopeful messages of “soon” – it may be intentionally placed there to create within us a more positive direction. We may be the only ones not consciously aware of the secret ability we harbor within. It is in the emotional energy we use to direct our expectations that our power resides. Our emotions are our secret weapon and greatest treasure. They source creation here and once harnessed they alter our world.

It’s not like we haven’t known this all along, we have. Instinctively we reach for encouragement and love from each other. In this way, we support individual and collective growth.

As we grab the reins of this planet we will do so with the full force of our emotional power. Acknowledging our unique ability – owning our human potential – will serve us and whatever actions we take. The very fact of our humanity serves as a beacon for hope and untapped potential across the universe. There is no other who is more equipped for this than you.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article

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SaLuSa, 21 November 2014


I really, really like to hear a message from SaLuSa every Friday. I started reading SaLuSa’s words as I stared my quest into spirituality in 2011, and every single one since that time have been heavily laced with care as we slog through this time of change, compassion for humans learning to love in the NOW, and outright love and respect for our beings undergoing a tremendous positive change! What a good job well done by Mike Quincey who channels SaLuSa…even after a stroke!

This message is no different in that respect, and SaLuSa tells us the “end is in sight” and hang on to holding our Light for just a bit longer as we ARE at the end of trouble on Planet Earth. In his words “…At last you have reached the end of the cycle and it only remains for the old Age to be swept away, to make room for the new one that will bring you the most happy times and utter joy.”  Furthermore, it is now time for us to “…let the world go by as you enjoy the peace within that you have created for yourselves.”

Yes! What wonderful news for those of us, myself included, that are so ready for positive change in each of our worlds. Gosh, please read this for yourself, feel the glow of success, and…


Time marches on and you are now able to adapt to the faster pace it is running at, and still carry out the tasks that you have set yourselves. In the future you will find that it runs even faster and that you will go along with the changes. All that is happening is a part of the process that is going to propel you into the New Age. However, your re-action is often one of confusion as so much is happening at any one time. Providing you keep focussed on what you know to be the purpose of them, you will see within a pattern that will slowly emerge. It will indicate the direction in which you are going and take you along the pathway to the New Age. Nothing can now stop the progress that is being made, and it will bring success in lifting you up out of the lower vibrations.

As the changes in the seasons become more pronounced, so it will become apparent to you that the extremes you experience are diminishing. Instead, there are now more acceptable conditions as you begin to move more easily from one season to another. It will result in changes within the plant and animal kingdoms as they also adjust. Indeed, such happenings are already being reported, and will continue until eventually the difference in the seasons will become much less pronounced. The oceans of the world are also being affected, and as they warm up so certain species of life will move to different areas that are suited to them. You are for example sometimes experiencing dramatic changes in the much colder regions. Ice packs are melting at a much faster rate and it is known that over a period of time the sea levels will rise with the consequent changes. You do however have advance warning of what the changes may entail, and have every opportunity to take suitable action.

Prepare for the future well in advance and all areas of life will be able to cope with the changes. However, be prepared to accept that life cannot continue as it is, but if preparations are carried out well in advance you will so to say “ride out the storm”. You have the advantage of being well informed about the nature of the changes, and can prepare in good time. There are also many advanced inventions and technologies that are yet to generally released, and these will also make life a lot easier to cope with. Believe us Dear Ones that we do not stand idly by without assisting you where possible, and we inspire and guide people so that their knowledge and expertise can help you through the changes. There are also the challenges of a nature that call for a more heads on approach, and we can assist you to cope with them. As you may already be aware most of our work is carried out without your knowledge, but there will come a day when we can openly work with you. Those days are not so far away as you might imagine and we look forward to them.

You were placed on Earth eons of time ago and given freewill to create your own future. That you have done, and when you look back you may come to the conclusion that you have still not found complete peace and happiness. Indeed your history is littered with incidents of war or threats of war, but at great cost in human life, and you have begun to realise the need to live peacefully together. You have experienced what happens when greed and avarice take over, and it gives little comfort to you but the lessons are gradually bearing fruit. For those souls who still need more time to find the right path to peaceful co-existence, another cycle has begun, and they will have every opportunity to lift themselves up.

You have lived through the illusion of material life as it would be without the full energy of love to guide you. Yet the Light has still managed to come through to lessen the effect of the darkness created by those who only believe in self-aggrandisement. Some of your lives have been extremely hard yet others have given you glimpses of the peace and happiness that lies beyond. Once you have tasted the true life you will settle for nothing less, and the opportunity to do so is within your grasp. Already subtle changes are taking place that will open the doors to the future that awaits you. No lesser Beings will be able to spoil the happiness that it brings, as their place is in the lower vibrations that their lives are in harmony with.

Knowing what awaits you in the future should enable you to face it with calm assurance, and have no fear of the outcome. Be aware once again that the future is already known, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of the changes. The dark Ones no longer “rule the roost” and they are creating their own future. Their influence is becoming less as they no longer wield the power and authority they once had. So do not be too concerned about their activities, as they are so bound up in their own little world they no longer believe they can fail. However, they are meeting resistance and by the time they realise what is happening it will be too late to recover.

So please keep to a path that will carry you into levels of Light of the higher vibrations. As you do so you will find that you are less and less distracted or affected by whatever is happening around you. You can so to say, let the world go by as you enjoy the peace within that you have created for yourselves. As much as you feel insulated from events happening around you, you can help others that are struggling with life. It will be test of how much you have gained and learnt from your times in the lower vibrations, and how you can apply yourself to the needs of the day. Sometimes all it requires to help lift up another soul, is a kind word or act that helps bring Light into their life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel the growing excitement at the realisation that changes are occurring that will bring the New Age into being for you. At last you have reached the end of the cycle and it only remains for the old Age to be swept away, to make room for the new one that will bring you the most happy times and utter joy.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Windows Of Opportunity 2014-2015 ~ November 21, 2014


Hey ya’ll…I don’t know how many of you follow Cobra, but I wanted to put up his latest video that just came out today. Some are disenchanted with Cobra because it seems as if nothing is happening to bring about the “Event”…the moment in time when dark forces have left the Earth causing an abundance of light, love, joy and abundance on our planet!

My thought is that Cobra is one of the multitude of spiritual teachers here on Earth at this time when humanity makes a transition  out of he darkness of deception and into the light of truth. Are alien beings ET’s) involved? Yes. Are vibrations involved? Yes. Is astrology involved? Yes. Are there different “timelines” of existence? Yes.

How all of these factors play out is a given as LOVE WINS and our existence will change drastically for the better. But I, nor anyone else knows the details for how and when the various factors involved will intersect. But…in the meantime, you and I will do well by focusing on our joy, loving each other, and “shining our Light”. Please watch this video, feel good, and…


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